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Detox Tone

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When it comes to healthily detoxing your body, you want something that is powerful yet gentle, simple to use and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Detox Tone is just that, a natural plant based detoxing supplement which is designed to help you feel cleansed, lighter and healthier from within, all by taking just 2 easy to swallow capsules a day.

  • Designed to cleanse and tone from within
  • Natural ingredients for digestion
  • With Ginger, Chlorella and Aloe Vera
  • Ideal as part of a toxin reduction regime
  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly
  • Vegan
  • GMP
  • Vegetarian
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The Importance Of Detoxing Regularly

cartoon image of a glass with fruit and veg in it to show a detox drink

With the overwhelming amount of processed and fast food easily available, there is no surprise that can make it hard for us to stick to a healthy diet and that many of us experience the feeling of heaviness after eating these types of foods. This can then be amplified with the amount of toxins many of us face on a day to day basis. From pesticides and herbicides used in food crops to fluoride added to water and even polluted air we breath, these toxins can creep up on us in places we may not even think much about. Even otherwise healthy fish full of benefitting omega-3, such as tuna, swordfish and mackerel, can even have high levels of unwanted mercury.

When these various toxins build up in our body, it can have a detrimental impact on our overall health, including our energy, immunity and wellness. As a result of this, pretty much all of us can make use of detoxing in some form or another, and especially those seeking a healthy lifestyle can take advantage of a thorough cleanse.

Detox Tone

cartoon heart with a plant inside to show effect of detox

Due to the importance of of naturally aiding the detoxing process, the key ingredients have been selected on their abilities to help with cleansing and purifying. Citrus Pectin and Fennel Seed have been added to then give this process even more power.

image of a cartton stick man with two arrows facing away from each other in a circle

Equally as important to detoxing is toning; when you work to tone from within it can help to strengthen, energise and revitalise. Ingredients such as Licorice, Clove and Cayenne, rich in bioactive compounds, are also known to protect the body to aid this.

image of a green clock to represent daily regularity

A diet high in fat and low in fibre along with other factors can lead to a heavy feeling and constipation. Psyllium, Pectin and Dandelion are known to help with this and can also give a powerful boost to daily regularity and digestion.

Key Active Ingredients

Whilst Detox Tone contains a whole host of amazing natural ingredients that have all been perfectly balanced and combined in each and every capsule, there are four main ingredients that stand out for their excellent performance in aiding the body. These are Bentonite Clay, Chlorella, Ginger Root and Aloe Vera and you can see below their amazing properties:

image of chlorella which is high in vegan protein, and is full of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients

Potentially one of the most popular and beloved of the superfoods, with so many benefits, it’s clear to see why. Not only is it a rich source of high quality vegan protein, and is full of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, but may also be great for detoxing. This is because it is said to be helpful for the digestive system as well as protecting against the accumulation of toxins.

image of ginger roots which helps with protecting and strengthening the body from within
Ginger Root

Also known by its Latin name Zingiber Officinale, Ginger is a popular spice or condiment that originates from South East Asia. Aside from being used for its taste, it can also be used to aid the body. Its regular use has been document to help with protecting and strengthening the body from within as well as aiding with healthy digestion. Find out more on this here.

image of aloe vera which is used for deep cleansing the body
Aloe Vera

Called around the World by a variety of names such as Barbados or Curaçao Aloe, this versatile plant is synonymous with being refreshing, pure and calming. Used by a number of different cultures ever since the Egyptians, it has developed quite a name for itself. Nowadays, it is used for deep cleansing the body and has been deeply studied for its protective and calming effects.

Full List Of Ingredients

Active Ingredients - Psyllium Husk Powder, Liquorice Root Extract 4:1, Garlic Herb Powder, Citrus Pectin, Clove Bud, Fennel Seed Herb Powder, Dandelion Root Extract 4:1, Chlorella Powder, Cayenne Powder, Aloe Vera 200:1 Extract, Ginger Root Powder 20:1.

Other Ingredients - Bulking Agent (Rice Flour), Capsule Shell (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose), Anti-Caking Agent (Magnesium Stearate), Flow Agent (Silicon Dioxide).

How To Use

Detox tone is designed to be an easy to use supplement that can perfectly fit into your regular daily routine. To use, simply take two easy to swallow capsules each day with water. It is up to you and your particular routine as to when in the day to take the supplement, however we suggest choosing what is preferable to you and taking around the same time each day.

Natural Supplement

As Detox Tone is a completely natural dietary supplement made using a range of plant-based ingredients, it is safe to take with no known side effects. As when taking any new supplement for the first time, we always suggest reading through the complete list of ingredients included in the product to check for any personal allergies you may have. This product is not intended for those under the age of 18.

Detox Tone 60 Capsules | Natural Cleansing Supplement

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I have been looking for something that would help me with my irritable bowels. Feel a lot more refreshed and its even cleared my skin.

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

I was reluctant to try it at first, because I never believed in these sort of things. I decided to get Detox Tone and it was one of the best decisions ever. This stuff really works. I don't feel bloated and I have more energy . Thank You WeightWorld for such an amazing product! I definitely recommend this amazing probably!

M Martha
Verified Purchase

Easy to take and works great for me!

D David
Verified Purchase

I think it worked as a colon cleanse but not sure about the weight loss

S Samantha
Verified Purchase


V Vera
Verified Purchase

I like this a lot

S Susan
Verified Purchase

I feel so much less bloated with these. Will use again

D Danilo
Verified Purchase

I like how this is vegan and it also seems good quality.

L Lucas
Verified Purchase

I've eaten really badly recently as I went on holiday, so I need to use this to detox my system.

L Lily
Verified Purchase

I feel a lot more light now

N Nuru
Verified Purchase

I feel so refreshed with this

R Ruby

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