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Intensive Colon Cleanse Capsules 60 Capsules | Detox & Cleanse System

By maxmedix™



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Feeling blocked up can be uncomfortable but did you know that having a healthy colon could help you to lose weight? The Maxmedix Intensive Colon Cleanse is a premium natural supplement designed to help you maintain a healthy colon. Good colon health is important for many things, including better digestion, less bloating and less discomfort. MaxMedix Intensive Colon Cleanse could help you achieve these and more.

  • Helps cleanse the colon and digestive system
  • Can reduce the symptoms of gassiness and bloating
  • Doesn't damage the friendly bacteria in the gut
  • Made with premium natural ingredients
  • Manufactured at an ISO certified facility
  • 10-day course with easy to take capsules

The MaxMedix Intensive Colon Cleanse could be the perfect choice for those looking to cleanse and detox their system in a healthy and positive way. What sets this colon cleanse apart is its easy 10-day course and its completely natural ingredients that have all been hand-picked for their beneficial properties from detoxing to healing. Give this natural colon cleanser a try today and see how it can make you feel!

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Brand: MaxMedix
Type: Capsule
Quantity: 60
Duration: 10 days
Recommended Dosage: 6 capsules a day

What is the Maxmedix Intensive Colon Cleanse?

This top of the range supplement can help you to look after the health of your colon. It works by detoxifying and getting rid of the build-up of bad bacteria, reserving the friendly bacteria. As an added bonus, taking Maxmedix Intensive Colon Cleanse can also help to assist with weight loss. This is because a healthy digestive function allows you to get the most vitamins and minerals out of the food you eat – this could contribute to better management of your weight.

How will it help me?

Helps Digestion

Helps digestion, which can impact your weight management

Reduces the Symptoms of gassiness & bloating

Can reduce the symptoms of gassiness, bloating and constipation

Detoxes the Colon

Can detoxify your colon, without damaging the friendly bacteria

10 Day Programme

You only need to use this supplement for 10 days

How does it work?

Maxmedix Intensive Colon Cleanse is made up of a complex combination of fibres, nutrients and minerals that have been blended together in precise quantities. The ingredients in this formula can support your digestive system by working to provide it with the nutrients it might be missing out on due to poor digestion.

How do I take Maxmedix Intensive Colon Cleanse?

A lot of people don’t like having to take a supplement every single day –it can be unnecessary hassle and it’s easy to forget.

Maxmedix Intensive Colon Cleanse has been developed differently. It is an intensive course that you only need to follow for 10 days. All you have to do for 10 straight days is take 2 capsules 3 times a day with food and water; one at breakfast, one at lunch and one at dinner maybe.

What are the ingredients?

Image Of Brown Rice
Brown Rice Fibre - We all known that brown rice is better for us than white, but why? It is down to the fact that when white rice is created, the top layers have to be removed and these hold rich sources of both dietary fibre and several minerals.
Image of Psyllium Husk
Psyllium Husk - This comes from the husk of the plant and is a bulk-forming laxative which soaks up excess water and toxins in the gut to improve bowel movements.
Image of Potassium
Potassium - Potassium is known to relieve stomach problems and reduce blood pressure as well as being a powerful antioxidant.
Image of Acacia
Acacia - Acacia is well known among traditional herbal remedies and is used to prevent constipation and promote cleansing.
Pile of Apples
Apple Pectin - While most other fruits contain this compound, apples are known to hold a particularly high level of it. Apple pectin features in Maxmedix Intensive Colon Cleanse, as it is renowned for both its antioxidant qualities and has the ability to remedy digestive disorders.
Image of Bifidobacteria
Bifidobacteria - Also known as 'good bacteria', bifidobacteria is a bacterium that can can help cleanse the bowel.
Senna - The leaves of this plant have been used in folk medicines for thousands of years, making it one of the oldest medicinal plants on the planet. Throughout these years it has been used as a natural relief for constipation.
Ginger Root - A herb that can help with dyspepsia (discomfort after eating). This includes the symptoms of bloating, heartburn, flatulence, and nausea

Is the Maxmedix Intensive Colon Cleanse safe?

This high quality supplement is made with the finest natural ingredients and should therefore not cause any unwanted effects. We do however always advise checking all of the ingredients for anything you might be personally allergic to.

How to order your Maxmedix Intensive Colon Cleanse

You could start you 10-day course as soon as tomorrow when you order through WeightWorld with our next day delivery service. We also offer a number of other delivery and payment options to find the one that suits you as well as some added extras for our customers. We offer FREE delivery to all UK orders over £50 as well as a FREE WeightWorld Fruit Infuser Bottle for all orders over £100! If you have any questions or queries we also have a great customer service team that can give you whatever help you need.

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Product Rating (88.42% based on 19 Reviews)

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Service Rating (91.76% based on 68 )

  • * Fell so much lighter and refreshed once I used this, used to have a few issues but this really helped!
  • * 5 Stars!
  • * Very easy to use and worked well for me
  • * I've always had regular digestive issues for many years. My stomach always feels like its churning hard and makes funny noises when i'm in the quietest of situations. It was embarrassing. Ever since taking digestive science i haven't had any problems whatsoever.
  • * Works like a treat!
  • * i like how ou just take it for 10 days, very simple but works
  • * I like this and would use again for sure
  • * Wasn't sure how effective this would be when I first bought it but it's actually worked a lot better than I imagined!
  • * Feel very clean and healthier, its a strange but good feeling
  • * This is really good, use it a lot
  • * I have some issues for a while and finally feel a lot better, have now ordered my second lot!
  • * I feel a lot better inside and have actually lost a bit of weight too so very happy, was hoping for it to help with my digestive problems but didn't expect to actually lose a bit of weight too!!!
  • * Great product!
  • * Will definitely be buying again soon
  • * I feel so much less bloated and smoother now, would definitely recommend to anyone
  • * works very well
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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