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Looking for a way to help reduce the appearance of your unwanted cellulite? Silk’n Silhouettes patented technology provides the perfect opportunity for you to transform your skin and reduce cellulite and imperfections. Gliding effortlessly over your skin, the HT ‘Home Tightening’ technology comes with three key modes to strengthen, re-balance and improve your skins structure and is completely safe and easy to use.

  • Uses revolutionary HT technology
  • Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Three treatment modes for flexible and effective use
  • Includes a free bottle of slider gel
  • Easy to use and suitable for all body parts
  • Free UK delivery & WeightWorld Fruit Infuser Bottle
  • One-off purchase that is cheaper than ongoing spa treatments

The Silk’n Silhouette is an innovative home cellulite reduction device that uses revolutionary HT technology to help you reduce the appearance of cellulite and streamline your bodies appearance. With its powerful triple action of bi polar energy, LED light based energy and IR thermal, the Silk'n Silhouette is a unique way to achieve the skin your desire.

  • CE Certified
  • ISO
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How does it work?

Silk’n Silhouette tackles cellulite by targeting the fat layer that lies beneath the epidermis. These particular types of fat cells are known as adipocytes, they occur since they store surplus nutrients in the form of fat. Often they increase in volume and star to form a ‘clump’ effect. This is what creates that undesirable orange peel, bumpy effect we commonly known as cellulite.

Recommended by dermatologists and physicians, Silk’n Silhouette is the ultimate device to conquer cellulite density effectively and safely. The beauty of this product is its ability to reach all skin layers and warm them up. This allows the fibres in the skin to contract and gradually tighten. Silk'n Silhouette is suitable for thighs, upper arms, buttocks and the hip area. With regular use many men and women have been able to enjoy a reduced body circumference and tighter and more attractive body contours

To provide the benefits that it is able to Silk’n Silhouette make use of HT technology, which acts as a triple action method to enhance your body contours. There are three key aspects, these include:

infographic showing the differerent types of energy levels on the device

  1. Bi polar energy: Where skin is effectively tightened up to a depth of 10mm, leading to a reduction in cellulite.
  2. LED light based energy: An element that helps rebalance skin structure and restore it effectively.
  3. IR thermal energy: dramatically improves skin structure as a result of heat form the Silk’n Silhouette.

Different treatment modes

To gain the best results out of your Silk’n Silhouette device there are three different types of treatments to suit your individual needs. Each one is easily recognisable, thanks to the unique lights placed at the front of the unit. The different modes are completely complementary with each other and produce optimum results when used together. To change to a different mode, simply press the ‘Select’ button for different mode settings until you come across the correct one you desire.

Which energy level is for me?

During initial treatments of your skin, it is advised that you use level one to gain optimum and effective results. Once you have become accustomed to reducing the appearance of cellulite in this manner, it is then advised to try out the next energy level to gain results. The following stages highlight the most effective methods you can use to gain the most out of your treatment and your device.

infographic on the different types of energy levels

How to carry out a treatment

Always ensure your skin is clean and dry before you commence any treatment, this will enable you to enjoy the rest results. Read the following stages below, which highlight the best method to use in order to gain the most out of your device and the different treatments.

  1. Apply a thin layer of the slider gel (provided with your device) across the area of your body you wish to treat
  2. Select your mode of preference for the device, the LED light will turn out to indicate which one you have chosen
  3. Glide the Silk’n Silhouette device slowly over your skin, you should be able to feel the gentle warming sensation from it as you do so
  4. When sliding the device over the desired area, do so in a light and linear motion in order to cover the complete cellulite problem area. Take care not to rush this process and move the device slowly, this will help you avoid missing out any areas of skin.

Examples of how to use the Silk’n Silhouette properly

Discover the optimum techniques of how to benefit from your Silk’n Silhouette device. Check out the diagrams below to see exactly how.

infographic on where and how to use the silk'n silhouette

How often should I use the device for?

To enjoy the best treatments possible with noticeable results, we recommend that you use the device twice a week for a minimum of 10 weeks. It has been widely reported that it is at this time where you are able to see changes in the contour of your body. You are able to maintain such results by simply continuing to use this revolutionary device consistently every two weeks.

Safe to use

Recommended by physicians and doctors worldwide, you can feel in safe hands with the Silk’n Silhouette since many medical authorities have also approved it.

In addition to this aspect of the treatments, the device has also taken part in clinical trails with positive reports of satisfaction:

  • 80% of participants in clinical testing confirmed a marked improvement in the appearance of cellulite.
  • 80% of participants in clinical testing confirmed a marked improvement in skin texture.

Includes a thermal sensor for optimal safety

front view of silk'n silhouette Cellulite Reduction Device

To take the safety of the Silk’n Silhouette even further, it has incorporated a thermal sensor that measures the temperature of the skin you are treating. If the temperature of your skin exceeds 41°c it will automatically stop transmitting heat. So, you can be rests assured that the use of this product poses minimal risk to your body at all times during treatments.

What will you get in your box?

You will find the following parts in your Silk’n Silhouette box.

  • Silk’n Silhouette™ Body Contouring Device
  • A bottle of Slider gel
  • An AD/DC wall mount adaptor
  • Instructions for use booklet

How to buy yours

Buying from WeightWorld is simple, fast and secure. Simply click 'Add to Basket' and you can begin! Plus, if you place your order before 4pm on a working day you can be eligible for our next day delivery service. At WeightWorld we offer a number of payment and delivery options to find the one that suits you. At WeightWorld we offer FREE delivery for all UK orders over £50 as well as a FREE WeightWorld Fruit Infuser Bottle with all orders over £100 so by buying the Silk’n Silhouette today you can qualify for both! If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer service team via Live Chat, email or phone from 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.

Silk’n Silhouette Device | Home Reduction Device

Customer Reviews

At WeightWorld we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers. All testimonials and reviews below are the experiences and opinions of WeightWorld customers. They should not be considered as health, medical or medicinal claims. They are no substitute for taking medical advice.

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reviews 4.5

88.48% based on 32 Verified reviews

Verified Purchase

Finally something to help me get beach body ready

M Marie Hart
Verified Purchase

Very easy to use, works like a dream and is saves me from going to expensive salon treatments

S Shauna
Verified Purchase

i've just received my product and all seem fine for now. i will report more when i have used it but judging from what i have read it should be fine.

E Erica Chase
Verified Purchase

I've tried a number of creams and even massage techniques to help get rid of cellulite but nothing has done what this was able to do in 3 months

L Launa Pearce, London
Verified Purchase

5/5 from me. it's absolutely fantastic

J Julia Poppins
Verified Purchase

i needed to be ready for the beach in Ibiza, but i started noticing cellulite on my legs, under my bum. i found this after my friend showed me. i have been using it for 4 months now and i'm in love with it. it's so easy to use and the results speak for themselves. i actually cannot find a bad review for it

Verified Purchase

great delivery and the easiest buying process online i have experienced

M Ms Smith
Verified Purchase

Got this as a present. LOVE IT

a anonymous
Verified Purchase

very well priced compared to other treatments, salons and products out there.

S Susie Nesbit
Verified Purchase

really easy to use

E Emily
Verified Purchase

My skin looks amazing!

S Susana
Verified Purchase

A bit pricey but compared to how much I used to spend at the spa its actually pretty good!

E Erica
Verified Purchase

bit too expensive

U Usemia
Verified Purchase

I like how small it is so its easy to hold and easy to use too

D Deena
Verified Purchase

5 stars

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

Glad I bought this, it's a lot of money but worth it

S Stacey
Verified Purchase


A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

very good purchase, speedy delivery and works great

J Jamina
Verified Purchase

Really easy to use, like it a lot

S Sieria
Verified Purchase

Bought this as a gift

T Thomas
Verified Purchase

A lot easier to use than expected

L Louise
Verified Purchase

Feels a bit strange to use but doesn't hurt and is really easy. I just use it while I watch TV!!

E Emily
Verified Purchase

A little bit too early for me to report of cellulite appearance but everything else has been stellar! Great service and delivery and product arrived in solid packaging.

S Shelly
Verified Purchase

After 2 months of use, i am starting to see some difference. My advice to anyone is to use it as directed and be patient.

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

Swear by this! i've told so many of my friends about it now as well.

C Claudia123
Verified Purchase

I ordered from the USA and it was delivered in super fast time! This is not my first purchase from weightworld and it definitely won't be the last. thank you again for great service and products.

K Kelsi
Verified Purchase

Excellent! You do have to persevere a little bit, but the results do come. I have been using it on my legs and thighs and after 4 months, my legs look slimmer and more tought!

J Jenny
Verified Purchase

A very happy customer!

P Preeti
Verified Purchase

I don;t usually leave reviews for products but i had to with this. I was so terrified but going to the beach or the pool on holidays as a result of my cellulite. This has helped not only with my confidence but my appearance too. Ladies, give it a go!

A Annie
Verified Purchase


C Coleen
Verified Purchase

Beach body ready thanks to the silhouette.

R Rachel
Verified Purchase

I finally have my confidence back after having kids.

H Hannah

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