Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

650ml Fresh Fruit Infuser

Who says water has to be boring? With our BPA-free Fruit Infuser Bottle, you can get all the delicious flavours and vitamins of your favourite fruits in one bottle. Fruit-infused water (a.k.a detox water) has several benefits: it helps you stay hydrated, cleanses your body and is low in calories. With a 650ml capacity and lockable leak-proof lid, our Infuser Bottle is ideal for you to stay refreshed and unlock the wonders of fruit infused water while on the go today!

Why WeightWorld’s Fruit Infuser Bottle?

With so many other bottles out there, why choose ours? We value three things very highly at WeightWorld: our customers, our products and our environment. Our high-quality Fruit Infuser Water Bottle has been developed to tick all of those boxes.

Our Customers

We have created this bottle to be easy and safe to use for all of our customers. A common issue with many fruit infuser bottles is a leaking lid and not enough room to infuse all of your fruits! With a 650ml capacity, there is plenty of space for your fruits and water, and with a lockable sealed closure, you can have a little peace of mind knowing that it will not leak in your bag! Being dishwasher friendly and child safe, it is easy to clean and is usable by the whole family!

Our Product

Quality is our priority. Our bottle is freezer safe, BPA-free, leak-proof, made of food-grade materials and odourless. With all of these attributes, our customers can be assured that there are no harmful contaminants in our bottles. Our bottles have been made so that it can be reused as many times as you want. We are so confident that you will love our bottle that if you don’t, we will offer you your money back! Try it today!

Our Environment

We know that without the world around us we wouldn’t exist. We do not want to contribute further to ruining our surroundings, so we have created our bottle to be 100% recyclable. When you are finished with your bottle or no longer have use for it, you can simply recycle it so the materials used aren't put to waste.

Who is this bottle for?

Our bottle is safe to use by the whole family so that everyone can enjoy a nutrient-packed beverage without artificial flavours or added sugars! Our bottle has been created for people who want to add a splash of flavour to their lives and maximise their full potential. Not only is it great for your essential daily vitamins, but it also is low in calories and aids in a lower sugar intake, which makes it perfect for anyone looking to smash their weight management goals!

How to Use

Start by choosing your favourite fruits, vegetables or herbs. We suggest cutting them up to really let the flavours out. You can also look for some infused water recipes with juicy fruits and invigorating spices if you love experimenting.

Place the bottle top on and (ensuring it is closed) gently shake to allow for everything to thoroughly infuse and then you’re ready! You can either begin drinking straight away or leave it in the fridge for 15 minutes for a more intense flavour.

Top Tips:

Although using our bottle is simple there are a few life hacks we have come up with to help you maximise your use of your fruity beverages:

1. Use sparkling water with mint, lemon or lime to add a refreshing edge to your fruity beverage.

2. Want to add ice to cool down your hot summer day? Why not add frozen fruit instead? Just simply slice up and freeze your fresh fruit the night before and add to your bottle in the morning!

3. Check online for a recipe for your needs! There are a multitude of tested recipes out there to cater to all of your needs!

What is fruit infused water?

Fruit-infused water, also known as “detox water”, is exactly what the name suggests. Water infused with the greatness of fruit. Not only do you get the fruity flavours, but also the essential vitamins and nutrients that you get from consuming those fruits! Contrary to what the name suggests, you can also add other things such as herbs and vegetables of choice to achieve your perfect combination of ingredients! Fruit-infused waters provide a huge number of benefits, such as:

  • Aids in lowering your sugar consumption
  • Boosts natural energy
  • Promotes increased water consumption
  • Low in calories – perfect for weight management
  • Helps to cleanse the body from within

Why don’t you try it yourself today and start experiencing the benefits of fruit infused water?

Why fruit infused water?

There are multiple benefits to drinking fruit infused water. First of all, it is extremely satiating and replaces high sugar soft drinks as well as fruit juices. This will aid with weight management as well as hydration. Not only does it taste great, fruit infused water also helps you get all of the essential vitamins from those fruits and can help detox and cleanse your body!

Why WeightWorld's Fruit Infuser Bottle?

With so many other bottles out there, why choose ours? We value three things very highly at WeightWorld: our customers, our products and our environment. Our high-quality Fruit Infuser Water Bottle has been developed to tick all of those boxes. Our product is BPA-free, fully recyclable, completely lockable and dishwasher friendly!

What if I don't like it?

We are confident that you will love our products, but we also understand that everybody is slightly different and may not enjoy them in the same way. We value our customers and want to make sure that they are 100% happy with their purchase which is why we offer our full money-back guarantee! If it doesn't work for you, we will refund you for your order!

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Verified Purchase

I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis so I can't have seeds when drinking smoothies. This bottle is perfect as it strains all the bits as you drink!

J Jacob
Verified Purchase

Very enjoyable and easy to use. I have started to notice that I’ve started drinking more water with this bottle. I normally put a few frozen raspberries in the infuser and leave the bottle in the fridge overnight. It lightly flavours my water and it is honestly amazing! I love it and it’s honestly a bit addictive!

E Elizabeth
Verified Purchase

Love this bottle and I'm glad I made the purchase. It arrived on time and works well. My favourite combo at the moment is frozen fruits with the water. It imparts flavour while keeping my drink cold! Brilliant!

B Brooke
Verified Purchase

Absolutely love this bottle! Bought one a month ago to start drinking more water and my wife and son both started stealing it! We now have one each and take them everywhere. Would highly recommend

E Ethan
Verified Purchase

This is a great bottle, not only does it look amazing, it’s really well made and easy to clean too. Brilliant

S Sophie
Verified Purchase

Bought this for my daughter and she absolutely loves it might have to get one for myself too!

L Lorraine
Verified Purchase

Started using this a couple of months ago and have just started experimenting, I used frozen fruit with sparkling water and it was AMAZING! I will definitely be using them again!

S Serena
Verified Purchase

Excellent bottle. Very well made, sturdy and highly functional! Love it!

L Lia
Verified Purchase

Good bottle with decent space, works as it says on the box.

J Joseph
Verified Purchase

Love that this is BPA free and that it is recyclable!

D Debbie

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