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All you need to know about incredible Fat & Carb Blockers

If you can''t give up pizza or the thought of living life without cake fills you with dread, a carb blocker could be the answer. Fats and carbohydrates can have a major impact on weight loss success. Foods such as bread, potatoes and pasta are all high in carbs and if eaten regularly, can cause weight gain. Natural fat and carbohydrate blockers contain ingredients that are known to absorb these fats and carbs so they''re not absorbed and you don''t gain weight – perfect!

What are fat and carbohydrate blockers?

No More Carbs!

Fat and carb blocker supplements can be taken to help with gradual weight loss. A carb blocker can stop some of the carbohydrates you eat from being absorbed by the body so you don''t have to worry about burning them off. The carbohydrates we eat, foods like bread, pasta, cereals and even fruits and vegetables, are normally converted into glucose, which can act as a fuel source.

Any glucose your body doesn''t need is stored for later use. This can build up and lead to weight gain, if you keep adding to your stores, before your metabolism gets a chance to burn them off. Fat and carbohydrate blockers work to limit the amount of carbs your body breaks down and even allow some to pass thought your system in the same way fibre does.

These carb blocker supplements can have a similar effect on the body as a low carb diet, but without actually having to cut this food group out of your life completely. So for those who enjoy eating pasta and bread too much to give it up, a carb blocker could hold the key to gradual weight loss.

How does a carb blocker work?

Most of our fat blockers and carbohydrate blockers are made with white kidney bean extract, an ingredient that can help to temporarily neutralise an amino acid called alpha-amylase. Your body uses this to digest carbohydrates, so by briefly shutting down its ability to do so, some carbs are not absorbed into the body.

Our fat and carb blocker supplements also contain other powerful natural ingredients including stimulants such as Guarana. This can increase energy levels, helping you to drag yourself of f the sofa and go for a walk, swim or cycle – if you''re exercising, you''re more likely to reach your weight loss goals.

Who can use fat blockers and carb blocker supplements?

Our fat blockers and carbohydrate blockers have been specifically engineered to help those who want to benefit from a low-carb style diet, but find to cut this food group out. For those who thought a low carb diet was impossible – it''s not now with a carb blocker!

Some of our fat blockers and carbohydrate blockers can be enjoyed by those intolerant to certain foods, such as gluten and dairy. It means you can eat carbs, lose weight and stick to your dietary requirements.

Are they safe?

Each carb blocker you see here is a premium supplement, created with natural ingredients that shouldn''t give you any side effects.