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Coconut Splash

Oil Pulling in Coconut Flavour


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Whiter teeth, fresher breath and brighter smile can all finally be achievable with the help of Coconut Splash! This 14-day home treatment uses virgin coconut oil infused with peppermint flavouring to help not just whiten your teeth but also help improve overall oral hygiene. With coconut oils well known antibacterial properties, Coconut Splash is the perfect step towards a healthy and happy mouth.

  • Uses the popular coconut oil pulling technique
  • Contains natural peppermint to tackle bad breath
  • Helps improve oral health and hygiene
  • Can help remove plaque and stains for whiter teeth
  • 100% natural & preservative free ingredients
  • Easy 14 day treatment with just one sachet a day

Knowing the vast benefits of coconut oil for teeth, Coconut Splash introduced this easy way to help remove toxins from the mouth. This can help you to reduce tooth decay, remove plaque and stains from teeth and offer you strong teeth and gums without any pain or trips to the dentist. With just one sachet a day, you could be on your way to a whiter and healthier mouth!

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Duration: 14
Size: 14x10 ml
Flavour: Peppermint

What is Oil Pulling?

For hundreds of years the oil pulling technique has been used as a way to improve oral health and remove toxins from the mouth. Before toothpaste and mouthwashes were so popular this was a natural way to clean teeth (and is still one of the best natural techniques). Oral hygiene is very important to not just the health of your mouth but also your overall health. This is due to the simple fact that everything that you eat goes through your mouth and so oral hygiene and care becomes of prime importance. Oil pulling is basically a mouthwash technique where you hold natural oils in your mouth and pulling it through you teeth to help remove bacteria, plaque, and infection from the mouth and therefore achieve cleaner, brighter and whiter teeth. There are number of oils which are commonly used such as sunflower oil, sesame seed oil and coconut oil for teeth whitening due to their numerous benefits for dental health. The most common however is now coconut oil due to its antibacterial properties that adds extra protection against bacteria compared to other oils.

What is Coconut Splash?

Coconut Splash knows what it takes to keep your mouth healthy so has created an easy 14 day treatment made of virgin coconut oil for teeth and gum health. Coconut Splash Oil Pulling, as its name suggests, allows you to use the ancient technique of oil pulling to cleanse, freshen and naturally whiten your teeth.

The coconut oil present helps to remove stains and plaque from the teeth and also helps to reduce bacteria and toxins in the mouth. This can also help you achieve a cleaner tongue and stronger gums alongside brighter and whiter teeth.

Further adding to its benefit, Coconut Splash also uses natural peppermint flavoring to help freshen your breath and leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh.

Benefits of Coconut oil for teeth

The natural oil extracted from coconut contains antibacterial and antifungal properties which helps to remove cavity-causing bacteria and other germs from the mouth that may be difficult to remove with traditional brushing or mouthwashes. Coconut oil is also considered to be more effective in removing plaque and whitening teeth than other oils used for oil pulling. This helps to dramatically improve your dental health and general oral hygiene.

How to use Coconut Splash

To get that contagious smile with Coconut Splash, tear the pack from the dotted line and squeeze the contents into the mouth. At first it will feel more solid so give it a swish & roll in your mouth so it can warm up. Pull the oil through your teeth for 5-15 minutes and then simply spit it out and feel great with the amazing freshness of peppermint flavor in your mouth. When spitting out the oil we recommend spitting it into the bin rather than down the drain to avoid the oil hardening and blocking the drain.

Safe and easy to use

Coconut oil pulling has been used for years with no side effects. Coconut Splash is made from natural ingredients and so therefore also has no known side effects. We do always recommend though to check the ingredients to see if you have any personal allergies.

How to buy Coconut Splash

Buying your Coconut Splash from WeightWorld is easy, fast and secure. Simply select the quantity you would like and then click 'Add to Basket' to begin. To make buying better for you, here at WeightWorld we offer a number of payment and delivery options. We are now also offering FREE delivery to all UK orders over £50 as well as a FREE WeightWorld Fruit Infuser Bottle for all orders over £100! If you have any questions our friendly customer service will be happy to help via Live Chat, email or phone Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.