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Silicone Scar Stick 5.4g Stick | Scar Reduction Aid

By Remescar


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The Remescar Stick is a revolutionary formula that reduces visibility of your old and new scars. Whether these scars are caused due to minor accidents, burns, pregnancy or by a surgery or laser treatment, the silicone film of the stick effectively covers them and starts to heal them. It also helps to maintain the skin’s moisture balance while restoring the normal skin tone and texture.

  • Reduces visibility of new and old scars
  • Can smooth and soften scar tissues
  • Helps to regain normal skin color and texture
  • Soothes burning, tingling and itching sensations
  • Suitable for all areas of body and face
  • Invisible treatment, can be worn under make up

The ingredients of Remescar Stick are clinically proven to have a favorable effect on scars. The UV-A and UV-B filters in the stick also provides additional benefit of UV protection so that you can happily go out in the sun after applying it. Simply roll on Remescar and don’t allow those little scars to grab anyone’s attention.

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Type: Stick
Size: 5.4g

What is Remescar Stick?

Every scar has a different story but they all look unattractive. So to cover them safely, here is a revolutionary solution called Remescar Stick that can be easily applied on closed wounds. This silicone-based stick forms a transparent layer on application that helps to reduce visibility of your scars. While doing this, it also allows the scar tissues resulting from surgery, burns, injuries, acne and stretch marks to gradually heal while maintaining the skin’s moisture balance. The beauty of this product is that, it can also be used under your make up and offers soothing effects in case of burning, tingling and itching sensations. So add it to your beauty kit if you are looking for an easy and homely way to restore your normal skin tone and texture.

Remescar Before/After 1

Remescar Before/After 2

It is important to note that the results of our products may vary with each individual user. View the disclaimer here.

How do the ingredients make it work?

Remescar Scar Stick Benefits

There are 3 main ingredients which help Remescar Stick to effectively work wonders on diminishing the appearance of your scars.

The silicone in the stick helps to hydrate, protect and restore the upper most layer of your skin. It also stimulates collagen production and increases the scar elasticity

β-glucan in Remescar Stick comprises strong soothing, protective, and moisturizing properties. When combined with polymeric film formers, it helps to enhance the wound healing process.

Strong UV filters of the stick plays the role of protector against UV radiation, protecting your scar from damaging effects of UV-A and UV-B rays.

Hence, by combining the powers of all the three in to one easy-to-use stick, Remescar saves you from painful and expensive surgical procedure to remove scars.

Is it safe for skin use?

Yes, the product is safe for use all over the body and face and will not leave any mark on application due to its opaque and transparent film. The ingredients of this silicone stick are also clinically proven for their beneficial effect on scars. However this is recommended to be used on only closed wounds and not on infected wounds, acne affected skin or mucous membranes. Also avoid eye contact. Remescar stick is not recommended for children less than 1 year. And for those under the age of 6, don’t allow usage without stick supervision. We also suggest you to check for allergic ingredients beforehand. This won’t take much of your time and efforts as compared to the beautifying results it can deliver.

How can I use Remescar Stick?

Applying Remescar Stick is kid’s play, simply apply it gently on the affected area and also along the border of the scar. Again be careful that the wounds are closed, clean and dry. You can apply Remescar twice daily for 2 to 3 months to find optimal results.

Note: Do not apply it on third degree burns.

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  • * OMG this actually works! I have had bad scaring since an accident and although its not 100% gone it looks so much better and hopefully will just keep getting better!
  • * This is a good product and think it works well
  • * I have had a few operations now and although they were successful which is good they have now left some scars which are really obvious. This has made them go down a lot and feel a lot better wearing lower cut dresses
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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