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Detox Tea & Bottle

Complete 28 Day Programme

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Looking for a fun and simple way to detox your body? Look no further than the Detox Tea & Bottle combo. Made with only natural ingredients that have been chosen for their benefits for cleansing and looking after the body, the Detox Tea makes a 28 day programme that is delicious and fun - and as it is as easy as drinking tea you’ll have no problem sticking to it!

  • Complete 28 day tea programme
  • Makes detoxing fun and delicious
  • Made of only natural ingredients
  • Contains both morning & evening tea
  • Perfect to take on the go
  • Dishwasher proof bottle

To make drinking your Detox Tea even better, this combo is combined with the Örtte Tea Infuser Bottle so that you can take it on the go and enjoy it’s benefits wherever you are. Made from high quality materials and easy to clean, this bottle is the perfect accompaniment and accessory for all tea lovers out there.

Detox Tea

Detoxing is important for getting rid of harmful toxins and impurities that build up within the body, however the stereotypical ‘green’ smoothies can taste terrible and juice cleanses can be so boring and restricting they become hard to follow. Offering you a new alternative that is literally just as easy as drinking a cup of tea, this one of a kind Detox Tea has been created to be a more fun way to help with cleansing the body. Made with only the best hand-chosen ingredients each picked for their health properties in addition to amazing aromas and flavours, when combined together they make a unique detoxing programme that you can finally enjoy!

Each tea pack is a complete 28 day programme that contains both a morning and an evening tea. This is because at different times of day your body requires different things, so by including both it can help you to care for your body around the clock. The morning tea in this pack is designed to be an appetising way to get your day going right by feeling energised and refreshed. On the other hand, the evening tea has been designed to be more soothing and calming in order to help you have a great night's sleep and help both your body and mind to relax. When put together, they make the perfect complete programme and and all that is required is for you to drink tea - easy!

Tea Infuser Bottle

A convenient yet stylish thermos bottle, the Tea Infuser Bottle has been designed for drinking delicious tea infusions on the go.Thanks to this unique handy bottle, it has never been easier to drink tea whilst out and about. No longer do you have to worry about spilling your drink everywhere, finding it's cold by the time you want to drink it or missing out on a great taste.

Made of premium materials, it is ideal for keeping the temperatures of hot or cold teas and can be used with any type you like, be it loose leaves or a tea bag. Never again will you need to precariously carry your mug around or trouble over your infusion; the bottle makes drinking mess free and also allows you to make your favourite delicious teas with ease!

Using your Detox Tea and Bottle

To prepare the Detox Tea, simply take a tea bag and place it in the filter at the top of the Infuser Bottle. Add nearly boiling water so that the tea bag is covered and let it infuse for around 5 minutes. We recommend leaving it for no longer for the best effect and taste. Then simply remove the tea bag and it is ready to drink! For some extra taste or sweetness as preferred, you can optionally add a healthy twist to your tea, such as by adding lemon or honey.

Once you’ve enjoyed your tea, you can then simply wash your bottle with warm soapy water or, even easier, just put it in the dishwasher. Each day drink 1 of the morning teas and then every other day 1 of the evening teas. This makes a complete 28 day supply. Once you’ve completed the full Detox Tea programme you can either buy some more and keep going or use your bottle to make more fun and delicious teas!


All products from Örtte are made to the highest standards and so therefore are safe to use. The Detox Tea is also made from completely natural ingredients so is safe to take with no known side effects. As when trying any new product though, we always recommend reading the ingredients list for any potential personal allergens. If you are on medication or are pregnant, consult your doctor before using.

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  • Good taste and package it’s good. The bottle it very handy.


  • awesome bottle!


  • I like the bottle and will use again but not the tea


  • Works well together, glad its a good price too


  • Glad I bought this with the bottle too as its so much easier to use and carry and it means I can have it at work too as I don't really have time in the morning before I go to work


  • Like the bottle but think I prefer the skinny tea to detox


  • I've tried the skinny tea and really liked that too, a lot better with the bottle though so glad I have that now


  • I love using detox tea so this was great for me with the bottle too


  • Very easy to use and taste wasn't too bad either


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