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African Mango Capsules

Exotic Weight Management Supplement


WeightWorld African Mango is the market leading formula with 5000mg strength per capsule. This supplement is Natural & Vegan-friendly and every capsule of African Mango is bursting full of insoluble fibre, aiming to keep your digestion balanced and your hunger low so that you can manage your diet better. African Mango is also full of healthy fats and micronutrients for maintaining healthy metabolism too.

  • For helping balance your appetite
  • Targets your metabolism
  • Vitality boosting micronutrients
  • Market leading 5000mg servings
  • Vegan-friendly capsules
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • GMP
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Mad about the Mango!

Not to be confused with their cousins, which you may find with relative ease, in abundance at supermarkets, African Mangos (or Irvingia Gabonensis to use the technical term) are a larger, harder, and all over a more potent member of the mango family. They are famed for their nutrient-dense, fibrous seeds which when harvested, are ground up and made into foods, cosmetics and thickening agents. African Mango has been a staple ingredient in West African and West Indian cooking for centuries, and their exotic properties mean that they can be used to promote a wealth of body-boosting internal processes. The most popular processes are the management of weight, and also the management of substances in the body.

The Function of Fibre

Fibre is a crucial ingredient that you will often hear mentioned around the topics of weight management and health in general! This is because it has a strong link with how our bodies digest food, which often translates into how we store energy. Having better digestion can help your body break down food better and use it more efficiently. This idea is not new either! Millions of years ago, dinosaurs deliberately swallowed rocks to help grind their food down in the stomach. An example closer to African Mango could be oranges. You might often hear about how orange juice is filled with sugar and bad for your wellbeing, but surely so is the orange it came from? The difference between the two is simple, the orange has more fibre! And no one will tell you not to eat oranges!

Full List of Ingredients

African Mango Extract, Capsule Shell (HPMC), Anti Caking Agents (Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide)


African Mango is designed to be easy to add into your daily routine and should be taken as part of a balanced diet. Consume one capsule of African Mango, twice a day, preferably with a meal and water. Unless told otherwise by a doctor, do not exceed the recommended daily dose. African Mango is sourced from 100% pure African Mango extract. Each bottle contains 60 capsules.


This supplement is made to a high quality so is safe to take. African Mango should by no means, be consumed either without, or in replacement of a meal. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any serious illnesses, please consult a physician before consuming this product. Please read the full ingredients list carefully in reference to your own allergies or dietary requirements should you have any. African Mango is suitable for consumption by vegans and vegetarians.

African Mango Capsules Exotic Weight Management Supplement

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reviews 4.5

85.63% based on 31 Verified reviews

Verified Purchase

Fantastic no taste, easy to swallow, no major changes required, no allergic reactions and easy to incorporate into a good habit

M Mandy J
Verified Purchase

The basic premise on which I approach health matters is that prevention is better than cure.

K KyuJong P
Verified Purchase

I like the idea of this so bought it but have only used it for a few day so still seeing the long term results

A Anne-Marie
Verified Purchase

I like taking african mango supplements and this seemed a lot better than the one i was taking before as its pure

R Reid
Verified Purchase

This is great! Looks cool as well!

K Kelly
Verified Purchase

This stuff really is extreme! I LOVE IT!!!

F Florence
Verified Purchase

This is a cool product and it works great for me too so thumbs up from me!

R Rita
Verified Purchase

I love mango and love this too! Makes me feel so great and active, I love it!

C Chrissy
Verified Purchase

African mango extreme is definitely extreme! Works great fr me

F Frank
Verified Purchase

great supplement

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

Looks cool but not sure if i can see any results yet. Maybe i should try taking them for longer?

C Carla
Verified Purchase

was never too sure about the whole superfood thing so decided to try this first as it seems more general, although I haven't really seen that much weight loss yet I do feel a lot healthier, more energetic and its a lot easier to wake up in the morning so next i'm going to try one specifically for weight loss as well to see if they work too!

P Peter
Verified Purchase

I personally think it works so would buy again

S Sarah
Verified Purchase

this really is extreme! Works wonders!

T Teri
Verified Purchase

I like this as a supplement more than other i've tried

T Tina
Verified Purchase


K Karian
Verified Purchase

I really like these, will be buying more

N Nathan
Verified Purchase

Works so well! Really happy with this

E Elle
Verified Purchase

Really interesting

M Manny
Verified Purchase

omg it actually worked for me!! yayya!

K Kelly
Verified Purchase

so tropical it must work!!!!

H Helen
Verified Purchase

Similar to others i've tried but worked a bit better I think

R Ravesh
Verified Purchase

I wasn't too sure about supplements but the health benefits sold this for me. 2 months in and I'm noticing some real changes so will use the 3rd bottle and probably buy more.

S Susana
Verified Purchase

I have lost 5lbs so far, so will be buying more!

M Mollie
Verified Purchase

quick and easy - just what I need!

J Jasmine
Verified Purchase

I wasn't sure about this but I am giving it a go!

H Heidi
Verified Purchase

I have tried lots of different superfoods and I like african mango a lot. This is also the strongest I have found.

R Riikka
Verified Purchase

I like these as once you get used to taking them each day, they just become part of your routine and are so easy.

A Asa
Verified Purchase

this is my favourite of their superfoods

A Anette
Verified Purchase

Easy enough to take and I hope these are working

J Julius
Verified Purchase

Definitely 5 stars! Love them lost 8lbs in less than a month

M Mandy

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