Super Garcinia Pack

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From scientifically sound people at maxmedix comes the Super Garcinia Pack, a celebration of one of the most popular superfood supplements on the market today. This combo pack includes both Garcinia Cambogia Pure and Garcinia Cambogia Plus, two incredibly potent weapons in the fight to deliver you both tailored weight management and enhanced wellness. Both utilize and concentrate the natural tropical tendencies of Garcinia, whilst plus also enlists the aid of a plethora of other active ingredients.

  • Sourced from 100% natural Garcinia
  • Potent formulae for weight management
  • Pure with 1000mg serving strength
  • Plus enriched with 10 superfoods
  • Easy to manage capsules
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Dosage needn’t be a problem either when considering this fantastic pairing, each supplement comes in an easy to swallow capsule form for seamless supplementation that you can even do on the go! Furthermore, both vials contain enough capsules to enable sustained supplementation for a full month. For a fat metabolism orientated supplement pack that targets weight management, whilst making time to complement your overall vitality, look no further than the Super Garcinia Pack.

Doubling down

Recent history has seen Garcinia transition from a little-known staple in Southern Asian produce to a globally established superfood thanks to its amazing natural properties. Needless to say, Garcinia forms one of our most potent weight management formulas to date. That is why we have created this Garcinia Cambogia pack, which includes both Garcinia Cambogia Pure and its sister product Garcinia Cambogia Plus.

With the first of the pair, you can benefit from the concentrated natural weight management properties of pure Garcinia extract. With the latter, we have infused a whole roster of other body boosting ingredients; the Garcinia extract will allow you to double down on the fat metabolising potential of this incredible superfood, whilst amazing agents such as Guarana, Green Tea, Maca, Capsicum can help you to go the extra mile in both weight management, and overall wellness.

Super Garcinia Pack

Full ingredients list

Garcinia Cambogia Pure: Garcinia Cambogia, Capsule Shell (Vegetarian Cellulose)

Garcinia Cambogia Plus: Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, Capsicum, Guarana, Kola Nut, Yerba Mate, Maca Root, Zinc, Chromium, Capsule Shell (Vegetarian Cellulose), Maltodextrin.


The daily recommended serving for both Garcinia Cambogia Pure and Garcinia Cambogia Plus in the Super Garcinia Pack is two capsules of each per day. It is also suggested to take the capsules with water and to maintain consistency with the time of taking the supplements each day. Each bottle contains 60 capsules so approximately one months (30 days) supply.


As both product contained within the Super Garcinia Pack are made using natural ingredients, there are no known side effects of taking and they are safe to use. If you have not tried either supplement before we advise that you consult the full ingredients list before taking if you have any specific allergies or dietary requirements. Neither product should be consumed if you are pregnant or are breastfeeding. Both supplements are vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Customer Reviews

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Verified Purchase

really fast delivery and great deal!!

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

really good for an all round superfood supplement! Much stronger than other ones i have seen on the internet!!

S Sally
Verified Purchase

Been trying these for a month now and have seen a massive difference in my hunger. Feeling fuller for much longer now, which stops me from over eating!

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

I really love this combo, because it tackles so many problems in one! Feeling much more energised with them too! Fast delivery, really happy with this purchase, thank you

A Anne
Verified Purchase

I have been using garcinia tablets for a long time and I find it a valuable help for diet and maintenance.

G Genesis
Verified Purchase

They help with a sense of satiety and keep active, I believe for the presence of caffeine.

H Hana
Verified Purchase

I tried this product and I found myself great, they cost even less than the ones I used before from the pharmacy

H Henry
Verified Purchase

I used to drink a lot of coffee and now I use these and it helps with my appetite and I llike I have more energy too

H Harry
Verified Purchase

I now have more energy to do things

J Janice
Verified Purchase

no more moody Monday morning I feel awake these work fast and are very effective

I Iona

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