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Tea Infuser Bottle

Bottle | Travel Herbal Tea Infuser
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Ever tried taking your herbal tea on the go only to find it’s spilt, cold and flavourless? The Tea Infuser Bottle by Örtte allows you to take your favourite blend with you and still maintain the taste, warmth and quality of the infusion. Perfect for work, travel or just using at home, this Tea Infuser Bottle is a must-have for tea lovers everywhere!

  • High quality thermos bottle
  • Perfect for both hot and cold drinks
  • Detachable stainless steel infuser
  • Double protection against scratches
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher-proof
  • Reusable and eco-friendly

Produced using double glazed photochromic materials that are also scratch proof, as well as a double sided filter for easy cleaning, this unique bottle is perfect for a busy lifestyle. What’s more it has a stylish Scandinavian-inspired design that is simple yet elegant and with its high quality bamboo screw cap, it not only looks the part but also helps keep the tea warm and tightly sealed. To make it even better, once you’ve finished your drink you can simply stick it in the dishwasher!

What is the Tea Infuser Bottle?

As the name suggests, the Tea Infuser bottle is a stylish and convenient thermos bottle designed specifically for drinking delicious teas on the go. Thanks to this handy bottle, drinking tea when you are out and about has never been easier. Have you ever wanted to take your favourite infusion with you when you leave the house, but find other bottles spill or don’t keep your drink warm for long enough? You would normally have to choose between either a tea infuser for great taste or a thermal mug for the perfect temperature, but not anymore.

Made from premium materials, the Örtte tea Infuser Bottle is perfect for keeping the temperatures of both hot or iced teas and can be used with whatever type you like, be it a tea bag or loose leaves. Never again do you have to precariously carry a mug around or fuss over your infusion; this bottle is mess free and allows you to perfectly make your favourite delicious herbal and fruit teas with ease!

How to use

First choose the type of tea you would like to make using either a tea bag or loose leaves. Once chosen, for a lighter taste, simply unscrew the lid and add to the filter at the top of the bottle. Add nearly boiling water and leave to infuse. The amount of time for this will depend on the tea used and personal taste preference. Then remove the filter and it is ready to drink. For a stronger taste, place tea leaves directly into the bottle and leave the strainer in place whilst drinking. You can also mix it up a bit and add your favourite fruits and extras to the bottle, such as lemon, honey or strawberries. Top tip - this Tea Infuser Bottle works perfectly with the range of Örtte teas!

Caring for your infuser bottle

To make the most out of your tea bottle, make sure to look after it! Ensure when using the lid is tightly screwed to avoid accidentally spilling hot drinks and to wash between uses; one of the great things about this bottle is that is is simple to clean and look after. You can either simply hand wash with warm and soapy water or put it in the dishwasher.