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Moringa is often referred to as the miracle tree. Its leaves and pods contain protein, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12 and Vitamin C. They also have minerals iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, which make it the most nutrient rich plant on the planet! The Moringa tree is now widely cultivated in Africa, Central and South America, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia and the Philippines for its many medicinal properties. These have an impact on a range of ailments related to blood sugar levels & various other elements of wellness. WeightWorld consider themselves the best place to buy products made from Moringa Seeds: we have organic Moringa Powder and Pure Moringa Capsules, designed to directly provide your body with the benefits of this amazing ingredient. Buy today for numerous health benefits!
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What Is Moringa?

Moringa (moringa oleifera) is a highly valued and versatile tree and is touted as a superfood for its nutritional content and beneficial compounds. Moringa Tree is known to have different names depending on the area it is grown including ‘horseradish tree’ (as the raw root is said to taste similar to horseradish), ‘Drumstick Tree’, ‘Shigru’, ‘Jancinto’ and ‘Murungai’ (which means ‘twisted pod’ in the Tamil language). The tree is native to India but is now widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas including Asia, Africa and South America. This ability for the Moringa tree to be able to grow in a range of different climates has made it a popular plant to help deal with areas suffering from malnutrition and shows how beneficial it is as a nutritional superfood. All parts of this tree are edible including the leaves, flowers, root and seeds and are traditionally used for a variety of different purposes.

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Moringa Uses

Traditionally, the moringa tree was used in basic Ayurvedic medicine for a number of different treatments. It has also been used as a food source due to its high nutritional content. Although it was originally native to India, the cultivation of the tree spread across to other subtropical climates as a way to help tackle malnutrition and blood sugar levels. Here the whole tree was used for eating and as the leaves are considered the most nutritional part, they were often used to make tea in developing areas.

Nowadays, if you live in the areas where the Moringa trees are grown they can still be used to create a healthy moringa tea with the buds or leaves. The fresh leaves can also be used in a similar way to fresh herbs and can be added as a garnish to soups and salads as they are said to taste similar to radishes. Seeds and pods from the tree can also be eaten in a similar way to green beans and can be used to make oil.

How Else Do I Get Moringa In My Diet?

If you don’t live in a subtropical climate, such as the UK, then you may not be able to enjoy fresh moringa leaves on your salad. However, that doesn't mean you cannot experience the nutritional benefits Moringa has to offer. Now available in both capsule and powder form, this has become a popular superfood supplement across the western world. Although it may not be used to aid malnutrition in the developing world, it can still be used to help give people a nutritional boost as well as for weight management through targeting blood sugar and general health and wellbeing.

What’s In Moringa?

As you are already aware, it is considered a superfood due to its high nutritional content. But what exactly is in it and what makes it so amazing? Below you can see just what its dehydrated leaves typically contain and why it is so popular.

What’s Moringa Good For?

Moringa is good for you in many ways and can have many great potential benefits for your body and wellbeing. Here are a few reasons why you should add this miracle to your daily diet:

Skin - It is rich in antioxidants which are known to protect the skin from free radicals. Free radicals are harmful molecules that can cause cellular damage within the body which can make them responsible for some of the premature signs of ageing within the skin.

Immune System - It is commonly known that providing your body with a range of vitamins and minerals is beneficial for the immune system. The leaves are a rich source of both iron and vitamin A which are both considered important for the normal function of the immune system.

Blood Sugar Levels - There are said to be a number of different compounds found within moringa leaves including isothiocyanates and chlorogenic acid. These compounds are said to help moderate blood sugar levels after meals which can be important for good health.

Vegan Protein - It has been said that Moringa leaf contains almost 25% protein, making it a rich source of vegan protein. It also contains a number of amino acids that can help support the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

Energy Levels - It is typically high in vitamin A, magnesium and iron which are said to help support in reducing tiredness and fatigue. Iron, calcium and magnesium are also said to support normal energy-yielding metabolism.

How To Use Moringa Powder?

Moringa powder is said to have green, earthy taste that has been compared to spinach or matcha powder. in powder form, and is easy to use and store, and as it is loaded with nutrition is it a great addition to a range of diets. There are many ways to incorporate this powder into your diet; It can be used in your morning tea or added to beverages like smoothies and juices or simply sprinkled on food. One of our favourite ways to create a delicious drink is to combine its powder, honey lemon and water. If you are looking for a more hassle free way to add moringa to your diet you can always try capsules over powder for more convenience.

Where To Buy Moringa

Moringa in capsule and powder form is commonly found in health food stores but there are a few things to remember when buying. Always buy your pills or powder from a reputable source that you can trust such as WeightWorld. There can be some products out there that use artificial ingredients as well as fillers and binders to bulk up the products so make sure you choose one that is offering the pure form. Here at WeightWorld our products all contain only pure moringa to give you the best. As many use the capsule or powder as a natural vegan source of protein also make sure your supplement or powder is vegan-friendly such as those at WeightWorld. Here at WeightWorld we offer both powder and capsule form so that you can choose the one that suits you and your needs best.

*It is important to note that the results of our products may vary with each individual user. You should always use these products alongside a nutritionally balanced diet and a regular exercise regime. All customer reviews found on this website are genuine.