Pure Marine Collagen

120 Capsules | High-Potency Supplement


For the perfect natural formula to help you tackle the signs of ageing in skin, bones and muscle, try our market leading Pure Marine Collagen. We provide the highest-quality collagen products for maintaining your youth and are proud to deliver a max-purity 1170 mg of NatiCol® Marine Collagen from Pangasius and Tilapia fish in every single serving. This form is not only great for controlling the signs of ageing, it’s also additive and preservative-free.

  • Maintains healthy skin, bones and joints
  • Helps with the appearance of ageing
  • Powerful 1170 mg strength per serving
  • Made with premium NatiCol® Marine Collagen
  • 120 capsules with neutral taste and odour
  • No artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives

As Pure Marine Collagen is made from some of the finest ingredients, it makes it the perfect supplement for those looking to give their natural levels a boost to help rejuvenate their skin whilst also caring for their bones and joints in order to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Lactose Free
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Collagen and the body

Key to the health and maintenance of the skin, bones and joints, Collagen is a naturally occurring structural protein. When the body is young, skin appears smooth and firm, bones are strong and joints are flexible. This is due to ample levels of Collagen. As we age and through other factors such as physical stress, environment (sunlight and pollution) and excessive strain (on the bones and joints), the naturally occurring levels can unfortunately decrease.

This may result in oxidative stress in the skin's cells which can be a cause of your skin becoming less smooth and firm as well as other aging signs. For the bones and joints, it can mean a decline in movement, stiff joints and brittle bones. To help give the body’s Collagen levels a natural boost, many people are now turning to natural health and beauty products that are a good source of Collagen. These types of products are often ideal for those that lead an active lifestyle as well as those looking for help with the appearance of ageing.

Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen vs. Bovine Collagen

Also known by the name Fish Collagen, Marine Collagen is a natural protein extracted from the scales of saltwater fish. This form of collagen contains peptides, which are small molecules that are known to have a low molecular size and weight. These particular properties make Marine Collagen have a high level of bioavailability and is said to be absorbed 1.5x more efficiently than other forms including Bovine and Porcine. This is what has led to a rise in the popularity of Marine Collagen, with pure forms being extremely in demand for their potency.

With the rise in popularity, there has now been more and more research conducted on Marine Collagen and its benefits. One particular study has looked into its peptides and its link with Collagen synthesis and quality. It has suggested that Marine Collagen can have beneficial properties for the skin and can also be useful for those following a high antioxidant skincare regime or diet.

NatiCol® Marine Collagen

As a form of Marine hydrolysed Collagen, NatiCol® Marine Collagen is a premium source that ensures only the highest quality. One way it does this is through knowing exactly where it comes from so it can guarantee that you can get the most out of it from start to finish. This particular type of Collagen is selectively derived from Pangasius and Tilapia fish originating from areas of Asia and North and South America and consists of 95% pure Marine Collagen.

To prove its high quality and purity even more, it’s also carbohydrate, fat, bovine, cholesterol, OGM and preservative-free. What also makes NatiCol® Marine Collagen so unique in comparison to other sources is that it contains a massive 8 different amino acids with their own beneficial properties as well as an extraordinary level of low molecular weight for bioavailability.


Simply take 2 capsules every night after dinner with a glass of water. We know sometimes your daily routine isn’t always regular, but we suggest taking the supplement around the same time each day for consistency. Each bottle contains 60 servings (120 capsules) and will provide you with around 2 months supply.

Full list of ingredients

Active ingredients: Marine Collagen.

Other ingredients: Gelatin (capsule), Magnesium Stearate.

Natural supplement

As this supplement is made using only natural pure Marine Collagen and contains no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives, this supplement has no known side effects. This product is Halal certified, however as the capsule shell is made from Gelatin, it is not suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Please read the ingredients before taking for the first time to check for any personal allergies. This supplement is intended for those over the age of 18.

Pure Marine Collagen 120 Capsules | High-Potency Supplement

Customer Reviews

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93.51% based on 36 Verified reviews

Verified Purchase

Very good product, I bought it 3 times already and I’ll keep buying it.

L Luca
Verified Purchase

Super product and excellent service can recommend

A Agnes
Verified Purchase

My favourite collagen capsules, period.

L Luca
Verified Purchase

I've been taking this product just for a few days now, but I can honestly say that I can already see improvements in my skin.

c customer
Verified Purchase

So far, so good but very early days - would be happy to review again after a month. Only reason that I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 was that I was surprised that 3 capsules are required to make the daily dosage - so my bottle of 90 tablets is going to last for a considerably shorter than anticipated.

M Myrpod
Verified Purchase

Works surprisingly well

M Myrpod
Verified Purchase

Great product and have definitely noticed a vast improvement

J Jonny
Verified Purchase

My sling is glowing just after taking college tablets for 4 days and my appetite is been reduced remarkably!

S Sara M
Verified Purchase

Sure for good

B Been
Verified Purchase

Great quality product and I have no problems

V Valéria
Verified Purchase

Was paying alot more for an inferior product. Have yet to take it as I am using up the other stock, but first impressions are good.

J Joan M
Verified Purchase

Good product

D Debbie J
Verified Purchase

Authentic, great product will definitely recommend. Thank you

M Mrs V
Verified Purchase

quality same as I expected

J James M
Verified Purchase

Really pleased with the range of collagen supplements you stock here. I decided to go for the marine collagen pills today.

L Lisa
Verified Purchase

A bit expensive but its the highest strength i have seen anywhere so far!!!

D Dominique
Verified Purchase

I usually buy regular collagen supplements, but went with these because the internet has raving reviews, and this is the most reasonable with its strength. I have seen a fair difference in a very short period of time! Couldn't be happier, thanks!

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

Really happy with this. Using to strengthen and maintain my joints.

M Mark
Verified Purchase

great stuff

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

Just purchased, very excited to see how effective they will be! First time trying marine collagen! Very pleased with the help i got on the live chat, and the vast range of payment and delivery options available to me. Thanks weightworld! :)

A Anne
Verified Purchase

Using these everyday, working very well in my daily regime. I am feeling a big difference! So happy

B Beth
Verified Purchase

This is amazing!!!! My skin and hair have never looked better and they don't taste like fish!!!

S Santi
Verified Purchase

This is excellent! My hair is shiny now without having to use loads of products and my nails are growing faster. I do have to get them done more often now though which is annoying, but when I get the fake ones taken off, they come back a lot healthier and stronger than they did before.

C Chantelle
Verified Purchase

I'm not so keen on the smell and taste so lost a star for that, but my hair and skin is looking a lot better so it is worth it.

N Nicky
Verified Purchase

My hair is growing so fast! Only downside is that I have to get it cut more often now.

M Makayla
Verified Purchase

I really like this it is great value for money and even better if you buy the multi discount

R Rianna
Verified Purchase

My hair loves this

A Ann
Verified Purchase

This has made my skin so much better and less dry

S Shenade
Verified Purchase

I have been taking this for seven months now and I have to say I am so happy with the results. Skin felt less dry after just a few weeks and now I can see a massive improvement in my hair too. I did a lot of research before choosing this particular collagen supplement and for the noticeable results and great price I would highly recommend.

N Natalie
Verified Purchase

What a great collagen! My skin feels softer and more subtle. I didnt have any side effects and will be buying this brand again. Finally a strong collagen with no side effects for myself

S Simran
Verified Purchase

my wife was recommended to take a collagen supplement to help maintain her body's normal collagen level. Since then she has read a great deal about the benefits of collagen and we now both take it daily

J Janice
Verified Purchase

These capsules have been really great. I heard about marine collagen and that it’s supposed to be great for skin and joints, and I have to say I’ve been feeling great recently! My skin looks and feels firmer and all my joints have started to ache much less

L Lisa
Verified Purchase

I have already re ordered this. I know it could all be in the mind but my skin already feels better. A stressful time has taken its toll, I thought I would give this a go and glad I did.

S Sunny
Verified Purchase

I have now used this product for at least 6 months and I noticed my hair to be thicker as well as benefiting for my arthritis in the knees of course in conjunction with exercises too.

H Harry
Verified Purchase

Just started using this product very happy so far very easy to take pills that don't have any nasty odours or flavours. I tried some of the powders before but thought they were too synthetic tasting and just ruined my drinks. 10/10

R Rupert
Verified Purchase

Excellent value for money!

S Suzie

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