Matcha Tea

100 g Powder | Organic, Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha Powder


  • Organic, ceremonial grade matcha tea powder
  • Perfect for teas, smoothies and baking
  • ideal to cleanse and purify the body
  • Naturally supports the immune system
  • Ideal for to boost metabolism and energy levels
  • Vegan & Soil Association certified

Created over 800 years ago by monks, matcha tea has been used for centuries due to its many health benefits including to support energy levels and overall well being. Pure Matcha Tea Powder by WeightWorld is a great option for those who are looking for a more powerful energy boost but without the sugary calories of energy drinks.

This fragrant Matcha Tea Powder is a vitamin and mineral powerhouse and due to its premium grade, perfect for use in both traditional teas as well as modern and delicious baking.

  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • GMO Free
  • Gluten-free

Why Choose Matcha?

Characterised by its vibrant green colour, rich flavour and fragrant aroma, matcha has begun to establish itself as a firm favourite amongst tea lovers. While other green teas are grown throughout the world, matcha has its roots in Japan where it has been celebrated in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony for hundreds of years.

The way it differs from regular green tea is in its farming and processing methods; matcha uses green tea plants that are grown in the shade for the 3 weeks before harvest in order to produce more theanine (also known as L-glutamine) and caffeine. When processed it also does not use the stems and veins in order to get the highest quality and the nutrient value.

WeightWorld Matcha Tea

The Matcha Tea Powder by WeightWorld is made using pure and premium grade Japanese matcha green tea in order to offer only the best. Premium grade is the most versatile of all the matcha tea types, meaning it is perfect for use for the traditional hot drink as well as modern beverages including lattes and smoothies. It is also ideal for baking and adding a zingy and bright twist to any dish. With 100g in each pack, there is plenty to go around and with its handy pouch design it can easily fit into any kitchen cupboard and also looks great put on display. Whatever you do with your Matcha Tea Powder, you’re sure to enjoy its unique taste, colour and aroma and make the most of its amazing range of health-giving benefits.

front view of weightworlds ortte matcha green tea powder

How To Enjoy

Drink Hot

Take a scoop (1/2 tsp) of Matcha Tea, place in your drinking bowl or large cup. The bigger the scoop, the stronger the brew. Start at ¼ teaspoon then adjust according to your taste. Fill your drinking bowl or cup with hot water 80°C / 176°F. Whisk matcha and hot water in zigzag motion until you start to see the froth. It is now ready to drink.

Drink Cold

Add Matcha Tea to smoothies and juices for an antioxidant-rich energy boost. Blend with almond or cashew milk, and a little honey for a delicious iced Matcha latte. Shake Matcha powder with Wheatgrass Juice, freshly juiced cucumber, lime and apple. Add Matcha to freshly made kombucha and sweeten with a little honey.

Add To Recipes

Add Matcha Tea to your protein power balls for an added energy boost. Combine Matcha with almond milk and chia seeds to make the most delicious matcha chia pudding. Blend Matcha with coconut water, avocado, and frozen banana. Add a little honey for a delicious beauty-boosting smoothie.

Useful Tips

Use your choice of milk in place of water to make a delicious matcha latte. Sweeten to taste with a little honey.


This Matcha Tea Powder is made using only one ingredient - 100% pure Japanese organic green tea powder. It contains no fillers, preservatives or chemicals making it safe to use with no known side effects. Please make sure you do not have a personal allergy to matcha before taking. Make sure when not using your matcha you ensure the seal is tight and store in a cool and dark place in order to maintain its quality and flavour.

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Matcha Tea
Matcha Tea

100 g Powder | Organic, Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha Powder


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Good value great product

C Catherine T
Verified Purchase

I have only just started using this but I'm sure I will feel great

L Laura M
Verified Purchase

Product delivered promptly and tastes wonderful, excellent service all round

L Lee F
Verified Purchase

Fab company and the Matcha was just what i was looking for . Best made with vanilla alpro soya milk .

B Bonnie S
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M Mr D
Verified Purchase

Great product I have a matcha latte every day

L Laura M
Verified Purchase

Very nice.

S Salina S
Verified Purchase

Great matcha tea to drink during the day. & also fab for your body as well..🤗

j joan H
Verified Purchase

Very good for the price glad I got it. Matcha latte 👌🏻

M Melissa C
Verified Purchase

Love this matcha I have it every day with oat or coconut milk

L Laura M

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