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What is the best time of the day to have Creatine?

A successful bodybuilding routine focuses on balancing three things, proper nutrition, proper training and proper supplementation in order to gain optimum results. Proper supplementation is important and there are many products on the market designed to actually lift your muscle building efforts even further. Amongst all of these, creatine has emerged as the cheapest way to improve both your power and strength.

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It is very common to hear people asking 'what is creatine?' and that most people have no idea that creatine is an organic substance naturally produced in your body from 3 amino acids called methionine, arginine and glycine. These are completely natural and are not steroids as many people misconceive. The body synthesizes around 1 gram per day from the intake of foods with the richest sources of foods being beef and fish that can offer you somewhere between 2 and 5 grams per pound. But most research that justified the benefits of creatine involved dosages of 5 grams or more, which is why it seems impractical for most people to try to reap the benefits as seen in studies without additional supplementation.

The Creatine supplements are mainly used for muscle building. In addition, studies have shown them to help improve work capacity for a wide variety of training and aids workout recovery which helps reduce the time needed to regain energy after workouts. Looking at the impressive health benefits, there seems to be newer and newer forms of creatine hitting the market all the time. Some of these include creatine monohydrate, Ethyl Ester, Serum, Citrate and Malate, to name just a few, however Creatine Monohydrate supplements are most common and original creatine form that has been used for decades. Basically, all the creatine types perform more or less the same job, with minor difference of solubility and absorption speed. However, what matters more than the type of Creatine, is that it is taken at the right time.

Creatine Takers- Different Schools of Thought

Nutrient timing is a hot topic, which debates eating foods at strategic times in order to achieve the desired outcomes. This has become crucial especially for athletes and anyone who wants to get an extra edge from their workouts at the gym. All this research seems to conclude with a solid science showing that the timing of carbohydrate consumption can influence important aspects of recovery and growth of muscles which can be applied to creatine and protein powders. Subsequently, anyone who wishes to invest in muscle building supplements needs to use optimum timing. However, But it is argued that creatine takers still don’t have any specific nutritive timing and largely fall under any one of the three categories:


The idea behind taking creatine before a workout is simple: more creatine equals more ATP, the denomination of energy stored in your cells and more ATP in turn means more muscle power. This power helps in the activation of muscle fibers so that you can push your body to lift more weight to build extra muscles.


Creatine is also great for after a workout. After a workout your muscles get deprived of energy and so then long for nutrients. This is why after a workout creatine can be added to your diet along with your protein and carbs to absorb all the benefits of your supplements more effectively in your body.

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Theres both logical and scientific reasoning for taking supplements before and after a workout but there is no specific timing to follow when it comes to creatine so is really just down to personal preference and requirements.

The argument by all three category of creatine consumers are simply based on the experiences or mere superstition when it comes to supplements. So, it is always good to trust a research. Here is what the research says:

A study published in the "Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition" created a big boost for those that fall under the "take creatine after your workout" Category. The study comprised of a group of 19 male bodybuilders, where some were asked to consume 5 grams of creatine before and rest after their workouts. They trained for five days a week and were also directed to consume 5g on their rest days at any time they want. The workouts sessions were standardized with exercises that could apply to the average weightlifter.

The findings of the study were evident in stating that the best time to take creatine is after a workout. Creatine supplementation like My protein Creatine for Muscle development plus resistance exercise increases fat-free mass and strength. Such inferences from the study made the idea of consuming creatine immediately post-workout more strong than pre-workout. However, on a closer look the benefit received by both the groups seemed more or less equal. So to cut it short, the research can be summarized by saying that taking creatine after a workout is better than before. So until there are more studies done to prove this better, you can take creatine whenever you think is best for you.