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RelaxMaternity™ Maternity Girdle

By RelaxMaternity

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Having a baby is one of the most beautiful and incredible things you can do but after your little bundle of joy has arrived, you can be left with a body that you hardly recognize. With a new baby to look after, your priorities change and going to the gym and eating healthily isn’t as high on the agenda anymore. If you want to get your pre-pregnancy figure back but don’t have the time or desire to be working out five times a week, the RelaxMaternity Post-Pregnancy Girdle can help give you some support.

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What is the RelaxMaternity Post-Pregnancy Girdle?

RelaxMaternity, is an internationally recognised Italian brand, which offers a complete range of seamless shapewear specially designed for pregnant women and new mothers. It works to suck in and support your abdomen, tummy and back to help you get back in shape, and can be worn discreetly under your clothes so no one will even know you’re wearing it. The RelaxMaternity Post-Pregnancy Girdle was designed with new mums in mind, to facilitate the recovery of your abs and stomach muscles so you can start to feel like your slim self again. The RelaxMaternity® Post-Pregnancy Girdle is also FDA approved and CE registered as Medical in Class 1.

It's many new mothers' best kept secret. This special girdle has been designed to restore abdominal tone after you’ve had a baby. When you’re carrying a child, your abdomen stretches and grow, weakening your muscles so they’re less firm and toned. By wearing this cleverly shaped and discreet girdle, you could strengthen and tone your middle region and bum to get you in better shape. Because after all, you’ve got more to worry about that going to a spin class these days!

Nobody likes to be sweaty and hot. Thankfully the RelaxMaternity® Post-Pregnancy Girdle boats antibacterial properties so you can stay fresh all day long. For total comfort, the RelaxMaternity® Post-Pregnancy Girdle is made with a high proportion of cotton so it’s soft on the skin, easy to wear and hygienic. It’s even suitable for those with sensitive skin.

How does the RelaxMaternity® Post-Pregnancy Girdle work?

These sleek briefs are made from pure cotton and spandex, making them super comfortable, stretchy and most importantly, supportive.

Let the band around the middle pull your abdomen in, draw your waist in and aid the natural recovery of your muscle tone. By wearing the RelaxMaternity® Post-Pregnancy Girdle you could look slimmer and sexier, without actually having to do excessive amounts of exercise.

Allow the RelaxMaternity® Post-Pregnancy Girdle to get you back on track and feeling yourself again while you concentrate on your new little bundle of joy.

Would anyone see that I am wearing the RelaxMaternity® Post-Pregnancy Girdle?

That’s the beauty of the RelaxMaternity® Post-Pregnancy Girdle. These briefs have been designed with flat seams, so that they don’t create any visible lines under your clothes. No matter what you are wearing – evening dress or jeans - no one will be able to see that you’re getting a bit of help, they’ll just think you look effortlessly fabulous.

RelaxMaternity Progressive Girdle has built in antibacterial protection

What colours and sizes does the girdle come in?

Available in S, M,L and XL and white, black or beige.

What is the RelaxMaternity® Post-Pregnancy Girdle made of?

These briefs are made from:
  • Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Spandex

What size should I choose?

Click on the image below to view the manufacturer’s size chart. This chart will help you to determine the best fit for your RelaxMaternity® Post-Pregnancy Girdle. After you find your size, choose the colour you desire, then click the 'Add to Basket' or 'Go' button to start your order.

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* Even after routine washing, this girdle still did the job and supported me throughout my pregnancy.
* My little tip: If you’re pregnant and you want decent support, turn to the girdle.
* All the ladies in my class were using these and so I thought I'd give it a go too. Very glad I did, feel so comfortable and secure when I wear it, Thanks Ladies!
* The first thing my mum did when I told her i was pregnant was tell me to get one of these. Don't need to wear it yet (only 6 weeks in) but the service was great and they delivered in 1 day
* Results may vary from one person to another.