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MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Whey Protein Powder

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Need a protein powder with extra punch? MyProtein Impact Whey Protein is an organic protein powder made with concentrated whey protein. It is specially formulated to help increase muscle mass and boost physical performance. With 82% protein content, Impact Whey Protein is also packed full of amino acids that can help your body to burn fat more efficiently.

  • Over 80% natural whey protein per serving
  • Increases physical performance and promotes muscle growth and maintenance
  • Improves muscle recovery, helps burn fat and boosts metabolism
  • Packed with essential amino acids
  • Provides 4.5 grams of BCAAs and 3.6g of Glutamine per serving
  • Suitable for vegetarians 7 has no added sugar

MyProtein Impact Whey Protein is a natural protein powder that can help build muscle mass and propel you closer towards your ideal fitness level. First established in 2004, MyProtein has been selling protein powders in over 50 countries for over a decade and its whey protein is made to high standards with only the finest natural ingredients.

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This brand new formula is a rich source of whey protein, which is derived from protein-rich vegetarian cheese. Whey protein is known to have the highest beneficial biological value of all proteins. Myprotein Impact Whey Protein is the ideal protein powder for athletes and bodybuilders, or even those just looking to build up a little extra muscle.

When it comes to building muscle or losing weight it is essential to include all the essential proteins in your diet. In everyday life it can be very difficult to consume the recommended amount of protein through diet alone. The Myprotein Impact Whey Protein is a simple, effective and convenient way to include all the essential proteins and amino acids to your diet. It's fast working, effective & quickly absorbed by the body to help stimulate metabolism and build muscle mass. Protein powders & protein are not only essential for muscle building but they can also play a very important role in weight loss.


This protein powder is a rich source of whey protein concentrate. The product facilities are recognized in Europe and Impact Whey Protein is a proven way to help you build muscle.

Containing 82g of protein per 100g, this powder is also high in calcium and low in fat and lactose. Impact Whey Protein is ranked amongst the best premium protein powders.

MyProtein whey powder is an excellent source of essential and non-essential amino acids. It also contains one of the highest proportions of branched chain amino acids (BCAA) found in natural protein powder.

Impact Whey Protein is available in 7 different flavours to suit every taste. MyProtein never compromises on the quality of its products and ingredients, and this powder is completely free from artificial flavourings, additives and added sugar.


Impact Whey Protein is suitable for everyone, however it is specifically designed for athletes, bodybuilders and those looking to build and develop muscle mass. This powder is a protein supplement that can improve physical performance, speed up post-workout recovery time, build muscle mass and burn fat. Impact Whey Protein is gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians.


For best results, we recommend that you add about 25g of powder into 150-250ml of water or milk, and mix with a shaker. It is advisable to consume Impact Whey Protein powder roughly 30 minutes before or after your workout session. For even better muscle mass building, you can consume the mixture before and after each workout. You can drink a Myprotein powder mix anytime, to build muscle and increase your daily protein intake.

Keep Impact Whey Protein in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. This protein supplement powder should be used as part of a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of exercise.

Customer Reviews
At WeightWorld we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers.

Product Rating (96.25% based on 32 Reviews)

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Service Rating (77.69% based on 104 )

  • * i love the speed in which this works, when i finish my workouts i fill my shaker and finish it in one go... it gets to work so fast, by the time i get home my legs dont feel like they are falling off
  • * i am already a big guy naturally, i have never considered adding supplements to my gym regime. i gave it a go just to see what would happen. even though i dont really want to gain more muscle it kind of happened without me realising. it really does get rid of that burning feeling while lifting weights. i dont ache, i dont feel out of breath, my appetites alot more controlled. it definitely works if your trying to gain more muscle.
  • * unlike the boys i dont feel like a beast when i take this, but i do feel like its helping me at the gym, mainly with the after burning. i am not really into body building but more cardio, this has really been helping me with my running, the distance and the repairing afterwards.
  • * i was sold when reading about the amino acid content, amino acids help your body burn fat more efficiently, i need the muscle but want to lose the fat, this supplement is the ideal formula for me
  • * really effective work out supplement, tasty drink too!!
  • * i am a gym addict and i can safely say that this is the best protein product i have every used, the results are astonishing even after just 2 weeks
  • * drink one shake and awaken your inner beast
  • * hey all, i am 23 and a netball ball player, i play for my local club and im on the court 4 times a week which can be extremely tiring, i have started using this supplement and now the games dont feel as long and i dont feel as tired after, its such a relief to be able to play longer and harder, without feeling worse after
  • * i am russian model living in london, i use this to work out on my legs and bum mainly and i dont drink too much because i dont want look very big, but i want my legs thick and my bum big, it working but i need more time for better shape and feeling
  • * gym 5 days a week, serious builder and i have been looking for something like this that can help me build and repair quicker.
  • * hi everyone, i just wanted to leave a quick review about my experience with this product. I am 20 years old and have been goin to the gym for about 1.5 years, i havent used any supplements, i just eat well and exercise hard. i havent really reached my goals and im constantly trying to get bigger. its been 6 weeks now since i started my Impact Whey drinks, i drink one before and one after my workouts, in the last 4 weeks i have really noticed my size go up and also my ability to relax after is astonishing, i am so happy to find something that can stop the after gym burns
  • * i have been drinking this for 2 weeks, my visits to the toilet for a number 2 are more often and alot easier, my energy levels are through the roof and has made looking after the kids alot easier
  • * The best protein powder out there for sure and a great price too.
  • * I DONT GO TO THE GYM, im sure most people who use this are using it to help them build and repair quickly when they go to the gym, i am a skinny guy who has problems putting on weight, after using this for a month, even tho sometimes it replaces my meal times i have noticed an increase in my weight, i still go out for walks and lift small weight at home so i dont end up really fat but if used correctly its a great way for a skinny person to add a few kgs
  • * they should rename this product to the gym beast, thats how i feel
  • * i have used similar products to this one, the only exception is the amount of protein in this one, it has a higher content
  • * i have been talking about this product all day at the gym so i thouht why not leave a nice review for other people who are not sure what to do... i go to my local gym daily for a few hours, and today i was approached by some of the other regulars, asking about what my trick was, i addmitted it was no trick and i ordered this supplement from weightworld and i have been taking it daily, they know abou products like this but have never used this exact one, i think i have converted my gym
  • * 25 , never really been into my fitness, i recently started playing football with friends ( who are way fitter ) once a week. we played 4 consecutive weeks, everytime we finished i would be completely drained and take a 3-4 days to recover. now i have been taking this supplement i have been recovering soooo much faster and its been a blessing.
  • * i am a personal trainer that uses this powder myself, i also recomend it to all of my clients who are wanting to gain muscles quickly and without adding unneccasry fats
  • * me and my wife have been taking this together, she ordered the strawberry and i order the cookies and cream, not that it matters but just thought i would be detailed. we have both been using this now for 3 weeks, we have seen better results from my wife as she is really trying to gain soem extra muslce, only 3 weeks in and she is getting a noticeable 6 pack and tighter thighs
  • * this is amazing for running, i go running everymorning before work, i rise early, usually by the time its 2-3pm i start to really feel tired, now i take one of my shakes while im at work it really boosts my energy levels and helps me make it through the rest of the day
  • * highly recommended product, i order 3 kgs of the powder to last me
  • * i really love how fast this gets to work, i take it before and after the gym, my before shake usually lasts the whole gym session and i feel like the hulk, i can lift anything and can push myself to a limit i didnt even know i could reach, the burning kick in and then i take my after work out shake, and its gone. its perfect.
  • * i am currently using the unflavoured protein powder and i am coming to the end of my first pack, i have noticed a definite increase in energy while working out, also the ability to keep going is the best part
  • * great supplement for the gym, i have been piling the muscles on day by day
  • * when i drink this i really do feel like im invinsible in the gym
  • * i am a rugby player who plays in a ladies team 3 days a week. i am 35 but feel 50, i am not the most inshape person but when using this protein before and after i feel alot less drained
  • * use this everytime i go to the gym, i really love the flavours, i got the chocolate brownie and the white chocolate, they taste really good and they have really benefitted my work out sessions
  • * i feel like popeye eating his tin of spinach when i take this. i drink it and my body combat sessions become a walk in the park
  • * best protein powder
  • * before i thought it was normal to go the gym and eat a giant piece of steak after to help with the recovery, i realised that this method wasnt actually working very well and also it cost me a fortune, with this protein powder i fel like im gettin 100times more protein than the steak and for 50 times cheaper
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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