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CLA Conjugated Linoleic Acid

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MyProtein CLA is an effective dietary supplement that can help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and raise the body’s rate of metabolism. These capsules each contain 1000mg of Conjugated Linoleic Acid, a naturally fatty acid usually found in meat and dairy that is crucial for fat burning and efficient calorie conversion. These CLA supplements offer you all of the benefits of a Conjugated Linoleic Acid-rich diet without the salt, fat and extra calories of meat and dairy, which can be counterproductive to your health and weight loss efforts..

  • Helps to reduce fat build-up in the body
  • Aids muscle development and maintenance
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Can help to raise the metabolism rate
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Can help to regulate cholesterol levels

MyProtein CLA can be used to burn fat and build and maintain muscle mass. By taking just 3 grams per day, you can significantly increase your intake of essential CLA without consuming empty calories. 3 grams of this supplement offers the CLA equivalent of 500 grams of fat and 4500 calories. This means that MyProtein CLA is the perfect choice for those looking to boost their CLA intake without sacrificing their weight and health.

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What is MyProtein CLA?

CLA is the acronym of Conjugated Linoleic Acids, a fatty acid usually found in lamb, beef processed meat and dairy products. These acids are essential for the body, and help us to break down fats and convert them into energy. The problem that many health-conscious eaters and athletes face when trying to incorporate more CLAs into their diet is this: CLA-rich foods are usually high in fat, salt and calories. For example, a serving of cheese typically contains 0.006 grams of linoleic acid, meaning that the calories and fat content in the cheese can outweigh the benefits of the CLA content. MyProtein CLA is specifically designed to offer you a CLA-rich diet without the calories.

How does MyProtein CLA work in your body?

CLAs can reduce body fat by up to 60% and aid the body in converting fat into muscle. The acids increase fat oxidation and increase the metabolism rate, preventing the efficiency of certain enzymes that can lead to fat build-up.

Linoleic acid facilitates fat burning and reduces the amount of fat that your body naturally absorbs. It can be used to increase muscle mass and sculpt and shape existing lean mass.

MyProtein CLA helps to keep your muscles in shape by increasing energy levels with minimal calorie intake. It ensures that you can not only build muscle mass, but maintain and shape it too.

What are the advantages of using MyProtein CLA?

How Can I Use MyProtein CLA?

For best possible results, consume two capsules one to three times a day with meals. One capsule contains 1000mg of Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Clinical studies have shown that a daily dose of 2-6 grams of CLA per day can significantly reduce body fat and boost the metabolism rate.

Customer Reviews
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  • * 28 cyclist and healthy, i have been taking these for a month now and i can hoenstly feel the difference in my body and the way it reacts to certain things. for example when i eat now i feel like everything is being absorbed as it should instead of sitting in my stomach accumulating the fat
  • * i have just ordered my first every cla bottle, i am excited to see the results as i have a problem with balancing my diet, i am gaining weight even tho i am going for long walks every evening. after using the cla for a month i already noticed a difference in my body, i feel like fat build up has slowed down and my leg muscles have grown allowing me to walk for even longer
  • * its amazing what is being produced these days, science is great... just orered my first bottle of CLA cant wait to get started
  • * finally i found a site that sells MyProtein CLA online, i just ordered a bunch for the family
  • * slightly over weight girl, i go running daily but cannot seem to burn the fat, i have tried almost everything and still no difference, i tried taking these now for a week and i have changed some of my routines for the better, such as not snacking so much, not feeling so hungry all the time. all of these combined i believe will be the solution i have been waiting for
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