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The health benefits of drinking detox tea

Detox and slimming teas have become a popular detoxing method due to them being simple, delicious and often effective at detoxing. There are many different types of detoxing teas around but if you choose one using natural ingredients that are beneficial for the body and for detoxing then you can be getting all of these great benefits and more!

Boosts Energy Levels

green matcha lattes

Those undergoing detox programs often report feeling more energetic. This is because detox diets cleanse the body to restore balance leaving you pumped with energy again. You can feel the same by cutting out sugar, caffeine, saturated fat, and replacing them with fresh juicy fruits, vegetables and herbal teas. It’s vital to stay well hydrated for experiencing increased energy levels while on any detox program. Detox tea can furnish you with both the needs at the same time. Replace your morning coffee with a cup of Örtte Detox Tea when looking for a perfect substitute and a great source of nutritional energy. It is packed with ample vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants and even amino acids that sustains your body energetically and nutritionally for hours at a time.

Improves Skin

Poor nutrition can reflect on your skin in a number of ways, such as having acne spots, dry, scaly skin, blotchy skin, dull skin and even oily-looking skin. The detox process offers positive results in terms of skin and one way to help your detoxing efforts is to go for a sauna to help the body sweat out additional toxins to get clearer and smoother skin. It’s also been seen that skin detox teas help in reducing acne and other skin problems as it cleanses the skin from the inside out. The ingredients responsible for better skin can make this happen in just a few sips. Your detox tea for skin should contain ingredients like white tea, Thyme, Oak bark, Hops, Rose, Horsetail, marigold and similar dry herbs. Örtte Skinny Tea contains a combination of some of these ingredients that benefit your skin cells. Slowly you will find a reduction in internal impurities revealing clear glowing skin. This is a sign of you moving on the right track with your detox program.

Healthier Hair

healthy hair

If you think that the tea culture has nothing to offer for your hair, then to your pleasant surprise, you’ll be please to hear that green tea has a lot to offer you. It is good source of antioxidants like polyphenols, Vitamin C and Vitamin E that fights free radicals, disrupts the production of bacteria and produces flavonoids whilst stimulating hair growth and softening your hair. When your hair is able to grow without toxins, you’ll soon feel the difference in your hair.

Increases Metabolism

increases metabolism

Foods that are rich in Vitamins A, C & E like Cayenne pepper helps to detox, burn-fat and rev up your metabolism. Teas with such ingredients increase your metabolism, which allows you to burn extra calories, even when you stand still. Cayenne pepper is well-known metabolism boosting superfoods as it contains antioxidants known as carotenoids and flavonoids and the chemical capsaicin that gives it the spiciness and medicinal qualities. A small cup of tea mixed with about a quarter of a spoon of cayenne in 1 cup of hot water will make you sweat. May teas therefore uses Cayenne pepper to reactivate your metabolism and keep you fit all day long. While making your own metabolism boosting tea with Cayenne pepper you may also add Lemon and cinnamon to stay away from unnecessary food cravings and help your body to digest the food you had eaten.