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Beurer Knee and Elbow TENS Machine

Device | Electronic Joint Support
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If you suffer from persistent joint pain, are recovering from a sports-related injury, or just need some daily joint support then the Knee and Elbow TENS Machine might be just what you need. This sophisticated joint support device uses pain-free, side-effect free electrical impulses which help to tackle the feeling of joint pain and discomfort without the need for expensive drugs or a lengthy trip to the physio. This device is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort, the pocket-sized console makes for use anywhere and the sensation is totally customisable.

  • Provides support for joints
  • Ergonomic padding perfectly fits knees and elbows
  • Keeps joints safe and compressed during use
  • 20 levels of intensity and 4 modes of function
  • Pocket-sized portable console
  • 2 years warranty included
  • Men & Women
  • CE Certified
  • RoHS Certified

What is the Knee and Elbow TENS Machine?

This device intends to provide you with the support that your joints need in the form of electrical impulses that target joint pain. Once your knee or elbow is enclosed inside the comfortable padding, electrical impulses can be delivered safely into your joint from the cable connected, insulated console device. These impulses work to help comfort the joint and tackle the feeling of joint pain, helping you to feel relieved and more mobile.

Why might I benefit from TENS Therapy?

Joints are incredibly important to our day to day movement and sadly this makes them particularly susceptible to pain and stress from injury and general wear and tear. Knee pain relief and elbow joint pain relief are two specific outcomes that many people suffering from joint problems require. TENS therapy machines have arisen over recent years as one of the best ways in which to support joints and relieve joint pain due to multiple studies. TENS pain relief is delivered through subtle electrical impulses which work to reduce the stimulation of nerves in your joints, which results in a reduction in pain. TENS therapy when carried out over continued sessions can help you recover from a joint injury, increase your joint mobility and help you get back to your physical best.

What are the benefits of the Knee and Elbow Tens Machine?

Our innovative product provides a service that you won’t find in many other elbow and knee pain relief products in the form of user experience informed engineering and the highest quality padding. The benefits that you will find for your joints when using the Knee and Elbow Tens Machine are threefold:


The Knee and Elbow TENS machine works by using high-tech electrical impulse technology. This works by providing you with pain-free joint stimulation that targets the causes and feelings of pain in your joints to help you feel more comfortable and mobile after prolonged use.


One of the main ways to support damaged joints is to compress the area of injury. This product uses comfortable ergonomic padding to compress your knee or elbow joint, fixing it in place and working to provide both support and a safeguard against the risk of subsequent damage.


User experience is one of the most significant focal points of the Knee and Elbow TENS. This is why, unlike other TENS devices, ours comes with 20 individual levels of intensity and 4 unique modes of function because every joint problem is different and deserves tailored care.

How to use the Knee and Elbow TENS Machine

To use the device, first ensure that batteries have been inserted into the console and that your knee or elbow is clean. Then connect the pads to the console device via the cable and ensure that they are enclosed tightly around the joint and fastened. You can then turn on the device with the console and customise the program using the ‘P’ button, and the intensity using the arrow buttons. For more information regarding the length of sessions relative to the intensity please consult the full instruction manual.

Things to remember when using the Knee and Elbow TENS Machine

We do not recommend using this device on any area of the body except the knees or elbows. Equally, do not use this device if you have an open wound or a specific rash or skin condition in the area of use. We also recommend that you not use this product if you have recently undergone surgery on the area or have a pacemaker fitted.

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  • I messed up my ACL playing football and I found that this was a great way to help me gradually build back the strength in my knee.


  • 10/10 really made a difference in my recovery this pre-season


  • Started doing gymnastics again more regularly of the support that I found with this device.


  • I have weak knees but this is really helping!


  • I sometimes even just wear the pads after a workout, it is that much of a comfortable fit!


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