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Looking for a natural boost to reach your weight management goals? The Raspberry Ketone Plus & Pure Acai combo pack unites the essential superfood properties of both raspberry ketones and the acai berry to create a unique aid to manage your weight and maintain energy levels. Packed with high levels of antioxidants as well as essential vitamins and minerals, this unique combination also cleanses your body whilst giving your body that much-needed vitamin boost when you need it most!

  • Highest strength available 2600mg Pure Acai
  • Natural metabolism boost
  • Complementary superfood for overall health and weight management
  • Made in the UK to high GMP standards
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Vegan and vegetarian-friendly & gluten-free

What Is Raspberry Ketone Plus ?

Raspberry Ketone Plus utilizes the therapeutic benefits of pure raspberry ketone, a natural fruit compound that has been gaining popularity as a ‘miraculous’ weight management aid. As well as natural raspberry ketones, these supplements use other beneficial organic ingredients including green coffee, garcinia cambogia, green tea and many more. With high nutrient content, Raspberry Ketone Plus can help to manage your appetite, promote natural energy levels, and maintain your weight.

What Is Pure Acai?

Packed with antioxidants, Pure Acai contains 100% pure acai berries that have been known to help in targeting free radicals and cleansing the body. Pure Acai is a 100% natural supplement that contains only the extremely popular acai berry, a vitamin and mineral-rich berry that can help to naturally boost energy levels and manage weight. To get the most of this, use this supplement as part of a healthy diet plan with regular exercise.

The Benefits Of Raspberry Ketone Plus & Pure Acai

If you’re someone who’s looking to manage their weight and naturally cleanse their body then the Raspberry Ketone Plus & Pure Acai combination could be very useful for you. Its high nutritional value can help provide strength and energy whilst also assisting with the general functioning of various body systems.

These supplements are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and may be useful in naturally boosting nutrient deficiency due to their mineral and vitamin-rich formula. When combined, the key ingredients of Raspberry Ketone Plus & Pure Acai can offer you some great benefits when used for cleansing and weight management.

Raspberry Ketones - Help to manage weight by naturally boosting metabolism rates.

Green Coffee - Can help to naturally boost the metabolic rate and energy levels.

Garcinia Cambogia - Natural appetite suppressant that can also help to manage fat built up.

Green Tea - A powerful antioxidant that can help to purify the body.

Acai Berry - A rich source of antioxidants, with traces of vitamins and minerals to help with body cleansing.

Guarana Seeds- A powerful stimulant that contains double the amount of caffeine than coffee. Useful for naturally raising energy levels.

To get the most out of Raspberry ketone Plus & Pure Acai, it’s recommended that you take each of the capsules daily with food and water. For the most effective results, use these supplements as part of a healthy diet with regular exercise.

5 Advantages of Acai
Infographic showing five advantages of raspberry ketones

Safe To Use

The all-natural contents of Raspberry Ketone Plus & Pure Acai have no known side effects. Always check the ingredients before use to eliminate the risk of allergic reaction. These products contain natural caffeine, so may not be suitable for children and pregnant or nursing women.

How To Buy

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Verified Purchase

my metabolism has been consistent since taking this, no more random cravings for chocolate, i think this product will be a success for me, i have been trying to lose weight for years by taking the dogs for long walks and, with this supplement i no longer have suden cravings or eating binges, its great!

k kay b
Verified Purchase

Love these two together, i was a bit hesitant but the actually work for me so so happy about buying them!

P Patuni
Verified Purchase

This is a great product

N Nathan
Verified Purchase

Great Combination

D Dani
Verified Purchase


A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

I like using these together as I feel they are actually working a lot better than when I was just using the reaspberry ketone alone

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

I like how this is working for me, going to see how much of a difference they have made by the end of the bottles

A Amy
Verified Purchase

This has helped me lose some of the weight around my stomach!! So happy! :D

K Kerllen
Verified Purchase

Not sure if both is actually necessary but still good

S Sam
Verified Purchase

Like this, feel like its working which is great news

T Thomas

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