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Bio Vege Protein Mix

Plant-Based Muscle Supplement

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Whether you are a vegan looking for a plant-based protein source, or just somebody looking for a natural answer to achieving better wellbeing, you can benefit from our Bio Vege Protein Mix. Made with organic Hemp, Rice & Pea protein, our powder blend is 70% pure protein and contains all 20 Amino Acids to help build and tone muscle. Low in fat and sugar, Bio Vege Protein Mix is also bursting with healthy vitamins, fibre and Omega 3 too for a health boost which can't be achieved from conventional protein powders.

  • Natural muscle performance blend
  • All 20 amino acids
  • Multivitamins, fibre & omega 3
  • 70% protein in every serving
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • GMP
  • Vegetarian
  • Lactose Free

Why Vege Protein Mix?

There are numerous protein-rich sources out there, but vegetable proteins are fast becoming all the rage, and this doesn’t just mean soy milk and chia seeds. Vege Protein Mix boasts a formidable protein content, packing in over 70% protein in every gram. This unique blend has been formed from three individual vegetarian protein sources that each brings their own unique health benefits.

green cartoon image of mans muscles to represent muscle growth as its high in protein

High protein vegetables are ideal for targeting your muscles, but they also don’t come with the same strings attached. Meat-based sources are often crammed with saturated fat; not only are vegetable protein sources often saturated fat-free and dairy-free, but they also typically carry a bounty of micronutrients, essential fatty acids and hidden benefits that can boost your vitality too.

What Can I Gain From Taking Protein?

Protein is the all-important ingredient that you use to build most of your body cells that go on to become bone, organs, blood cells, and especially muscle. This is why many people look to sources of protein beyond their normal diet to increase their intake, giving them more to use for building and repairing muscle. Essentially, by looking for good sources to complement the average diet that are high in protein, you can give yourself the fuel to help make changes to your physique.

The Benefits Of Vege Protein Mix

The power of Vege Protein Mix lies in its sourcing. This muscle targeting formula is created from an expert blend of three unique and organically sourced plant-based proteins, all of which combine to work in synergy in a way that supports both your muscles and your overall vitality and wellbeing.

bunch of pea pods to show source of protein from peas

Pea Protein
Peas are one of the most common vegetables that you wouldn’t typically associate with muscle building, but these tiny pods actually contain a rich supply of essential amino acids which your body uses to create protein. Not only this, but peas are incredibly rich in vitality supporting Vitamin C, which is known to contribute to normal immune function and the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

pile of the hemp protein powder to show source of the protein

Hemp Protein
The second protein source in this complex is Hemp. This plant is one of the most structurally integral natural organisms known to man. It is known to contain all nine of the essential amino acids, which are seen as the most useful to consume in order to gain muscle and increase your physical performance. Hemp is also alive with essential fatty acids including omega-3 and 6, which are commonly taken to boost wellness.

bowl of unboiled raw rice to show source of protein

Rice Protein
The final ingredient that you will find in this bountiful blend is Rice Protein. Other than boasting a gram of protein to the entire weight ratio that puts it up there with the most popular protein sources, rice is also an ingredient that is naturally high in dietary fibre. Fibre is excellent in general, regardless of your goal, as it helps break down food and ensures your body absorbs the best results out of it.

Vege Protein Mix Ingredients

Organic Pea Protein Isolate (50%), Organic Hemp Protein (30%), Organic Rice Protein Isolate (20%).

How To Take Vege Protein Mix

To take Vege Protein Mix, simply mix two regular scoops (approximately 20g per scoop) with 250ml of water or milk for a quick protein shake. This powder can also be mixed in with your favourite fruits to create a delicious smoothie. There is no scoop enclosed within the pack.

Advice When Taking Vege Protein Mix

This supplement is designed for consumption alongside a balanced diet and exercise. Please refrain from consuming it as a meal replacement supplement and always be sure to consult the full ingredients list if you have any specific allergies. Vege Protein Mix is suitable for vegetarians and vegans but may contain gluten.

Customer Reviews

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  • Really good for protein and my muscles are getting better


  • This is a lot better than I expected so I am verry happy with this purchase


  • I prefer this to normal protein powder and it mixes better in the blender


  • I'm really careful with what I eat, so I really like that this is organic and vegan as it means it's a protein muscle supplement that I can actually take!


  • I am a big fan of hemp protein, so when I saw it had that and others, I was sold.


  • thisis the best for my smoothies, and I haven't had a cold since!!


  • One of the best supplements I have ever bought and the organic touch is really nice as you really don’t know what you are taking these days!


  • A vegans best friend!!


  • Vegan kickboxing champion and massive fan of this supplement!


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