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Using your weight-loss hormone for Natural Fat Burning

There are different types of hormones in your body which works in for different purposes. Your metabolism, mood and even growth depend on these hormones. One of them is Adiponectin, a fat-burning hormone we all have in our bodies to naturally lose weight. It can hence be used as a secret weight-loss weapon.

What are Adiponectin hormones?

If you think Adiponectin is just a small protein produced in fat cells, it’s a lot more than that. This protein-based hormone essentially helps to control of type 2 diabetes. It might seem strange how a hormone made by your fat cells actually helps you lose fats by enhancing your body’s ability to process insulin and glucose, but this is true. If you use them to the best of their ability, you can even boost your metabolism, use Carbs for energy and break down fat. Even marketers are coming up with slimming pills for weight loss that could help to stimulate the release of adiponectin. So, if losing weight is becoming frustratingly hard for you, try to keep adiponectin at optimum levels. A higher level of adiponectin can mean:

How to increase adiponectin levels naturally?

After knowing how important adiponectin is for weight loss, it is now time to learn how you can efficiently increase the levels of this fat-burning hormone in a natural way. There are foods you can eat that can keep your adiponectin levels up to keep your weight down. To understand better let’s take Raspberry ketones, an aroma-compound that comes from red raspberries. They have gained popularity for their natural characteristic of regulating adiponectin. Substances like ketones provide good support to the body in breaking down fats and help you lose weight. People who buy superfoods online might have come across this totally natural way to lose excess weight.

The good news is that there other ways as well to increase adiponectin fat-burning hormone levels naturally. You can try them and even combine the methods to synergize your efforts.


Tie up your shoe laces and get ready for 40 minutes Aerobic exercise a day. If not every day at least do this for 3-4 times a week, it will help you stimulate the adiponectin release. As the benefit of increasing adiponectin levels, this can also help reduce inflammation in blood vessels, increase insulin sensitivity and prevent type 2 diabetes.


If you are not having much protein, then a higher protein diet can help stimulate adiponectin, which is nothing but a protein-based hormone. Another option can be eating more red and purple pigmented foods such as blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, pomegranates or supplements like Raspberry ketone plus capsules to initiate the adiponectin release. As it would take a huge amount of raw fruit to give the same concentrated amount present in supplement form, you can choose either of them based on your body requirement.

Drink coffee

There are some studies which show that adiponectin levels are higher in coffee drinkers. The green or other teas also showed some effects but those who drank 1-2 cups of coffee per day showed the highest amounts of adiponectin. Coffee-drinking comprises of an added bonus of helping in raising the HDL (good cholesterol) levels as well.

Losing fat is a tricky and but if try to understand your body composition, you can make weight loss easier. So if your weight is negatively affecting you, learn how to make use of adiponectin to help in your weight loss. There are various other natural ways to facilitate like those mentioned above. But one thing you need to remember while trying them out is that none of them can work effectively by itself. This means you need to have a healthy diet plan to support whether you are trying a supplement or device.