Spirulina Tablets

Energising Protein-Rich Superfood


Spirulina is a powerful Superfood, approved even for those travelling into space... now you can enjoy it in your own home! It’s packed with energy-boosting, strength-enhancing compounds. These include revitalising, re-energising Vitamins and Minerals, and extraordinarily high amounts of vegan protein, all of which will help you achieve more in your fitness activities. With Spirulina Tablets, you easily can work a powerful, potent supplement into your everyday routine.

  • Market leading 3000mg daily strength
  • Rich, varied multivitamin complex
  • Up to 70% powerful vegan protein
  • Contains essential minerals
  • All-natural formula
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Now you can take maximum advantage of the incredible power of nature with unbelievable ease and convenience. They contain powerful vegan protein and all the essential amino acids, remarkable amounts of vitamins as well as body-boosting minerals. Spirulina Tablets are ready and waiting to boost your vitality on a daily basis, so that you can feel stronger and healthier.

  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • GMO Free

Powerful Spirulina

In a matter of years, Spirulina has gone from being an Ancient Aztec ingredient to a UN sanctioned, NASA approved, protein-rich foodstuff. NASA, or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, took out research and now assert that 1kg of Spirulina has the nutritional value of 1000kg of other fruits and vegetables. This makes it an ideal Superfood, for both astronauts and those of us who are happy to remain on Earth! What’s more, it’s increasingly grown (at its natural rapid rate!) in deprived parts of Africa, as a way of fulfilling nutritional needs. The United Nations often collaborates with humanitarian groups to bring its benefits to undernourished children, and has advocated its potential use in aiding world hunger. Especially in powder form, it’s a highly concentrated, super-strength food source, with international renown amongst nutrition experts.

Spirulina & Your Body

  • Performance
  • Blood
  • Cholesterol
  • Fatigue
  • Heart
  • Muscles
  • Brain
  • Hair

Increasing research has found that including Spirulina in your diet everyday can help to strengthen, energise and revitalise your body, with its incredibly powerful range of nutrients working in harmony to boost your body in numerous ways. Expert study has associated Spirulina with enhanced exercise performance, including taking longer to fatigue, as well as connecting it with encouraging muscle resilience. It’s been suggested it is just as impactful on cholesterol levels, in addition to managing blood glucose and helping with blood pressure. It’s even been found by researchers to invigorate brain function and memory! With Spirulina tablets, you can take a superfood considered by experts to be both incredibly nutritious, but also that’s considered to have a remarkable impact on your body’s response to exercise.

Strengthening Superfood

Spirulina became especially famous for its remarkably potent protein levels. Between 60-70% of Spirulina algae is composed of protein, making it an incredible source, especially as it’s pure, natural and completely vegan suitable. Even in comparison to other vegan protein sources, it comes out on top, with dry roasted soybean at 43%, peanuts at 26%, and lentils at 24% protein. What’s more, with all eight essential amino acids, it is a complete source, giving your body what it needs to synthesise its own protein. In combination, these compounds can help to strengthen, support and sustain your body from within, so that it can run at its best.

Nutritional Value per Serving Energy 48.48kJ / 11.58kcal Fat 0.22g Saturated Fatty Acid 0.1g Carbohydrates 0.31g of which Sugars 0 g Dietary Fiber 0.26g Protein 2.08g Salt 0.06g Calcium 4.65mg Potassium 45.81mg Iron 1.86mg Magnesium 7.35mg Vitamin B1 0.13mg Vitamin B2 0.20mg Vitamin B3 0.18mg Vitamin B6 0.55mg Vitamin B12 4.56µg Vitamin C 0.05mg Vitamin D 7.17IU Folic Acid 8.55µg

The Secrets of Spirulina’s Success

Vitamins, minerals and other key compounds are crucial in energising the body, and Spirulina is packed with them! Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F and K give an almost unimaginable range of benefits. These vitamins are known to help the body in so many ways, ranging from the energy-yielding metabolism to the nervous system, as well as gums, vision, blood… one could go on and on! You can also find high amounts of Iron, known to contribute to the immune system and red blood cells; Magnesium, for protein synthesis and psychological function; and Calcium, for muscles and bones. Chlorophyll, the compound that processes sunlight into energy, is known to help the body to detoxify, cleansing of damaging factors. With the help of Spirulina, the entire body can feel strengthened and invigorated, resulting in a sense of energy and purpose in every part of life.

Spirulina Tablets

Naturally found growing wild in tropical and subtropical regions of Central America, the algae you can take in Spirulina Tablets is carefully cultivated in a controlled environment, to produce the highest quality. From there it’s harvested and compressed into individually small, easy-to-swallow tablets, giving you a simple, time-saving, precisely pre-measured dose. With no other ingredients involved, they are a completely pure source. At 3000mg strength a day, you can enjoy the perfect amount at a market leading strength.

view of packaging for diet foods super spirulina Pure Algae Superfood Formula


For a pure, powerful, daily dose of Spirulina’s benefits, take these small yet potent tablets. They’ll perfectly complement your regular wellness routine, incorporating easily into your day.

Take 3 tablets twice a day, ideally with a glass of water. Take the first 3 tablets 30 minutes before breakfast or lunch, and then the final 3 tablets 30 minutes before lunch or dinner.


Spirulina Tablets have no known side effects, as they are made with one natural ingredient with no additives. The tablets are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and are gluten and dairy free. If you’re on any medication, pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult a healthcare professional before taking a new supplement. They are not intended for use by anyone under the age of eighteen.

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i bought these tablets online from weightworld.uk,i m very satisfied with their product and with their efficiency.

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just start to use it need more time to say how good it is

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I worked it out, and it's only 5p per bio spirulina tablets. It's a bargain!

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good price, good clean product and I feel more sprightly!

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No weight loss yet but I have more energy for the gym thanks to this.

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When I got these I thought at first they looked a bit strange but once you get past that they're actually pretty good and have felt generally a lot better

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Great product! Love it!

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These have really helped me and glad I decided to try them

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good stuff

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I prefer these tablets over the powder, it's a lot easier to take and more convenient

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