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New Year's Resolution Combo Packs

New Year's Resolution Combo Packs

With Christmas and New Years’ over, it’s time to start talking about New Year’s resolutions, the goals that you set for the next year for bettering yourself. Unsurprisingly, these goals are often weight loss related:

Polls were carried out to find out what 1000 people’s main targets for the New Year were and they found that:

wanted to lose weight
wanted to exercise more
wanted to eat healthier

It’s all good setting a goal, but whether you achieve it is another thing entirely. Studies also show that 57% of people drop out of their new routine within a month! We’ve taken all of our knowledge and expertise and have created three unique supplement programmes to help you keep hitting your targets.

Top Tips On How To Get The Most Out Of Your Resolution Routine

WeightWorld’s pro tip to prevent failure 1 - Don’t Oversimplify

When it comes to setting your target, you need to have a good idea what that target will look like before you aim for it, otherwise how will you expect to know you are going to hit it when it comes into view? So you want to lose weight?.....how much weight? When? Off what part of your body? How? These are all questions you should ask yourself so you have a clearer idea of what you are working towards.

WeightWorld’s pro tip to prevent failure 2 - Don’t Go It Alone

When trying to do something like lose weight as a New Years’ resolution, it is important to consider the importance of cooperation and mutual support. Do you know someone also planning to try and reduce their weight in the New Year? Try doing a routine in parallel with them. It can make your exercise more fun and you will be able to motivate one another.

WeightWorld’s pro tip to prevent failure 3 - Make A Plan

Especially when it comes to trying to manage your appetite by changing your diet, it is important to set achievable short-term goals and a tailored plan. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail as they say, so you may find that you are in a far better position to do well if you have taken the time to plan your path to success.