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Hip Trainer

Device | Muscle Gain And Weight Management Device
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You have surely heard the phrase ‘a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’ before? Well the weight management and fitness enhancement minds at WeightWorld have devised a technological rebuttal to this thought. The hips are often an area of the body where we can end up carrying unwanted fat, the Hip Trainer from WeightWorld has been created to tackle this problem, stimulating the hips and aiming to help slim, tone and strengthen the hips and muscles that lay beneath them.

  • Deep hip stimulation
  • Ergonomic design to fit all
  • Comfortable gel pads
  • 6 modes of function
  • 10 levels of intensity
  • Tailored for your user experience

Why You Should Exercise The Hips?

When it comes to both exercise and weight management, the hips form an incredibly important part of the body. In terms of muscle training, they sit at the bottom of your midsection and help guide movement down the legs, and from a weight management perspective, they act as a key area where fat can gather. Taking the necessary steps to carry out hip exercises, and stimulate the muscles in the hip area, can work wonders for both improving your hip strength, balance and tone; and can keep your hips slim and free of lipid build-up.

How Does The Hip Trainer Work?

The Hip Trainer from WeightWorld has been crafted as the perfect complement to your weight management or muscle building routine, or as the ideal foundation for it. It makes use of user-orientated ergonomically designed to easily fit the individual shape of the wearer, and then transfer powerful electrical impulses into the hip muscles courtesy of state of the art gel stimulation pad technology. These impulses work to deeply stimulate the muscle in the hips, with the aim of building strength, size and tone, and also preventing the build-up of fat and the relief of existing fat. This innovative device’s 6 individual modes of function, and a further 10 levels of intensity make for a user experience that is totally tailored to your needs, and its lightweight build and battery operation allows for stimulation that you can take on the go.

How To Use The Hip Trainer

The Hip Trainer from WeightWorld has been engineered with ease of use as one of its key aims. Below you will find a handy step by step guide on how to prep and operate for premium quality Hip Training.

1Clean and Insert

Firstly, you should ensure that your waist and buttocks are clean and free of sweat before ensuring the battery has been correctly inserted into the console device.


Then connect the pack to the gel pads and remove the protective film covering the gel pads.


Then apply the gel pads to the body so that each pad reaches down over either buttock.

4Turn power on

Turn on the power button on both the console device and the controller to commence muscle stimulation.


You can then control the intensity and modality of the stimulation via the buttons on the controller for a tailored hip muscle routine.


After 15 minutes, cease muscle stimulation, turn off the device, remove, and return the protective film covers to the gel pads.

Considerations When Training Hips

The Hip Trainer is not intended for use if you find yourself in any of the following scenarios:

  • A skin condition, scar or severe blemishing in the waist and hip area
  • Recovering from recent surgery
  • If you possess a pacemaker
  • If you suffer from heart complications
  • If you are in a hot and humid environment

For the best results, we also recommend that you use the Hip Trainer in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise. You can also benefit from having minimal contact with the gel pads and keeping them covered when not in use, as continued exposure to hands and air can cause the pads to lose their adhesive properties.