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Waist Trainer + Belly Fat Burner

Waist Trainer & Belly Fat Burner Bundle
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The Waist Trainer Fat Burner Combopack contains WeightWorlds Waist Trainer and Belly XS that are designed to work in sync for maximum weight loss effect. the Waist Trainer is a comfortable slimming corset that is designed to help you achieve the appearance of a slimmer waist when it is on. Combined with Belly XS, this can help promote a more long-term weight loss that is targeted at the stomach area.

  • Specifically targeted for stomach area
  • Comfortable Waist Trainer made of high-quality material
  • Encourages healthy long term weight loss when combined
  • Shapes and tones the stomach and waist
  • Belly XS is made of natural ingredients and is GMP certified
  • Easy to wear Waist Trainer and easy to use Belly XS

The Waist Trainer and Belly XS within this special combopack are designed to work together to compliment each other in their individual benefits to achieve the best combined results. Great for both short term and long term, this combopack is specially designed to help reduce your waistline with both immediate and long lasting results.

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What’s in the Waist Trainer Fat Burner Combopack?

This combo pack contains two products that work together to trim your belly fat, reduce your waistline and tone your stomach.

Waist Trainer – The Waist Trainer is a popular product, especially in the celebrity world, because of its instant slimmer waist effect as well as its long-term effect with extended use. The Waist Trainer is an effective slimming corset that can encourage weight loss and improve the appearance of your waist and stomach. The corset is made from high quality and skin-friendly polyester and spandex materials that are designed to be comfortable, lightweight and flexible. The Waist Trainer is also discreet enough to be worn under clothing without being seen or noticed.

Belly XS – The Belly XS supplements help to speed up the metabolism to help burn fat faster and easier. It specifically targets the stomach area as this is where there is commonly the most excess weight as well as where an accumulation of fat is more likely to result in numerous health problems. Belly XS also helps to detoxify the body and get rid of harmful toxins.

Celebrities With Waist Trainers

What are the advantages of combining the Waist Trainer and Belly XS?

By combining these two products you can get the maximum effect with the least effort. The Waist Trainer and Belly XS compliment each other as they both work by targeting the stomach area to reduce stomach fat and reduce your waist size. The Belly XS can also help to increase the metabolism which can aid the weight loss effect when also using the Waist Trainer, especially during exercise.

How do I use the Waist Trainer Fat Burner Combopack?

The Waist Trainer and Belly Fat burner products can both happily be used simultaneously. For the Waist Trainer, to put it on simply place the garment around your belly so that the upper portion is positioned just below your bust line.

You can wear your Waist Trainer at any time of day - awake or asleep. To get best results, it is recommended that you wear the Waist Trainer during targeted exercise for maximum slimming and fat burning. To gain permanent visible results from this garment, it is best to wear it for 3-6 hours per day for at least three months. For the Belly XS take two capsules daily on an empty stomach before breakfast and dinner. For best results take for at least 3 months ad for maximum results use alongside the Waist Trainer.

Safe to use

Yes, it is completely safe to use both together or separately. As the Belly XS is a natural product it has no negative side effects, however do always check the ingredients to check if you are allergic to anything. For the Waist Trainer it is completely safe although we do recommend not to use it for longer than 6 hours daily and stop wearing if you have difficulty with breathing.

Waist Trainer & Belly Fat Burner Benefits