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L-Glutamine Amino Acid Supplement Powder

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Glutamine is the most prominent amino acid that can be found in muscle tissue, but after exercise the levels get depleted significantly. Although the body does replace the acids over time it is not always as fast as necessary. They can however be found in certain meats, fish and in eggs. However straight after you have finished working out, eating an abundance of food is likely to be far from your mind. My Protein L-Glutamine is a supplement that can be taken easily after you work out to replace the amino acid lost to get your body back on form.

  • Suitable for men and women
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Dissolves in water, juice and many other fluids
  • Replaces glutamine quickly
  • 100% glutamine powder

Getting Glutamine levels up quickly is essential for good health, It has many purposes within the body including aiding digestion, the immune system and even brain functionality. When Glutamine levels dip it can leave you more open to infection which of course will mean a few down days to recover until you can get your workouts back on track. This protein powder can be dissolved in water and many other drinks so it is easy enough to take.

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What is My Protein L-Glutamine?

My Protein L Glutamine is a powdered supplement containing 100% Glutamine, no fillers or additives which makes it a great way to top up your amino acids after exercise. Being vegetarian and vegan friendly it can replace amino acids in people that would otherwise find it difficult to get them from their allowed dietary sources. As it is dissolvable it can be added to your favourite rehydrating drink after your workout from water to juice and even protein powders making it easy to take for everyone.

My Protein L-Glutamine: Simple way to replace lost amino acids after your workout

It doesn’t get easier to replenish lost essential amino acids after your workout than using My Protein L-Glutamine powder. You don’t have to remember to take tablets or force your stomach to tolerate heavy meats or fish straight after your workout. It has long been shown that low glutamate levels can attribute to a lower immune system. Many people are unable to tolerate food right after working out then you could find that your brain doesn’t seem to function as well. This can be a problem if you are heading to work straight after as Glutamine can also aid your body’s recovery you can get back to the gym faster without needing to take days off in between.

ADVANTAGES My Protein L-Glutamine:

Promotes muscle growth by stimulating the production of hormones that aid in muscle growth, promoting synthesis of essential amino acids.

Improve athletic performance and endurance by increasing energy levels in the body.

Recovery time is improved by providing faster and more effective muscle reconstruction, resulting in more energy.

Reduces fat by speeding combustion, increasing energy. Glutamine also stimulates the burning of fat during sleep.

Proven results

My Protein L-Glutamine has been clinically proven to help to restore diminished amino acids to your body. This will provide the body with the necessary levels to manufacture new proteins,which are essential for repairing sore muscles and cell restoration. As it can be consumed in liquid form it can get to work faster. Usually these amino acids can be found in meats and fish, which is something that vegetarians and vegans are unable to benefit from. This supplement can be used by both which makes it an excellent alternative. Whatever your level of physical health this supplement can help you to train more often and avoid associated injury.

When can I start seeing results?

Just like foods containing amino acids the My Protein L-Glutamine can get into the body and will be transported to where it needs to be quickly. Unlike tablets it can be broken down faster for quicker results. By the next day you will notice that your body is not as achy as it usually is and with continued use you will notice in just a few days that you are able to hit the gym, bike or even the pool more often than you could before.

Usage Tips

  • choose from unflavoured or one of the four available
  • take 5 grams 1-3 times each day
  • best taken with breakfast, lunch and an hour before bedtime
  • take with your favourite refreshment for great taste

Are there any side effects?

When taken according to manufacturer’s instructions there have been no reported side effects. As the My Protein L-Glutamine is 100% Glutamine with no added fillers it works with your body to help with repairing your body post workout.


How to order

It’s simple to order My Protein L-Glutamine from the Weightwise website. Just go to the product and select from Lemon & Lime, Orange, Sour Apple and Raspberry Lemonade or unflavoured, choose your quantity and add to the basket along with any other products on the site you wish to order. When you have finished shopping click the basket to go to checkout and follow the on screen instructions to check out. To get your product even faster place the order before 4pm and select the next day delivery option to have it delivered to your door, a neighbours or your place of work.

Customer Reviews
At WeightWorld we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers.

Product Rating (93.33% based on 3 Reviews)

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  • * when i go to the gym i usually feel dead after every session, when i take the glutamine powder directly after my work outs, i can feel the sore muscles and tightness dissappear, by the time i reach home i can feel a decrease in the pain by about 60%
  • * Really like this a lot
  • * incredible product and such a great price, i have used this for about 1 month but even after the first time i used it i noticed an instant change, the repairing stage after my work out is aloooot easier to handle now
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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