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Metabolism Boosting Superfoods

Pile of various fruits

Metabolism is defined as all chemical reactions involved in maintaining the living state of the cells of an organism. In simple terms, it is the way your body processes food for energy. So, the slower your rate of metabolism, the harder it is to lose weight, and vice versa. There are many different ways to help boost metabolism, such as supplements to boost metabolism, however something you can do alongside other methods such as supplements is to consume the best foods to boost metabolism. But what are they? Below we set out some examples of metabolism superfoods that you can easily add to your diet.

Maintaining a healthy weight is important in preventing many common chronic illnesses, including heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes. Also, being in control of your weight can work wonders in boosting self-confidence and body image. To keep your weight in check, you should ideally be burning as many calories as you consume each day. Calories become harder to burn and convert when your rate of metabolism is too slow, leading to accumulated fat and eventual weight gain.

Fortunately, there are many superfoods and supplements that can help to speed up your metabolism rate, making weight loss much easier to achieve.

How Does Your Metabolism Work?

Metabolism involves all the chemical processes that convert the carbohydrates, proteins, and fats you eat into energy.

The rate of metabolism, also known as basal metabolic rate (BMR), is the amount of time it takes your body to process and burn energy, or calories, from the food you eat. This accounts for up to 60 to 70% of your daily energy use. If you are failing to get the results you need from a healthy diet and exercise alone, there are various metabolism-boosting superfoods that you can eat to help.

What foods boost metabolism?

Foods high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats not only fill you up, but provide an extra energy boost for your body and your metabolism. So when it comes to losing weight and getting healthier, increasing your metabolism plays a huge part. With a faster metabolism, your body burns off fat and pounds while helping you with digestion even while you are sleeping. Adding these foods along with regular exercise can increase your energy and give your metabolism the boost that it needs.

Natural ways to boost metabolism


1. Maca

Found in the highest plateaus of the Andes Mountains, Maca has been cultivated for at least 3,000 years. It is actually a root vegetable, but for weight loss purposes it is typically sold in powder form.

How it works: In a study from 2007, use of maca demonstrated improvement in glucose tolerance and lowered blood sugar levels in rats. Maca is well known as an energy booster, which may help to enhance your morning workouts and boost the rate of metabolism.

How to use it: Maca powder and supplments are easy to find and easily accessible. In powdered form, the Maca can be churned into your morning smoothie to supercharge your day.

Raw Cacao

2. Raw Cacao

Raw cacao nibs are cacao beans that have been roasted, separated from their husks and broken into smaller pieces. Most commonly, it is sold in powdered form.

How it works: Raw cacao can satisfy comfort food cravings without raising blood sugar levels. It also contains magnesium, which can help to regulate blood sugar in the body. For an extra metabolism boost, raw cacao also contains small amounts of caffeine.

How to use it: You can add the powder to smoothies, juices and hot beverages for an extra chocolatey kick.

Cayenne Pepper

3. Cayenne pepper

Cayenne is a member of the chilli pepper family. It holds effective weight-loss properties and is also well known for being beneficial to the health and function of the digestive system.

How it works: Capsaicinoids are naturally occurring compounds found in chili peppers. They can help to reduce appetite and increase the rate of metabolism. With regular intake, capsaicinoids can also be used to reduce abdominal fat.

How to use it: If you like your food spicy, you can use cayenne wherever you like as an alternative to black pepper. You can also begin your day with a glass of warm water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper for an extra metabolism boost.

4. Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a citrus fruit that grows in Southeast Asia. An extract from the fruit rind, hydroxycitric acid (HCA), has long been used for cooking and weight loss.

How it works: Advocates say that HCA can make you feel fuller for longer, reduce the appetite and increase metabolic rate. It is due to these effects that many now herald Garcinia Cambogia as an effective natural weight loss cure. Some say it may also help to lower cholesterol levels and enhance athletic performance. Several studies have found that both mice and humans experience a boosted metabolism after using HCA-rich supplements. The benefits of Green Tea Extract and Garcinia Cambogia have been combined in Garcinia Cambogia Plus for extra efficiency and results.

How to use it: You can buy Garcinia Cambogia at most health food stores. However, it is important to keep in mind that the quality of these supplements can be highly variable. Make sure you purchase a supplement brand with 50% or 60% HCA or the equivalent of 500 mg Garcinia Cambogia. For best results, take 3 times per day 30-60 minutes before meals.

In a nutshell, you can choose any of these metabolism boosters to lose weight. However, while supplements contain natural extracts like all of our Maxmedix supplements, it’s always best to consult your doctor before use.

Lemons with Leaves

5. Lemons

Lemons are an excellent food source for giving your metabolism an overdrive. Lemons can also help in detoxifying your liver and cleansing the digestive system.

How it works: The enzymes and vitamin C in lemons help in clearing toxins from the body by turning them into compounds that are eliminated from the body in the form of waste. This ultimately helps in improving your metabolic function.

How to use them: Squeeze the juice of ½ lemon in a glass of warm water and drink it daily in the morning on an empty stomach to give a boost to your metabolism. You can also include lemons in your regular diet to flavour your food and also derive its health benefits.

Full Ginger with Sliced Ginger

6. Ginger

Ginger is the rhizome, or stem, of the Zingiber officinale plant, and it has been used for centuries as a food, spice and medicine. Ginger helps to promote good digestion and stimulates metabolism, which can lead to increased calorie burning.

How it works: It has thermogenic qualities, which means its intake can help to slightly increase body temperature. This rise in body temperature is linked to a higher metabolic rate. Being a vasodilator, ginger helps increase the diameter of small arteries and improve blood circulation. Increased blood flow and circulation is known to cause an increase in body temperature, which in turn promotes metabolism and helps your body burn more calories.

How to use it: Ginger is available in root form, both fresh and dried, along with tablets, capsules and liquid extracts. When possible, it’s best to reach for fresh ginger root that can be sliced and then incorporated into cooking and even drinks.

Does green tea boost your metabolism?

Green Tea in Glass Mug

It is believed that green tea is one of the best ways to boost metabolism. Green tea contains caffeine and is a natural stimulant. It can help you burn calories and it increases your heart rate, so it can also help free the fatty acids stored in your body to help give you energy. Drinking green tea as part of your daily routine has many potential health benefits for heart health, alleged antiaging effects, and can give your metabolism a great boost. It’s absolutely packed with antioxidants and can be taken in supplement or tea form. Green tea also helps your body to secrete the amino acid L-theanine which creates alertness in your body.