Top 5 Changes To Boost Your Breakfast

Start as you mean to go on right? This goes for keeping fit, managing your weight, or just trying to feel good in yourself and maximise your own well being. So what better place to start, than just moments after you have woken up, with your breakfast!

It’s called the most important meal of the day for a reason, because it forms the foundation of the day ahead ….which is probably why you should never skip it! There are also some subtle changes that you can make on a daily basis, like including diuretic foods to eat and get the best from your breakfast. Without further ado, here are 5 Changes to Boost Your Breakfast!

1. The Milk Dilemma

three bottles of milk to represent whole skimmed and semi skimmed milk

Sadly, there are some home truths you should know about milk. Semi-skimmed and skimmed milk offer less fat, but are higher in sugar than whole milk, meaning that they are equally, if not worse in relation to weight management. Studies have shown that whole milk contains essential organic compounds and is more effective for body adaptations. Or for overall health, unsweetened soy or almond milk provide the refreshing taste and protein, with none of the pitfalls! Also tea and coffee contain natural antioxidants that milk neutralises….so drink your drinks black!

2. The Cereal Killer

image of a bowl of cereal which has no sugar and has nuts

Cereal is a great start to the day, but sadly, many are laden with sugar! Consider switching over to bran flakes, acai berry smoothie or a non-sugar/homemade muesli, that way you will be packing in a nutritious breakfast which is high in fibre for digestion and a great fuel for your morning ahead. You can also throw in chopped fruit, yoghurt and honey for an enhanced taste.

3. Getting Down With The Brown

image of a slice of toast with avacado to show brown bread

Another point of contention revolves around what toast you have! White bread is not only more processed than brown bread, it also has a higher glycaemic index, which means that it is made of carbs which are burnt or converted into fat more quickly! Brown bread, aside from having more fibre, is lower index and so provides slow release carbohydrates for prolonged energy. Spreads wise, consider switching boring butter to some avocado paste or organic peanut butter to replace the carbs that you have lost.

4. Losing The Juice

photograph of oranges next to a glass of orange juice

The refreshing taste of fruit juice in the morning is unbeatable, but sadly it comes at a cost. Without the fibre of the fruit itself, fruit juices (especially ones from concentrate) are just wolves in sheep's clothing...the wolf being sugar! Try switching to thick homemade smoothies that are lower in calories, or if it is vitamin C you want, cut out the middleman and take vitamin C tablets dissolved in water.

5. Boost Your Lifestyle

image of three different types of coffees in mugs to show which spices to add for benefits

We all know that no breakfast is complete without coffee. How else would we get through those first tired hours in the morning? But what many do not know, is that you can add ingredients to your hot drinks to boost them even more. Add cinnamon to your coffee for a kick to your metabolism, or add lemon and ginger in your tea to boost the metabolism, and to help the body get detoxified.

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