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ColoFlush Detox Supplement

By Native Remedies

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Feel relieved, fresh and squeaky-clean on the inside with the help of ColoFlush! Native Remedies ColoFlush contains natural ingredients that have been known to help naturally loosen any contents of the colon. Without disturbing the natural balance of microflora inside you, it can gently help flush out any toxins, allowing you to live life in comfort and without the uncomfortable feeling of bloating.

  • Helps gently flush out the colon
  • Does not disturb the 'good' bacteria in the gut
  • Helps maintains good colon health
  • Simple 10 day course
  • Can reduce the symptoms of flatulance and bloating
  • Made with natural vegetarian-friendly ingredients
With this simple 10-day course, ColoFlush can help you achieve a healthier and more effective digestive system and colon without disrupting the delicate balance of the beneficial microflora that can be found in the gut. As ColoFlush is made using only high-quality natural ingredients, it is also completely safe to use and does not contain and nasty chemical like many others.

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Type: Capsule
Quantity: 60
Recommended Dosage: 6 capsules a day
Duration: 10 days

What does the colon do?

When it comes to the digestion process, the colon is an essential part of it. Its role is essential in absorbing minerals and water from ingested foods. After digestion, the colon will then form and excrete faeces.

Do you know how many bowl movements you experience a day? It’s recommended that a healthy colon should produce 1-3 stools a day, they should mostly occur shortly after meals. If you notice that you are going significantly less consistently, Native Remedies ColoFlush could be your solution to help you pass it more regularly.

A healthy colon will contract its muscles once healthy digestion has taken place; this action helps to move stools throughout the body. It is from this journey that a combination of nutrients and water are absorbed into your system.

Why do I need Native Remedies ColoFlush?

  • Discreetly maintains regular waste removal
  • Recognised to naturally loosen and liquefy the contents of the colon
  • Maintains a healthy functioning digestive system
  • Known to reduce signs of constipation or bloating

For the vast majority of us, we will have experienced an unhealthy colon. For some of you it a common feature in your life, for others it is just something that happens from time to time. It simply means you are less able to perform the essential role of eliminating waste material. This problem happens for a variety of reasons including a bad diet, lack of exercise or water, stress and lifestyle choices. More easily than you may think, your colon can become clogged up with waste, which can often be uncomfortable to live with and may become riddled with disease.

This is why Native Remedies ColoFlush has been specifically developed to maintain that free, comfortable and looser sensation within the contents of your colon. This action will help to confidently and safely flush out any built up toxins efficiently and discreetly from the comfort of your own home. Many people opt for colonic irrigation procedures, these aim to remove any build up waste in the colon. In these circumstances, ColoFlush is also suitable to be used prior to this procedure.

How does it work?

If you are keen to naturally rejuvenate and kick-start your digestive system, ColoFlush could benefit you in many ways. This all-natural product contains specific ingredients that not only support a healthy digestion but also potentially work as a successful colon flusher. The careful balance of this unique Native Remedies ColoFlush blend enables the product to be strong enough to help flush out the colon, yet gentle enough to avoid any unwanted stomach cramping. Pure Psyllium husk is contained in each capsule. This particular herb is jam-packed full of high fibre properties, these swell slightly inside the digestive tract encouraging them to sweep the walls of the colon. This action is known to gently remove any toxins or impurities that may have accumulated here.

Can everyone use ColoFlush?

Since only natural ingredients have been used for the creation of this product, there shouldn’t be any unwanted side effects. However, it is recommended that you read the ingredients before use in order to ensure you aren’t allergic to any.

How do I use it?

For the best results take 1-2 Native Remedies ColoFlush tablets 3 times a day as and when you need relief. Alternatively you can take them before colonic irrigation procedures.


Cascara, Seed husks, Marshmallow (the herb kind!), Chinese cinnamon and Magnesium stearate (inactive ingredient).

When will it work?

The selection of natural ingredients in ColoFlush starts the process of supporting a better digestive system almost immediately. The unique capsule works from the inside out to encourage a rapid absorption directly into the blood stream, digestive system and colon. Many satisfied customers who use Native Remedies ColoFlush have reported fast improvements almost immediately, for others, they have been seen in less than 6 weeks.

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  • * I don't feel bloated anymore thanks to coloflush.
  • * I used to feel constipated on a regular basis. Since taking coloflush I am able to pass my system much more regularly and easier.
  • * By far and away the best colon cleanser I have ever tried. I have tried 4 before this and they all tasted nasty! This is pleasant and somehow still works!
  • * I love it. I feel refreshed and lighter.
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