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Activated Charcoal and Intensive Colon Cleanse is the ultimate detoxing and cleansing combopack. Both of these two products can help to flush out toxins from your body and digestive system to leave you feeling healthier and happier. Alone they are effective detoxing supplements but together they make a powerful cleansing combination.

  • Detoxes & cleanses naturally
  • Absorbs and traps harmful toxins within the body
  • Can help reduce flatulence and other digestion issues
  • Detoxes without damaging the guts friendly bacteria
  • Made with natural ingredients in the UK to GMP standards
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Activated Charcoal and Intensive Colon Cleanse are both easy to take capsules that are made using natural and safe ingredients that are perfect for helping to detox your body. These easy to take capsules can work well in your daily routine and with just a ten day course of the Intensive Colon Cleanse its a simple way to feel better from the inside.

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What Is Activated Charcoal?

Activated Charcoal is made by burning a source of carbon such as wood or coconut shells. When this is done the high temperature removes the oxygen and activates the charcoal with gases like steam. This produces activated charcoal which is highly absorbent and has millions of tiny pores which capture and bind with harmful toxins the body which can have up to a thousand times more weight than the charcoal itself. The porous surface of activated charcoal has a negative electric charge that attracts positively changed unwanted toxins and gas.

Activated Charcoal in general is used in a variety of different areas and industries mainly in removing negative and toxins, chemicals and poisons that can cause harm both within the body and out. The most common use for activated charcoal however is for within the body for medical reasons as well as for general detoxification and health at home.

Within the body Activated Charcoal has previously been used in hospitals and medical environments to aid the removal of poisonings and as an antidote to drugs and other forms of poisonous substances within the body. This however is done only with medical professionals due to the severity of the poisoning and effects of the drugs.

Activated Charcoal can be used for home use to help with certain issues such as to help reduce flatulence and other digestive issues, reduce bad breath and body odour, lower cholesterol levels, prevent hangovers, treat insect stings, aid anti-ageing, to treat bile problems during pregnancy, to whiten teeth and to detoxify and clean hair and skin. These are some of the home remedies that Activated Charcoal has been used for in the past and present, however some are more proven and effective than others and all depend on the person and circumstance.

What Is Intensive Colon Cleanse?

This top of the range supplement can help you to look after the health of your colon. It works by detoxifying and getting rid of the build-up of bad bacteria, reserving the friendly bacteria. As an added bonus, taking Maxmedix Intensive Colon Cleanse can also help to assist with weight loss. This is because a healthy digestive function allows you to get the most vitamins and minerals out of the food you eat – this could contribute to better management of your weight.

How To Take


Safe And Natural Ingredients

Activated Charcoal and Intensive Colon Cleanse only use 100% natural and safe ingredients so should have no negative side effects. However, do always check to see if you are allergic to anything. It is advised not to do your colon cleanse for more than 10 days.

Customer Reviews

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Really like the colon cleanse alone ad this makes it even better

K Kevin
Verified Purchase

I like how its cheaper but unsure if both were actually necessary

N Nikhil
Verified Purchase

nice combo

L Leera
Verified Purchase

The charcoal supplements are really good

S Sia
Verified Purchase

very good together but not sure if I would need that much again for a while

K Kevin

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