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Wonder Leg Patches

18 Patches | Transdermal Slimming Patch



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The Mymi Wonder Legs Patch is a natural transdermal skin patch that is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of fat and cellulite around the legs. The Mymi Wonder Legs Patch is comfortable and easy to apply, and uses 100% natural and skin-friendly premium ingredients so is safe to use.

  • Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Designed for targeted use on the legs
  • Helps to prevent fat accumulation by boosting the metabolism
  • Easy and fast to apply
  • 100% natural ingredients & water-based adhesive
  • Thin 0.4mm patch for comfort & discression

The Mymi Wonder Legs Patch weight loss patch can be used to naturally firm up your legs and improve your overall health and wellbeing. It can help detox the body whilst suppressing your appetite, helping you cut out cravings and slim down more effectively. Get the best for your legs today with the natural Mymi Wonder Legs Patch.

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How does the Mymi Wonder Legs Patch work?

Mymi Wonder Legs Patch is applied to the skin on the legs and uses transdermal technology to nourish and detox your body. This means that its beneficial natural ingredients are absorbed into the blood via the skin. This makes it perfect for those who dislike pills as its is an external and easy to use slimming patch. What makes this weight loss patch unique though is its specially picked natural ingredients. The patch uses premium ingredients derived from plant extracts that each have specific beneficial properties to help give you the best. The patch also uses a water-based adhesive that should not irriate the skin.

What are the benefits?

  • Helps boost the metabolism to aid fat burning
  • Can reduce the appetite
  • Helps detox the skin
  • Can firm and tighten the skin on the legs
  • Aid natural slimming and weight loss
  • Made from permium natural ingredients
  • Uses a safe water-based adhesive
  • Easy to use and wear
  • 0.4mm patches for comfort and discression

How to use Mymi Wonder Legs Patch?

Each pack contains 36 leg patches, which is enough supply to last you 5 weeks. This is more than enough time to feel and see the benefits of the patches, both inside and out.

To apply, simply stick the Mymi Wonder Legs Patch to the area of your legs you wish to target. It is best to apply directly to bone, muscle or fatty areas. Wear the patch for no more than eight hours at a time. When the patch is first applied, you will feel a comfortable warming sensation, which is an indication of its fat burning power getting to action.

For best results, complete the full 5 week course of patches. The Mymi Wonder Legs patch should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise and a balanced diet. When used correctly, this patch will work wonders in firming and toning your legs whilst improving your health and fitness.

What are the ingredients?

The Mymi Wonder Legs Patch is carefully formulated with a variety of nourishing, 100% natural ingredients. This special transdermal patch contains ingredients including:



is a natural substance extracted from Sophora japonica, a medicinal herb known in traditional Chinese medicine for its weight-reducing properties of many types of diet patches. This natural substance is known to reduce weight and fat mass.



this substance which is found in large quantities in green tea and cocoa. The ingredient is known to help reduce cellulite and inhibit the accumulation of fat cells .



An alkaloid , which is found in peppers. The substance helps to prevent obesity and to prevent the appearance of cellulite while it is known to reduce the amount of body fat.



This substance helps to increase the burning of fat cells, soften the body's collagen cells. This effective ingredient helps to increase fat loss while increasing energy levels which has caffeine into one of the substances used in dietary supplements for weight loss.



it is a marine plant that grows on the coast lines of the Mediterranean Sea. The plant helps take care of and strengthen your skin naturally with these Mymi Wonder Leg.

The Mymi Wonder Legs Patches are safe to use

Since Mymi Wonder Legs Patch is made from natural ingredients including a water based adhesive, it does not pose any risk of side effects. Do not use on irritated or damaged skin and contact your doctor if you have any concerns about using these patches. Check the list of ingredients to avoid any personal allergic reaction.

How to buy the Mymi Wonder Legs Patch

Buying you Mymi Wonder Legs Patch from WeightWorld is easy! Simply select the quantity you would like (remembering there are more discounts the more you buy) and then click 'Add to Basket'. Here at WeightWorld we want to make things as convenient as possible for our customers so we offer a range of payment and delivery options including next day delivery for orders placed before 4pm on any working day. We are now also offering FREE delivery to all UK orders over £50 as well as a FREE WeightWorld Fruit Infuser Bottle for all orders over £50 so now is the best time to buy! If you have any questions then you can easily contact our customer service team via Live Chat, email or phone from 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday.

Customer Reviews
At WeightWorld we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers.

Product Rating (81.9% based on 21 Reviews)

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Service Rating (81.56% based on 180 )

  • * Really good!
  • * I like this a lot so think I'm going to try the belly one next
  • * Easy to apply and work for me
  • * my legs are looking alot better after 2 months of using this, my legs are looking more like womens legs should, thank god for mymi
  • * I tried the belly one and liked them so decided to try this one too
  • * really good
  • * I love mymi and tried this an love it too!
  • * easy to put on, not sure if they're making me lose weight yet but will see
  • * these are good, was worried about them having a reaction like others i've tried before but these were fine
  • * good
  • * I have always hated the cellulite in my legs and this has really helped me so much!! :)
  • * My legs have never looked or felt better! Love it!
  • * easy to put on but then nearly forgot to take them off because I forgot I was wearing them lol!!!!
  • * Works really well and I love how it's not too expensive too
  • * super easy to use and I like this as I hate taking pills and tablets
  • * i cant beleive the amount of cellulite i used to have before i used this product, its insane
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