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Active T5 Plus & MaxMedix Intensive Colon Cleanse Fat Burner & Detox Bundle

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Active T5 Plus and Intensive Colon Cleanse is perfect for those looking to detox and burn fat. Active T5 Plus is one of the strongest fat burners on the market whilst the Intensive Colon Cleanse is great for getting rid of any bad bacteria in the gut.

  • Powerful fat burner
  • Detoxes and cleanses
  • Can boost the metabolism
  • Easy to take
  • Great combination of products

Active T5 Plus and Intensive Colon Cleanse can help you achieve a clean and more efficient digestive system whish also helping to burn fat and boost your metabolism.

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What is Active T5 Plus?

It's is one of the most powerful thermogenic fat burners on the market today. It can help to boost your body’s metabolism by safely and gently increasing the internal temperature of your body. It helps to break down the fat your body has stored, it works to convert it into energy instead. You could use this drive to exercise more or harder so you can achieve the body you’ve been dreaming of.

When your core temperature rises and your metabolic rate accelerates, your body can burn some of the fat that it has stored, even targeting problem areas such as the stomach, thighs or arms that can be hard to maintain through exercise alone. Active T5 Plus fat burners could make losing body fat easier for you. As an added bonus, Active T5 Plus fat burners could even increase your energy levels (when fat is burned, it’s either converted into heat, or energy.) Use this new found energy to exercise or work out even harder at the gym and be proud of the results.

What is Intensive Colon Cleanse?

This top of the range supplement can help you to look after the health of your colon. It works by detoxifying and getting rid of the build-up of bad bacteria, reserving the friendly bacteria. As an added bonus, taking Maxmedix Intensive Colon Cleanse can also help to assist with weight loss. This is because a healthy digestive function allows you to get the most vitamins and minerals out of the food you eat – this could contribute to better management of your weight.

How to Use

Healthy Drinks In Jars

Start your treatment with 10 days detox treatment to strengthen your body and begin your weight loss journey.

Woman Looking Out To Distance

Restore your body , cleanse your body of toxins. You will have more energy and your body will take up nutrients faster.

Woman Sat By The Sea

Initiate the cure with Active T5 Plus for 30 days. This helps to increase metabolism and boost your weight loss


  • Powerful thermogenic fat burner
  • Helps burn fat more effectively and efficiently
  • Boost energy levels
  • Improves metabolism
  • Helps digestion, which can impact your weight management
  • Can reduce the symptoms of gassiness, bloating and constipation
  • Can detoxify your colon, without damaging the friendly bacteria

Advantages of Active T5 Plus & Colon Cleanse

Is it safe to use?

Active T5 Plus and Intensive Colon Cleanse only use 100% natural and safe ingredients so should have no negative side effects. However, do always check to see if you are allergic to anything. It is advised not to do your colon cleanse for more than 10 days.

Customer Reviews
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  • * work nicely and I feel a lot more healthy and slimmer
  • * I love using active t5 so really happy that theres now a combopack to make it even better!
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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