Mymi Wonder Patches Combo

Targeted Transdermal Botanicals for Belly & Legs


Plenty of us work hard to achieve a slender, trim silhouette and smooth skin, investing in not only exercise but pills, tabs and creams. Sometimes though, our efforts seem in vain, as certain areas - namely the belly and legs - display a certain wobble that we wish we could banish. To aid you in targeting those particular locations, Mymi has combined two perfect products in the Wonder Patch Combo. Now, you need never bother yourself with capsules and creams again - you can target your areas of woe directly!

  • Complete targeting of leg & belly fat
  • Revolutionary transdermal technology
  • Stimulating Guaranà & Caffeine
  • Invigorating Catechin & Capsaicin
  • Both have fragrant, warm fragrance
  • Patches work in perfect union together

In both sets of patches in the Mymi Wonder Patch Combo, Mymi has combined six unique botanical extracts, each selected for their powerful abilities. These can be applied straight to your skin in a moment, before you continue to go about your day in utter comfort and ease. Over a few hours, both Wonder Leg and Wonder Belly Patches will slowly release their incredible extracts into your skin and bloodstream, to help you target those particular places that concern you the most.

Transcending with Transdermal

First used in 1979 to aid people who struggle with motion sickness, transdermal patches are a highly inventive, intriguing new method of supplying the body with key nutrients and other compounds. Delivering directly into the bloodstream to entirely circumvent the digestive system, which not only takes time but also risks depleting the value of the compounds, they are instead given a swift yet steady release that continues for the whole time the patch is worn. Applying precise amounts of the compounds you’re looking for, where you want them to act the most, patches aim to defeat the need for capsules and other delivery methods. They’re viewed more and more by experts as a powerful alternative, and an inventive way forward.

A Wonderful Combination

Mymi made an incredible breakthrough in developing the Wonder Patches; understanding how so many people wrestle with two particular, specific parts of their bodies, namely the stomach and legs, they made the decision to create a flexible and comfortable patch that can cover the whole area involved. They gradually yet continually dispense their contents onto your skin and into your bloodstream, caring for your body with invigorating, revitalising and stimulating compounds. They can give you a thorough, exceptionally complete method, which is meant to be easily worked into your life. In the form of single-use patches, they are a hygienic and convenient alternative to creams and capsules. You need only place it on the preferred part of your body, and then carry on with your day.

Complete List of Ingredients

Active Ingredients: Sophoricoside, Capsaicin, Caffeine, Catechin, Far Infrared & Negative Ion, Active Substances of Plant Extract.

Adhesive: Natural Rubber.

Using the Wonder Combo

This combination pack aims to become a comprehensive approach to the selected worries that your belly and legs present, ideally complementing your present exercise and fitness commitments. When using a patch from either set, ensure your skin is completely clean and dry before using. You might like to use them directly after showering, when pores are most open. With the Wonder Belly Patches, remove two side-by-side segments of backing and apply to your belly region with the hole lining up with your belly button, peeling off the last part of the backing as you do so. Wear for up to six hours. With the Wonder Legs Patches, strip an appropriately sized patch from the backing and simply place it on the specific part of skin you’d like to target, ideally covering the most worrying part of cellulite. Leave for a maximum of eight hours.


At the core of both components of the Mymi Wonder Patch Combo is a composition of vital botanical extracts, striving to give a natural, premium method of tackling your physical worries. Having said that, please take the time to thoroughly check the complete list of ingredients for any individual allergies. The patches are not intended for use on sensitive, easily inflamed skin. Wear the leg patches for no longer than eight, and the belly patches for no longer than six, continual hours.

Customer Reviews

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reviews 4.5

83.64% based on 10 Verified reviews

Verified Purchase

I have not had the chance to use them yet but they look great and can’t wait to try them as the reviews have been nothing but great about these 2 products!

R Raga
Verified Purchase

I love them.

J Jasvinder
Verified Purchase

I have been using the stomach patches for a while and when I discovered they had a leg patch too I of course wanted to try it so thought I might as well just get this and save a bit of money too!

T Tabitha
Verified Purchase

I like using both of these as both my stomach and my thigs are sensitive areas for me and after watching for a while I'm really happy that they're actually starting to help! still a long way to go but will get there! :)

R Rima
Verified Purchase

These are good but a lot to use at once

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

Great stuff!

S Sadi
Verified Purchase

I have just received this and excited to try it out!

K Kami
Verified Purchase

I like the combination of the two

H Hannah
Verified Purchase

I am slightly overweight so suffer a lot from cellulite and this has made it a lot better. I decided to go for both the leg and stomach one as I couldn't decide where it was worse and where I wanted it gone more so why not both! It also works out at a discount buying it like this so overall very happy

D Daya
Verified Purchase

Very good deal buying both and wanted both anyway so work out well!

T Tina

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