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FarmaCell’s Massaging Vest & Cellulite Cream

By Farmacell

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Women don’t just get cellulite on their legs and bottoms – it can appear on the upper body too. It can be a real confidence-knocker but the good thing is there are treatments out there to help, like FarmaCell's Massaging Vest and Cellulite Cream.FarmaCell's Massaging Vest can help to redefine your waist and hips, whilst massaging away cellulite. The stylish yet comfortable vest comes with elastic bands to hold in any bulges of fat and will give you brilliant support so your breasts look lifted and perky – it could work wonders for your wobbly bits.

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Type: Vest+ Cream

What is FarmaCell’s Massaging Vest?

FarmaCell's Massaging Vest ticks all the boxes - it’s comfortable, discreet and super-supportive. For maximum comfort and kindness so you can wear it all day long, the vest features a crosshatch design that allows your skin to breathe. Let is sit, unnoticeable, under your clothes while you look fabulous and defined. No one need know your little secret! And, while FarmaCell's Massaging Vest is sucking you in, let the complementary Cellulite Cream do its job of boosting circulation to reduce the build up of fatty deposits that cause that dreaded ‘orange peel’ effect.

FarmaCell's Massaging Vest uses thick elastic bands to pull you in and slim your upper body down. It could help you to achieve a sleeker, slimmer tummy and keep your breasts lifted – what woman wouldn’t want this?

When you’re not feeling totally confident with your body, Farmacell's Massaging Vest and Cellulite Cream could give you the pick-me up you need to stand tall and proud again.

FarmaCell's Massaging Vest is comfortable and with its flat seams and smart interwoven fabric, can be worn invisibly under your clothes. No-one will know you’re wearing it under that sexy dress or work suit.

FarmaCell's Massaging Vest has innovative breathable technology that works to protect you from sticky perspiration and embarrassing wet patches, so you can stay fresh, slim and confident all day long.

The Sanitized treatment guarantees a complete antibacterial action.
FarmaCell products are FDA approved and CE registered as Medical in Class 1.

How does FarmaCell's Massaging Vest and Cellulite Cream work together?

The Massaging Vest and Cellulite Cream is a match made in heaven, designed to give you maximum results and a body you can be happy with.

The Massaging Vest has a unique innovative weave that causes a massaging motion and increased circulation. This massaging motion works to improve your body's drainage of liquids and toxins.

Underneath the vest, the Cellulite Cream has been known to actively target the build-up of fat beneath the skin to blast and breakdown breakdown cellulite – all while your going about your daily business.

When The Massaging Vest and Cellulite Cream are used together – and they should be for optimum results – the vest can help the cream to penetrate deeper into the skin. With regular use of the Massaging Vest and Cellulite Cream, you could look forward to firmer, healthier skin with reduced cellulite.

How do I use the Massaging Vest and Cellulite Cream?

  1. Rub the cream into your skin
  2. Pull the vest over your chest and stomach
  3. Make sure the vest is even all over, removing any creases
  4. Put on the rest of your outfit and continue with your day as normal while the vest works to attack your cellulite and streamline your figure

What colours and sizes do FarmaCell's Massaging Vest come in?

The vest comes in white, black and beige and sizes range from small to extra large. Just click on the manufacturer’s size chart to help you determine the best fit.

How do I buy FarmaCell's Massaging Vest and Cellulite Cream?

Think your body and self confidence could benefit from the Massaging Vest and Cellulite Cream? Just click the 'Add to Basket' or 'Go' option to get started with your order.

Customer Reviews

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* Very comfortable! Can't notice it at all underneath my tops!
* Ok pants. The cream is smooth and tender. All in all a good deal.
* The breast investment I’ve made all year!
* This vest and cream has given my midrift a slimmer feel and my bosom has even began to look perkier. That can’t be a bad thing.
* Wowzers. How comfy is this vest?! I’ve started wearing it to bed, down the gym, to the shops. It helps so much with my weight than I don’t want to take it off.
* Results may vary from one person to another.