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African Mango

At WeightWorld, we make it our mission to source the finest ingredients with amazing benefits to your health. The natural African Mango superfood is a clear example of our devotion to delivering unique products to you! Scientifically known as Irvingia Gabonensis, research has proved the african mango to be a more potent member of the mango family. Their seeds are popularly used for weight loss, packed with healthy fats and fibre and are famous for their densely nutritious quality that can boost the body's internal processes. We love knowing that we only ever provide you with fully pure extracts, taken from the best sources. You can buy both our exotic weight management supplements African Mango or Garcinia Cambogia Capsules from this website! Check them out now!
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The History of African Mango

This delicious tropical fruit originates from West Africa and tribesmen from villages within Cameroon and Nigeria have been using this exotic fruit for centuries before the Western world became aware of it and began cultivating the fruit back in 1816. Although the flesh was eaten as with any other fruit, it was mostly the seeds that were the most popular to their diets. Called the Dinka Nut by Cameroon natives, these seeds were important in providing essential fat and protein. They were often ground into a paste and then used in a variety of soups and stews.

Historically, all parts of the Irvingia gabonensis tree including the bark, leaves, roots and seeds were used in a number of native African medicines that was said to be a natural aid for a wide number of ailments. It wasn’t until more recently that the fruit has been looked into more and it was only in the 1990s when the full health benefits were realised and it was used in African Mango extract form to make African Mango tablets and other health products for across the world.

What Is African Mango?

This superfood is a tropical fruit that comes from a species of trees called the Irvingia gabonensis. African Mango is one of its most popular names in the UK but it is also known across the world as wild mango, bush mango, dika or ogbono. These African trees are only capable of growing in very specific climates; the altitude has to be in excess of 200m, there needs to be an annual rainfall that is greater than 1200mm and the temperature constantly needs to be between 20 and 38 degrees centigrade.The roots of this special and unique tree also require deep soil and the earth itself needs to be within a certain pH level range.

With all these requirements, it's hardly surprising these trees are now only economically grown in a small amount of very specific areas. Only places such as North Angola, regions of both Congo and DR Congo, Nigeria and Côte d'Ivoire can grow and sustain the fruit. In these regions the almost spherical, green mango like fruit is extremely popular and has many traditional uses.

What Is African Mango Used For?

Traditionally, the main use for this exotic fruit is to be eaten as food. The delicious and vibrant orangey yellow flesh is perfectly edible and is used to make juices, jams, jellies and even wines. The nut of the fruit is highly treasured by the communities it grows in as it has been shown to be rich in proteins and vitamins. These seeds can be consumed raw or roasted as a snack, but can also be processed into butter or oil.

Food aside, the nuts can be made into soaps and other cosmetic products and the bark and leaves of the tree have been used to make traditional medicines - it was believed to remedy ailments such as sores and wounds. Hugely versatile, this fruit is used by some farmers to support and shade other crops. It's deliberately grown over other, smaller plants like cocoa and coffee as it prevents soil erosion in the ground they are rooted in and blocks the torturous heat.

Not only does the superfood have an array of health benefits, brimming with natural goodness, it’s commended for its beautiful, succulent appearance and is often used to dress the streets in towns and cities.

The main use for this superfood in the UK and other countries where the fruit isn’t grown naturally is as African Mango extract which is taken as a superfood dietary supplement with the most popular being African Mango tablets and supplements. The extract is a popular natural superfood supplement to aid general well being as well as weight management and in a supplement form it can give all the benefits of this superfood with the most cost effective ease!

How Does African Mango Work For Weight Management?

African Mango can have many benefits for general well being due to its capacity to provide a number of vitamins but it can also have benefits for weight management. This superfood helps with this through a number of different aspects. Firstly, it can act as an appetite suppressant. An appetite suppressant is something that when taken helps to make you feel fuller and more satisfied. This makes it easier to reduce portion sizes as well as stop unhealthy snacking between meals. It can also help you to then improve eating habits as you can get into a better eating routine.

Secondly, African Mango can help to stabilise your blood sugar levels. When you consume simple carbs, your body experiences a natural reaction. These carbs are quickly broken down into sugar which then enters your bloodstream. When sugar is introduced into the bloodstream, your body notices this and releases a special hormone which causes the sugar to be shuttled out of the blood vessels, where it’s then converted to fat. This helps prevent your blood from becoming too thick, but as a result you gain excess fat cells. By helping to mediate the level of sugar that enters your blood in the first place, African Mango can help to prevent the knock on effects from occurring and relinquishes unnecessary fat build up.

Lastly, it can help to balance and maintain mood. Although it may seem unconnected, mood can play a big part in weight. When our mood is out of balance and we feel sad, we often reach for chocolate and other unhealthy foods in order to feel better. This is because chocolate helps the body to produce the mood-boosting neurotransmitter serotonin. This may make us feel better momentarily but in the long run this emotional eating could lead to weight gain and can really impact our weight loss efforts. By balancing our mood we can then help reduce this and give us better motivation to eat healthy and exercise in order to lose weight.

Does African Mango Work?

When used alongside regular exercise and healthy eating, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t work for you. Obviously, every person is different though so as with any supplement the full results will vary with each individual person. We recommend when taking any superfood supplement, including African Mango tablets and products, to use them for at least 3 months in order to measure how they’re working for you and your body.

Where To Buy African Mango

African Mango tablets and supplements are often found in health shops online. Make sure though that when you are buying any kind of African Mango tablets that it’s completely natural and contains only 100% African Mango extract and no extra binders or fillers which could cause harmful side effects. Here at WeightWorld, we offer a pure African Mango extract supplement which is a 100% natural supplement that contains a powerful 5000mg strength. Our African Mango tablets are also easy to take and are ideal for those looking to add this superfood to their diet.

*It is important to note that the results of our products may vary with each individual user. You should always use these products alongside a nutritionally balanced diet and a regular exercise regime. All customer reviews found on this website are genuine.