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Body Boutique ™ Wrap Factor For Women (with Cellulite Cream)

By Body Boutique

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Want a slimmer, more toned body and less cellulite? Well the amazing Body Boutique Wrap Factor for Women kit now comes complete with the acclaimed Body Boutique Cellulite Cream to help you achieve that very look. Double power for even better results! Body Boutique Cellulite Cream provides the perfect finishing touch to your body wrap session.

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Type: Wrap

What is the Body Boutique Wrap Factor for Women Kit?

Body Boutique Wrap Factor for Women kit

The Body Boutique Wrap Factor for Women Kit is a do-it-yourself set, which allows you to enjoy a detoxifying salon-style wrap session within the comfort and privacy of your own home. Only you need know the secret to your success. There are millions of women who dream of losing inches and banishing cellulite. If you’re one of them, consider bringing the Body Boutique Wrap Factor for Women kit into your life.If you use this cream alongside your Body Boutique Wrap Factor for Women kit, you could start to see those annoying lumps and bumps fade as the appearance of your cellulite is improved. Help to banish the horrible orange peel and feel confident in your skin.

The reusable Body Boutique Wrap Factor for Women kit can be applied to nearly any area of the body, depending on where you need a bit of help. It works to promote inch loss, toning and detoxification so your skin looks smoother and more radiant.

The Body Boutique Wrap Factor for Women Kit can also be used to fight cellulite so if you suffer from the dreaded orange peel effect, this product could help. It uses natural clay to draw out impurities from the skin, which could include fatty cellulite-causing deposits.

What is Body Boutique Cellulite cream?

You should use the Body Boutique Cellulite cream after you have finished your wrap session, as an ideal finishing touch. Body Boutique Cellulite cream is made with only natural ingredients to help tighten and tone your skin, and fight back against the orange peel appearance of cellulite.

If you buy the entire Body Boutique Wrap Factor for Women kit with Body Boutique Cellulite Cream together in one bundle, it’s not only cheaper than the cost of most sessions at the salon, but also the price of purchasing these items individually. Save your hard earned cash (or spend it on a new outfit!).

How do I use the Body Boutique Wrap Factor for Women Kit?

Using the Body Boutique Wrap Factor for Women Kit is very easy. First place 2 rolled up bandages in a heat resistant container or bowl, covering them in boiling water straight from the kettle.

With a spoon, stir 1 sachet of detox clay into the water with the bandages and leave to soak for 30 minutes. After this time, the bandages should be warm enough to apply. Make sure to rinse out excess water before placing onto your skin.

You should wind the bandages fairly tightly around your chosen area, making sure you work from bottom to top. For example, if you are using the Body Boutique Wrap Factor for Women Kit on your thighs, begin the wrapping process at the knee and work up to the top of your leg.

Cover the wrapped part of your body with a heavy towel or punctured cling film to keep the heat in and the bandages warm.

Relax for an hour. After an hour, unwrap the bandages and rub any excess clay into your skin.

Massage around 1 teaspoon (10ml) of the Body Boutique Cellulite Cream into the area. Continue to use the Body Boutique Cellulite Cream twice a day on the same area, until it runs out.

For a few days after using the Body Boutique Wrap Factor for Women kit, try to drink 2 litres of water a day, to help flush any toxins out of your body.

Do these products cause any side effects?

Both the Body Boutique Wrap Factor for Women kit and Body Boutique Cellulite Cream are made from natural ingredients, so there should be no side effects.

To avoid any reactions or skin irritations, you shouldn’t apply the heated bandages to skin with open wounds. If you have sensitive skin it’s advisable that you do a patch test with the ingredients of the Body Boutique Wrap Factor for Women kit and Body Boutique Cellulite Cream, on a small area of your skin.

How can I order Body Boutique Wrap Factor for Women Kit?

Ordering your Body Boutique Wrap Factor for Women kit is easy, just click the 'Add to Basket' or 'Go' option and remember if you order today you can get your order tomorrow.

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  • * I tried the straight kit first and thoroughly enjoyed getting the pampered detox feeling at home, before i discovered this kit with the cellulite cream. I’ve used this one once now and love the effect it has on my skin! I feel smoother and slimmer every time!
  • * Detox, slim down and attack cellulite, all while lying down relaxing at home. What more could a girl want?! :) Love it.
  • * This kit is awesome. My thighs are my problem area and the combo of the wrap and the cellulite cream always helps me to lose an inch and smooth out the dimples.
  • * i love this, i am my own beautician.
  • * amazing i instantly look slimmer and more toned, brilliant stuff.
  • * its like having my own personal beauty salon at home without the extortionate costs, absolutely great
  • * i look great instantly, what more does a woman need.
  • * this is superb, i look so slim
  • * i look amazing, my skin feels as smooth as velvet
  • * these wonder wraps just got rid of all my skins imperfections and left me feeling and looking soft and slim
  • * i am quite a big woman and very conscious of it, this just made my skin look so lovely and smooth.
  • * very satisfied with the results, thanks weight world
  • * Strongly Recommend these wraps
  • * Fantastic, look great has never been easier , adore my wraps.
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