Bio Super Detox Mix

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From the scientific minds at Diet Food comes Bio Super Detox Mix, a masterfully crafted and organically engineered supplement, designed to ground the body in seamless equilibrium. Life exposes us to plenty of unwanted toxicities in alarming regularity, Bio Super Detox aims to help purify and reinvigorate your body. Removing such elements can help to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised. The special formula is vegan friendly, and is ideal for aiding body dealkylation, whilst allowing you to achieve a greater sense of well being.

  • Designed to cleanse and reinvigorate
  • 100% organically sourced
  • Contains Chlorella, Wheat and Barley Grass
  • Comprised of 6 unique superfoods
  • Rich in Iron and key vitamins
  • Suitable for vegan and vegetarians

Aside from being able to cleanse the body of what you don’t want, Bio Super Detox works in the opposite direction, helping to provide what your body needs for enhanced exuberance. It carries out this work courtesy of 6 vitamin and mineral delivering superfoods. The main one being Chlorella, a vegan suitable weapon against impurities and toxins that compensates for the common pitfalls of other vegan ingredients. Bio Super Detox Mix packs a months supply of all these ergogenic benefits, into one economical tub.

  • Vegan
  • Ekologisk
  • Vegetarian
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Chlorella and it’s promising benefits

At the epicentre of the active ingredients that Super Detox uses, is Chlorella. It is a powerful plant algae farmed typically in Southern Asian countries, specifically Japan and Taiwan. This plant based source of nutrition has been an established aid to body nourishment for centuries! It is remarkably rich in chlorophyll, fiber and vitamins and minerals, to help purge the body of unwanted chemicals, whilst also containing a high quantity of iron and essential amino acids to help optimise recovery and bodily function.

green cartoon of molecular compound to represent detoxification

The high quantity of Chlorella in Super Detox allows for a product that can help to lower the bodies’ toxicity, and tackle impurities that arise from eating any one of a plant, meat, or fish based diet. It is also rich in Iron and Vitamin B1, which can aid regular body function, and are two key micronutrients that are often absent from other vegan suitable products.

Green cartoon of a plant with leaves to represent wheat grass and barley grass

Super Detox is also infused with Wheatgrass and Barleygrass, two green and healthy superfoods which amplify the products’ cleansing properties, whilst also working to deliver well pronounced, soothing flavours and undertones. These can help the body to attain a feeling of maximal wellness, whilst going about relinquishing impurities,helping you to actively feel the benefits.

green cartoon image of stars to represent revitalise

The supplement also considers the need to replace what might have previously been lost. Along with Chlorella, the product contains protein enriched Spirulina; these two work in synergy to replace essential amino acids and fiber. Super Detox also contains Lucuma and Cocoa, which work in unison to provide vitamins and minerals to restore the bodies’ natural vitality.

Full list of ingredients

Wheatgrass, Barley Grass, Cocoa, Chlorella, Spirulina, Lucuma


Consume one scoop of Bio Super Detox Mix as part of a healthy balanced diet, once daily. This daily serving can be mixed with water, milk, juice, or into salads, cereals or desserts for a more discrete consumption. Each tub contains 300g of Bio Detox Mix powder, this will sustain the user for approximately one month.


Bio Super Detox Mix is 100% naturally organically sourced and carries no known side effects. Bio Super Detox Mix is suitable for consumption by those who adhere to a vegan or vegetarian diet. Please read the full ingredient list to consider whether the consumption of Bio Super Detox Mix conflicts with any personal allergies. If you are currently breastfeeding, are pregnant, or suffer from a specific illness, please consult a physician before consumption. This product may contain soya, wheat or gluten.

Bio Super Detox Mix Detoxifying Supplement Powder

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reviews 4.5

83.16% based on 18 Verified reviews

Verified Purchase

Not the best tasting powder I've ever had but it does what it says on the box. Steady and gradual weight loss with the added benefit of fighting fatigue.

R Rosie
Verified Purchase

Great for me and my wife. It's a no brainer of you want to get and stay healthy.

P Peter
Verified Purchase

Good clean product!

J Jane
Verified Purchase

Really like this, would buy again

C Carla
Verified Purchase

Like adin this 2 drinks

D Dan
Verified Purchase

Has some good ingredients that I have used separately so a lot easier combined into one and like the results too, would recommend

R Rajeet
Verified Purchase

Fell good after using this!

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

Definitely a SUPER detox mix! It's great!

A Abigail
Verified Purchase

I definitely feel a lot less bloated and bunged up after using this an just overall feel a lot better

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

I have been using this for a while now and have lost a few pounds so very happy

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

Not really enjoying the taste of this so far, need to use in something that disguises the taste

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

really nice

P Paul
Verified Purchase

Will keep using, I like this a lot

T Tim
Verified Purchase


F Frank
Verified Purchase

This mixes really easily which is important as I hate when it goes lumpy

F Frank
Verified Purchase

I feel so much better and lighter with this

E Emily
Verified Purchase

This smells and tastes very healthy but seems to be good quality. It mixes well with smoothies and I would say add to a smoothie instead of just water, it tastes better in my opinion

C Charlotte
Verified Purchase

I feel a lot better since using this I can't actually believe it

R Ruby

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