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Fango Body Wrap Kit

Wrap | Detoxing Home Body Wrap
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Made with mineral-rich Fango Clay sourced all the way from the Komenda Valley, the Fango Body Wrap Kit allows you to experience the highest quality from the comfort of your own home. A complete kit for the ideal home spa experience, this natural body wrap is the perfect way to relax at home whilst you treat your skin to the care and nurture it deserves.

  • Complete clay body wrap kit
  • Purifies and detoxes the skin
  • Natural body defining mask
  • Fango Clay from the Komenda Valley
  • 2 stretchy and reusable wraps
  • Enough for 10 full uses

The pinnacle when it comes to grey clay masks, Fango Clay is truly amazing for the skin. It contains a complete abundance of skin-loving vitamins and minerals and is ideal for use on cellulite and for aiding with toning and firming the skin. What’s more, is also super absorbent, so is perfect for detoxing the skin of toxins and impurities. This means, that the complete Fango Body Wrap Kit is perfect for use on any part of the body, in particular the legs, arms and stomach.

The Fango Body Wrap Kit

This home use body wrap kit is the ideal natural way to look after your skin. Using specially sourced pure fango clay, this unique kit has been specifically created to be the best around. A beauty secret kept for centuries, fango clay is the pinnacle of clay masks. Sourced from the abundant grounds of the breathtaking Komenda Valley, this amazing clay is sought after for it’s wondrous properties. The key to the magic of this particular clay is in the rich land it comes from as well as the gentle manual extraction process.

Found in the lands of the Komenda Valley for millions of years, this astounding clay has slowly been accumulating precious minerals such as silicon, calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium as well as countless other great micronutrients. The clay is then attentively hand collected and left out to dry in the sun for a minimum of two days to allow it to activate by soaking up the sun's valuable energy. This high quality clay is never dried in industrial kilns or contaminated with chemicals in order to ensure only the highest standards.

Thanks to the excellent quality of this natural clay, the Fango Body Wrap Kit is perfect for use on the skin. As it is a grey clay, it is highly absorbable so is ideal for detoxing the skin of impurities, dirt and excess oils. It is also useful for water retention and can help with the signs of excess fluid beneath the skin. Additionally, it is also perfect for helping with the appearance of cellulite. This is because it can help to smooth out the skin as well as brighten and tone. Overall, using the Fango Body Wrap Kit can help your skin to look its best and is the perfect all round kit for use on the body.

500g of 100% natural Fango Clay

2 reusable 4.5m wraps with metal clips

How to use

Begin by removing the metal clips and then placing the unrolled bandage into a heat resistant bowl or container. Use either one or both of the wraps provided, depending on the size of the area. Cover the wraps with hot (not boiling) water so they are completely submerged. This allows the bandages to slowly heat up and absorb the water while you can then prepare the clay mask.

To make the fango clay mask, mix together 50g of clay and warm water (in a ratio of 70% clay to 30% water), using a non metal cup and spoon. We do not recommend using a bowl or spoon that is made of metal as this may affect the particular properties of the clay. When mixing, ensure you slowly add the clay to the water and then thoroughly mix until smooth. The particular amount of the mask needed will depend on the area, so if you wish to cover multiple or a large area of skin, we suggest to make one batch and then another if needed.

Once the wraps have been left in the water to activate for a few minutes and the clay mask mixture is complete, you are ready to begin applying it to the skin. Using either a designated brush or your fingertips, apply the mask in a 2mm thick layer. Once the mask has been evenly spread, wring out any excess water from the bandages and wrap them around the area, on top of the clay mask.

Once the wrap is in place you are ready to just sit back, relax and let the mask do it’s magic. After about 40 to 60 minutes, you are ready to remove the body wrap. Begin by removing the bandages and then the mask with a dry cloth and then warm water. In order to get the most out of the beautifying Fango Clay, we suggest using the Fango Body Wrap kit around once or twice a week.


The Fango Body Wrap Kit uses only completely natural Fango Clay and has no added artificial colourings, chemicals or preservatives. This means that is has no known side effects and is safe to use on the skin. Before using for the first time, ensure you do not have a personal clay allergy and that you conduct a patch test 24 hours before initial use.

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  • Feels a bit strange as it dries, but after my skin feels a lot better


  • Very interesting


  • Feels weird but I like it


  • to be honest this is a bit strange and takes some effort, but when you compare it to the prices I used to spend in the salon and the spa!!! So much better!!!


  • Amazing!


  • Was a bit unsure how to use it at first but now I have i think its really great


  • Really good clay wrap! I love how you can use it on areas you like to target. It feels really nice to use and leaves my skin feeling amazing!


  • Really easy to use and I feel great after


  • Would like if ou can use on the face too


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