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Not getting enough of the right natural lighting in your life can lead to a decline in your mood, especially in the winter months where light is scarce and the clouds have rolled in. That is why we are proud to bring you the CE certified Daylight Therapy Lamp, an innovative remote operated mood lamp that provides light that mimics the naturally invigorating properties of sunlight for stimulating your brain for both mood and support against Seasonal Affective Disorder.

  • Ideal for support against Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Fills your home with light that mimics the sun
  • High-quality CE certified medical device
  • Dual daylight and mood light function
  • Remote Bluetooth operation
  • Suitable for Android and iOS
  • Comes with 2 years warranty
  • CE Certified

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What is the Daylight Therapy Lamp?

This innovative lamp that aims to help stimulate your brain and target your day to day mood. This product is designed to help lift your mood and provide you with greater feelings of comfort and warmth on a day to day basis. It does this by emitting unique light that mimics the naturally invigorating properties of sunlight that stimulate the brain in a way that is unachievable with regular artificial light. This is especially important for sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder, a mood condition that affects many people during the winter months.

side view of beurer's mood enhancing daylight therapy lamp with infographic

What is SAD and light therapy for depression?

During the Winter time, a specific problem can affect many people known as SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. As human beings, our bodies are hardwired to react to natural environmental factors, most significant of all is the sun's light. Many people find themselves experiencing a drop in mood during the Winter months as the days grow shorter and sunlight becomes scarce. 1 in 4 people experience a mood or cognitive problems and for Seasonal Affective Disorder, in particular, prevalence is four times higher in women.

Therapy Lamps (or Sad Lamps) are an amazing scientific way to tackle this problem and studies have shown that they have an influence on this problem. They mimic the sun’s rays perfectly, stimulating the release of serotonin in the brain. This can help generate a positive mood and keep you feeling yourself throughout the colder and darker periods of the year. Light box therapy is incredibly popular, and sadlight therapy lamps are considered a must have for people who experience deflated mood at certain times of the year.

The benefits of the Daylight Therapy Lamp

The Daylight Therapy Lamp is designed with the purpose of providing you with continued stimulation throughout the day, it also offers you the highest standard of user experience with Bluetooth operation. However, the main benefits of this device come thanks to its dual modality.

side view of beurer's mood enhancing daylight therapy lamp

The first function of this fantastic product is to act as a daylight therapy light. The daylight function is when the lamp emits unique light photons which mimic that of the sun. These work to naturally stimulate chemicals in your brain in a way that regular artificial light cannot and this method helps to target your day to day mood and ensure that you feel your best.

Front view of beurer's mood enhancing daylight therapy lamp with mood light mode

The secondary function of this device is to act as the perfect mood light. When in mood light mode, you can customise the colour of the illumination of the light to suit your needs. Our bodies react naturally to different waves and frequencies of light, so you can use this function to help influence your mood, to relax you, to try and increase alertness and to overall help tailor your indoor environment to suit your needs.

Directions of use

To use the Daylight Therapy Lamp, first ensure that you have downloaded the ‘beurer LightUp’ app onto your phone. Turn on your phone and Bluetooth whilst also ensuring the Daylight Therapy Lamp is plugged in, is sitting on an even surface and is positioned 10 - 40cm from you for a session use. You can then use the app to customise the device settings. Please refer to the device manual for information regarding how long to use the device for, etc. in reference to the level of brightness and mode.

Advice when using the Daylight Therapy Lamp

You can use this device for as long or as little as you want but we recommend that you use it for 7 consecutive days between the hours of 6 am and 8 pm for 2 hours per day. During use, we suggest that you do not look directly into the light for prolonged periods, rather that you look directly into the light for short intervals. This device is ideal for use during the darker Winter months. Please use this device in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and refrain from use if you have any eye conditions or have recently undergone eye surgery.

Daylight Therapy Lamp Mood Enhancement Device

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I absolutely love this product, I live in a ground floor apartment so I am usually deprived of light but this works wonders.

M Mike
Verified Purchase

I really appreciate products that aim to look after mood and this one is no exception. My house gets quite gloomy and depressing in the Winter but this has made all the difference

J James
Verified Purchase

If you are looking for the perfect moodlight this Christmas, try this out!!

W William
Verified Purchase

Great Bluetooth features that I can operate all over the house!

M Melissa
Verified Purchase

10 out of 10 product!!

Y Yasemin

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