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Find out 8 ways to Detoxify Your Body Naturally

There is no denying that we all love to travel and eat food. But this can slowly and gradually build up toxins in our body. When this happens, our body manages the toxins to some extent with its smartly designed personal detoxification mechanism. The main organ which carries out this process is the liver. Apart from purifying the body, the liver also has other important tasks to regulate, synthesize, store and secrete many important proteins and nutrients. So it requires the help of other organs, which work together to help eliminate these trapped toxins. Excessive toxin buildup can take toll on these organs including the liver. To ensure that all the body organs are healthy and in working order, we then resort to external detoxification measures.

What does detoxification include?

Detoxification involves various methods which include fasting and detox diets such as tea or juices or scrubbing, which use detox benefits of natural ingredients. Detox diets simply involves including more fibrous foods such as vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts and seeds. Including physical activity can help boost detoxification methods. Experts say that exercise increases blood circulation and help to release toxins through sweat. There are even home detox programs which helps eliminate toxins while in the comfort of your own home.

Organs That Cleanse Toxins

Natural health practitioners believe that detoxification can leverage your weight loss to a great extent. So we have tried to break down several of the current methods and foods that naturally assist the body to achieve a detoxified state. When you follow some of these natural detox methods you should make sure to always avoid refined foods, sugars, dairy products, caffeine and chocolates, peanuts, alcohol and non-whole-grain starches. These might nullify your detoxification efforts.

Natural Detox Methods for home

Liver cleanse- For cleaning the liver you can add bitter greens and chlorophyll juices to your diet such as wheat-grass and dandelion greens. For more enhanced results you can include some other liver-happy foods like carrots, celery, limes, lemons, and beets. Adding spices that have a natural cleansing effect on the liver include turmeric, rosemary, cayenne, cumin and curry are also a good option. Apart from these, avoid coffee, milk and sodas, rather opt for purified water or apple juice.

Oxygen colon cleanse- This is considered to be one of the best natural detox methods where you need to use distilled water, organic/raw apple cider vinegar, aloe vera juice, Oxy-Powder and a probiotic supplement for about six or seven day cleanse. This cleanse is a quick and effective way to detox your digestive tract.

Candida cleanses- This method is essentially designed to remove candida within the body by cutting down all foods containing yeast or fermented foods. During this cleanse you should try eliminating all forms of sugar including fruit and fruit juice, all refined flours and wheat products, any foods containing yeast, as well as all natural sweeteners. You should also avoid alcoholic drinks, dried fruits, mushrooms, cheese, pickled vegetables and soy sauce.

Detoxifiying Tea

Liquid cleanse- This is the most convenient way to cleanse the body while still maintaining energy levels. A liquid cleanse involves the use of fresh organic fruit and vegetable juices, oils such as flax, hemp, coconut, sesame or pumpkin seed oil, herbal teas and fresh, clean water. You can also add a detoxing tea into your cleanse such as Örtte Skinny Tea. These detoxing teas can have many benefits and can be a delicious and fun way to detox.

Toxic metal cleanse- Most us build up high levels of toxic metals such as mercury, aluminum, cadmium and lead in our body. In this situation, two cleanses per year to flush these toxins out of the body to avoid long term accumulation is recommended.

Raw/alkaline foods cleanse- Using uncooked fruits and vegetables can help in conducting this cleanse. You can carry out it by taking smaller amounts of raw nuts, seeds and sprouts. This is an excellent way to detoxify the colon, liver, and other bodily systems. It will help in reducing the alkalization requirement of body to maintain acidic nature of the blood.

Cleansing spices- You can always make the best use of spices while following a healthy organic diet. For this you can include cinnamon, oregano, turmeric, cumin, cilantro, fenugreek, ginger, fennel, cayenne pepper, black pepper, clove, parsley, and rosemary to your diet.

Now that you have so many natural options to detox your body, you can pick the most convenient and suitable one to help you look better and feel more energetic.