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Inulin Powder

500g Powder | High Fibre Supplement
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Our Inulin Powder has been sourced from deep within the Amazon rainforest from the exotic Chicory plant. Using only the purest form of Inulin we have created a powder supplement that can be easily mixed into drinks and that holds all of the benefits of a natural plant-based digestive formula. Inulin is both low calorie and an abundant source of fibre, making it the ideal natural complement to your weight management and digestive health routine.

  • Purest natural Inulin
  • Incredibly high in dietary fibre
  • Natural prebiotic
  • Low-Calorie food supplement
  • Easy to manage powder form
  • 100 servings inside
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free

Why take prebiotic supplements?

Fibre, be it soluble fibre or insoluble in nature, is one of the most important nutrients to get into our day to day diet for the purpose of aiding the breakdown of food during digestion. However, despite this, it can often be neglected when it comes to managing nutrition by many people. That is why a huge number of us are turning to high fibre supplements known as prebiotics.

What are the benefits of Inulin?

One example of a potent prebiotic is Inulin. This essential nutrient has been sourced from Chicory Roots, which are known for their high concentration of dietary fibre. Other than being a wholesome natural root ingredient, Inulin carries some really interesting properties that could make it the perfect addition to your diet.


Inulin is incredibly high in natural fibre, which our bodies’ use to help break down food during digestion. Having the best digestive function ensures more of what you eat is converted to energy or used by the body instead of being converted to fat. Other than that, an efficient digestive system is a great way to help manage your energy levels and ensure that you are keeping in step with your natural rhythm.

Blood sugar

The fibre in Inulin is great for breaking down food, and an effective food breakdown method can also be good for blood glucose levels. This can be useful as glucose that is allowed to move freely around the blood in too high amounts is often stored as fat cells which can contribute to weight gain.


The addition of a healthy amount of fibre in your diet also has some positive implications at the bottom end of your digestion. Fibre is typically used as a means of helping to regulate bowel movements. Although often looked at as a simple process of waste disposal, having balance and regulation in your bowel movements can help keep you feeling fresh and free of stomach and bowel discomforts, which could otherwise get in the way of your day to day life.


Another great thing about Inulin when it comes in a powder form, is the fact that it is often odourless and flavourless. This means that it can be easily mixed into any drink without the risk of negatively affecting the flavour. This also makes planning how to take it a breeze as you don’t have to spend time considering the best ways to balance flavours.

Weight Management

Formulated as a natural weight management aid.


Sourced from naturally soothing Aloe gel.


Low-calorie formula for daily supplementation.

Long Use

100 servings of Inulin in every pack.

Full ingredients list

Inulin Fructo-Oligosaccharides (FOS).

How to take Inulin

To consume Inulin Powder, simply mix one scoop (5g) into water or your favourite juice per day. Do not overfill the scoop for the powder which you will find enclosed within the tub. Always ensure that you shake off excess powder whilst the scoop is still inside the tub as this will avoid a mess and wasted powder.

What to consider when taking Inulin

Inulin is considered to be a dietary supplement which means that it should by no means be consumed in substitution for a meal. This Inulin supplement should be consumed alongside a balanced diet and exercise for the best results. This supplement is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. Always remember to check the ingredients list if you have any specific dietary requirements and do not consume this supplement if you are below the age of eighteen.