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Organic Coconut Flour 450g Flour | Gluten-Free Flour Alternative

By Diet-Food


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Looking for a natural flour alternative that is gluten-free? Then look no further than Organic Coconut Flour! Coconut flour is made from dried and powdered coconut meat and is considered a lot healthier than traditional wheat flour as it contains over 15 times more dietary fibre, has half as may calories and twice as much protein!

  • Healthy alternative to conventional flours
  • Free from gluten and wheat
  • Contains high levels dietary fibre
  • Rich source of natural vegan protein
  • Low in carbohydrates and calories
  • Perfect for baking

Organic Coconut flour is a great option for those looking to try something different and is especially great for those looking for something healthier and gluten-free. With its distinctive sweet coconut taste and low levels of carbohydrates, Organic Coconut Flour is perfect for baking but can be used however you like – the only limit is your imagination!

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What is coconut flour?

Coconut flour is a natural and healthy gluten free alternative to conventional wheat flours. Coconut flour is made by taking the oil out of the coconut meat (the white fleshy part) by drying it and then finely grinding it into a flour. No extra ingredients are added for this process which is one of the reasons that coconut flour is considered to be a healthy alternative. As it made from just dried coconut meat, coconut flour is known to have a distinctly sweet coconut taste. This makes it perfect for baking and one of the most popular choices for gluten-free wheat flour alternatives.

What are the benefits of using coconut flour?

Using organic coconut flour has many great benefits but one of the main reasons that people choose coconut flour is because it is gluten-free so perfect for those on a gluten-free diet. Coconut flour is also considered as a healthier alternative to wheat flour for many other reasons. Coconut flour is high in dietary fibre, which can help to sustain the stomach whilst helping to keep the digestive system healthy and functioning properly. Coconut flour is also a rich source of vegan protein and contains twice as much protein as other flour. This natural protein makes it great for those who participate in a lot of sport or exercise as protein helps contribute towards healthy muscles and muscle repair.

Coconut Flour Vs. Wheat Flour Nutritional Comparison

What can I make with Organic Coconut flour?

Coconut Flour is a unique gluten-free flour and is great for making delicious pancakes, cakes and breads. Here are some great ideas using coconut flour that can be made gluten-free to get you started:

Coconut Flour Uses - Pancakes
Coconut Flour uses - Bread
Coconut Flour uses - Cupcakes
Coconut Flour Uses - Cookies
Coconut Flour uses - Waffles
Coconut Flour Uses - Gluten-Free Pizza Base
Coconut Flour - Gluten Free Chicken Nugets
Cocout Flour Uses - Grain-Free Breadcrumbs

Tips for using your coconut flour

Diet-Food Coconut Flour

As coconut flour is high in dietary fibre, it can seem heavier than other flours. This means that when used for baking you will either need more liquid or to use less flour in your recipes. There are many recipes specifically using coconut flour to give you correct measurements.

Baking With Coconut Flour

When baking, you can replace 25% of your regular flour with coconut flour to minimise the difference on the final product. If you use 100% coconut flour you can expect the final product to be different but many find this in a good way.

Natural gluten-free flour option

There are many gluten-free flours available on the market including almond, buckwheat and chickpea but thanks to coconut flours deliciously unique taste as well as its many dietary benefits it is often chosen as the favourite. As coconut flour is made from 100% dried and ground coconut meat it is completely safe to use and does not contain any preservatives, colourings or flavourings. Make sure you are personally not allergic to coconut before trying this flour though.

Natural Gluten Free Flour Options

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  • * I can't eat gluten so for me coconut flour is my favourite alternative. I've tried others but coconut flour just tastes so much better
  • * Doesn't taste the same as normal flour but a lot better so worth it
  • * coconut flour is good for me as i cannot eat gluten
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