Good Resolutions Pack


The ‘Good Resolutions Pack’ is an ideal gift for all those who share the common New Year's resolution to lose weight or get in shape! Give your loved ones an extra boost so they are motivated to keep up with their goals from Day 1.

This pack features some of the best superfoods out there: Green Coffee Pure and Garcinia Cambogia Pure. On top of that, our exclusive Skinny Coffee blend will make their resolutions successful!

  • Green Coffee - One of the most famous and loved superfoods in the market with a powerful 7000mg strenght
  • Garcinia Cambogia - Rich in hydroxicitric acid, known to help with weight management
  • Skinny Coffee - A unique blend to make the everyday coffee a real help to achieve weight goals
  • All the products in the bundle are vegan friendly
Good Resolutions Pack

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Verified Purchase

I spent two weeks on holiday whilst drinking my skinny coffee every day, no exercise, definitely NO dieting and I managed to lose a few pounds. with the tablets these work amazing.

D Damon
Verified Purchase

Still early days but so far really good, looks and taste just like really coffee so very excited. the green coffee and Garcinia really help with my appetite its like magic

D Dean
Verified Purchase

Was a bit hesitant at first as I usually have skinny coffee club but this was cheaper and looked better so thought i'd give it a go and it works perfectly with the two supplements

D Darren
Verified Purchase

this is a really good deal with a balanced diet this is seriously helping me lose weight

K Kate
Verified Purchase

Burning more calories, feeling great, where is this energy coming from? these three right here. 100% Recommend

S Susan
Verified Purchase

really sped up my metabolism and I don't need to snack no more because of the Garcinia

H Hina
Verified Purchase

This combo works very well for my weight loss I couldn't do it without these you must give them a try it works like a dream

C Casey
Verified Purchase

Really loving this! Have been using it for about a week and a half and have started to lose weight

S Sonia
Verified Purchase

Would recommend buying this, made me more toned and getting the abs out!

M Mya
Verified Purchase

Tried this myself and it is amazing works wonders I am giving this to all my friends now

G Georgia

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