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Identify and tackle those unwanted cravings

There are always two factors that influence you to eat. The first is hunger and the second is appetite. You must be wondering are they not the same thing? They are not indeed. While most of our cravings are due to real hunger, the rest is closely linked with behaviour, which can often lead you to overeating. Knowing the difference between these two patterns of hunger can help you achieve your weight loss targets.

Contrast between hunger and Appetite

Food you need vs desire

Talking about hunger first, it is defined as the ‘need for food.’ When your body undergoes chemical changes after several hours post eating, your body starts to feel a low level of glucose in the blood stream. This leads to hunger pangs that signal to you that it’s time to eat and regain the balance of glucose level in the blood. Appetite on the other hand is your ‘desire for food’. This is mainly a conditioned response to food which maybe appealing or tempting to you. Scientifically, a sensory or psychological reaction that stimulates an involuntary response in this case may be salivation and stomach contractions, which can induce your appetite.

Remind yourself of the difference between hunger and appetite. Hunger is the need to eat food and appetite is the desire to eat food. Now that you know the difference between hunger and appetite that implies half the battle to weight loss won. You can win the rest by with eating when you are actually hungry or by suppressing your false hunger with Natural appetite suppressants.

Various causes of Increased Appetite
Stress or Anxiety Depression Worm Infestation in the Intestine
Premenstrual Syndrome Bulimia Hyperthyroidism
Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar Levels) Diabetes Genetic Disorders

Treating Increased Appetite Naturally

Healthy meal representative

There are many ways to help suppress appetite. Here are the top 3 ways that you can adopt safely to curb your unwanted hunger and prevent weight gain.

1. Superfoods: Incorporating certain foods into your daily diet can help reduce your appetite. The Best Superfoods for suppressing your appetite include Avocado, Cayenne Pepper, Apple, Green Tea, Porridge and Almonds. Garcinia Cambogia is an ayurvedic herb that also helps to control appetite. It is extracted from the Cambogia flower that is well known for helping to balance cholesterol. Work them into your meals and snacks and you'll find that you'll naturally eat less. Many of these can also be great superfoods for burning fat as well as superfoods for boosting the metabolism.

Pills on a plate

2. Super pills: To your rescue there are Over-the-counter pills that are well known to help curb your appetite and trim you down. They work best when combined with a balanced diet and a regular exercise regime. No wonder appetite suppressant pills are regarded by many nutrition-diet experts as one of the leading ways of managing body weight.

3. Super tricks:

Trick #1: Drinking more water will help you keep escape the good stuff and unnecessary snacking. About 8+ ounces of water before your meals will make you feel fuller quicker so you'll eat less.

Trick #2: Use smaller plates to curb your appetite because its obvious that we are more likely to overeat in larger plates.

Trick #3: Don't skip breakfast as skipping it can actually undermine your whole day, leaving you to consume more calories later in the day.

Trick #4: Understand the power of protein, these make you feel full and keeps you satisfied longer. This is because protein helps regulate your blood sugar and also makes your body release appetite-suppressing hormones.

Trick #5: Take tea breaks to help satisfy your perceived hunger and avoid after-meal snacking habit. A good choice for this can be a weight loss or slimming tea or alternatively Japanese matcha green tea.

Trick #6: Eat small meals on regular intervals as one or two big meals all day is a recipe for disaster. Eating every 2-3 hours will give a constant supply of energy which really reduces your cravings and kills your big appetite.