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Tea Infuser Bottle

High Quality Glass Bottle with Bamboo Cap




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The Örtte Herbal Tea Infuser Bottle has been designed to make an excellent blend of tea that keeps the taste, warmth and quality of the infusion. The thermos bottle is produced using the highest quality double glazed photochromic materials that is also scratch proof making it suitable for a busy, on the go lifestyle. The Tea Infuser Bottle contains a double-sided tea filter that allows you to hold your favourite tea, the filter is removable allowing it to be cleaned easily.

  • High quality
  • Perfect for both hot and cold drinks
  • Detachable stainless steel screen
  • Double protection against scratches
  • dishwasher-proof
  • Smart duplexing tea filters

Scandinavian Herbal Tea Infuser Bottle has a stylish screw cap made from high quality bamboo which makes the bottle look great and also keeps the tea warm and tightly sealed. The bottle is designed to be easy to carry around with you, perfect for using while on the move, at work or just if you fancy drinking from a practical and aesthetically pleasing thermos bottle. Once you have finished using the bottle you can wash it safely using a dish washing machine.

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What is Örtte Tea Infuser Bottle?

This tea thermos bottle is created to infuse the Ortte Detox and Skinny Teas, its usage doesn’t end there as you can also infuse your most favourite teas. The thermos bottle is designed to keep the temperature of your tea, whether it be hot or cold drinks. The thermos bottle is easy to carry and gives tea that extra flavour boost. The screw cap is made from high quality bamboo which helps at containing the temperature to ensure the fullest flavour of the herbals tea, wherever you are!



What is Örtte Tea?

Örtte tea Scandinavian is the manufacturer of blockbuster detox and slimming teas. These products have been created with the idea of promoting healthy lifestyles and improving the well-being of our customers. All products from Herbal teas are natural and free from preservatives giving it the ability to improve health and nutrition. Handpicked ingredients from the best plantations in the world and of the highest quality, the ingredients are picked at the optimal maturity when they are filled with the beneficial nutrients.

Ortte Tea Infuser Bottle

Image of Örtte tea

The Ortte Tea Infuser Bottle is used to create the maximum taste and effect of the Ortte Scandinavian Detox and Skinny Teas, its use is also good for many other types of drinks whether they are hot or cold.

Image of Örtte Skinny Tea

Mixing loose leaf tea or tea in a bag with this thermos bottle will allow a great infusion and keeping the tea at a desired temperature, leave it for 2-4 minutes for best results, its easy to use screw cap also allows you to drink it on the go wherever you are.

Örtte Tea in top of Infuser Bottle

Take your infusion bottle with you wherever you go, put it in your bag and go about your daily routine, the tea will be waiting for you and will still be fresh and warm.

What can Örtte Tea Infuser Bottle be used for?

Our popular tea thermos bottle can be used with all types of tea, whether you want to use it for Ortte Detox tea, Ortte Skinny tea, ice-tea or your morning breakfast tea, it will work just fine. The Ortte Tea Thermos Bottle is especially designed to be used in conjunction with Ortte teas to maximise the effect of the Detox Tea or Skinny Tea.

Skinny Tea 28 days

One our most popular tea is the Skinny Tea 28 days, effective in rapid weight loss reduction. Increased energy and a faster metabolism is two main factors of the skinny tea which both promote weight loss. The Skinny tea has also been shown to reduce API, sweet cravings and increased fat burning in less than one month.

Detox Tea 28 days

This Detox Tea 28 days is designed using 100% natural ingredients which have been shown to be effective in cleaning the body. Starting internally and working its way out to the surfaces of the skin, combatting all toxins in its path. The Detox tea 28 days has also been shown to increase energy levels, boost the immune system and strengthen the body.

Where can I buy Örtte Tea Infuser Bottle?

Image of Örtte Tea Bags

Purchasing Ortte Herbal Tea Infuser Bottle from WeightWorld is simple, secure and discreet - we offer a variety of payment and delivery methods to suit your needs, and all orders received before 4:30pm on weekdays will be delivered to your door the very next day. To begin your purchase of Ortte Herbal Tea Infuser Bottle to get rid of your skin problems today, click on the ‘Add to Basket’ option now!