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Moringa is often referred as the miracle tree. Its leaves and pods contain protein, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12 and Vitamin C, and minerals iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, which make it the most nutrient rich plant on the planet. With its roots limited to the foothills of the Himalayas, it is now widely cultivated in Africa, Central and South America, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia and the Philippines for its medicinal impact on a range of ailments.

Pure Moringa - Superfood Supplement By MaxMedix

The latest weight management sensation to take the UK by storm is Pure Moringa.

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Super Organic Moringa - Superfood Powder By Diet-Food

Super Organic Moringa is a nutritional powerhouse for those who suffer from fatigue or stress resulting from a vitamin deficiency or serious problems.

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What is Moringa?

Moringa is a highly valued and versatile plant which is native to India and is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas all over Asia, Africa and South America. Thick, whitish bark with droopy, fragile branches and long, green, oval-shaped leaflets describes its appearance. All parts of this tree are edible and have healing properties, including the leaves, flowers, root and seeds.

Why is Moringa known as a miracle plant?

A blessing for dieters, moringa contains very low amounts of fat and offers no harmful cholesterol issues. The list of health benefits of Moringa are also amazing, helping with all sorts of skin ailments from headaches to intestinal worms and ulcers, tumors, diabetes, malaria, and the list goes on and on.

You can add the powder to your menu as well. If you are lucky and live in the tropical/sub-tropical environments where it grows, then you can use the leaves like a fresh herb, sprinkled over soups or salads. You can also eat the seeds and pods just as you would green beans, and the flowers and buds are edible, which can make a nice tea. These have also been used to make oil, which works well for cooking as well as a medicine and an ingredient for beauty products. What’s more, if you live in colder countries like the UK, you can still acquire moringa’s benefits in powder form.

What are the health benefits of Moringa powder?

This multi-purpose herbal plant is used as food and an alternative for medicinal purposes worldwide. In addition, researchers have identified Moringa as a plant with numerous nutritional and medicinal advantages. Here are a few reasons why you need to add this miracle to your daily diet:

Healthy Skin - The hydrating and detoxifying effects of it extract helps in neutralising the effects of harmful pollutants, it prevents wrinkles, and also slows premature aging.

Immune Stimulator - The ethanolic extracts of its leaf helps in stimulating the immune system of the body.

Hypertension - This plant is proven to be effective in maintaining optimal levels of blood pressure in the body.

Reduction of tiredness and fatigue - It is high in vitamin A (325% RDA per 100g) and iron (468% RDA per 100g), which supports in reducing tiredness and fatigue.

Energy release - All essential nutrients content like vitamin B6, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, riboflavin (B2) and a source of thiamine (B1) and niacin (B3) present in this superfood contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism.

How do I use Moringa Powder?

After knowing the benefits of this Superfood, how can one not think of trying it for once? Moringa powder is easy to use as well as easy to store and loaded with amazing nutritional value. Moreover, there are many ways to incorporate Moringa powder into your diet to get all these nutrition into your body. It can be used in your morning tea or added to beverages like smoothies and juices or simply sprinkled on food. If you haven’t tried it before, know that the taste of the powder is also strong which may not suit everyone's palate. So be careful about the amount of Moringa powder you add into food. If you do not have time for all this and the taste does not suit you, try moringa capsules which will give you the same benefits of this Asiatic super food.

Buying Moringa in UK

WeightWorld has both the forms, Moringa powder and capsules for you. You can easily get them from the comfort of your home if you are really impressed by the naturally potent superfood. While Moringa powder comes in 200gm pack, you will get 60units of Moringa Capsules that are sufficient for 30 days. But when you consider buying these supplements, keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Buy products containing 100% Moringa oleifera.
  • Check whether Moringa capsules are suitable for vegetarians or vegans.
  • Make sure the manufacturer and the source from where you are buying Moringa powder sell genuine products.
  • Check the expiry date or shelf like of Moringa supplement that you buy to get the most fresh product for use.
  • Look into the nutritive value of the product.
  • Always choose one which is free from any additives and fillers.
It is important to note that the results of our products may vary with each individual user. You should always use these products alongside a nutritionally balanced diet and a regular exercise regime. All customer reviews found on this website are genuine.