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Slimming Vest

Womens Body Shaper Vest


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For the busy modern woman it can be difficult to find the time to achieve the figure we would like and as a result we don’t always feel our best when we need to the most. Don’t worry as WeightWorld can help you feel fabulous again thanks to the Slimming Vest! Made using lightweight yet durable material with easily adjustable features this high-quality slimming vest can help you achieve the appearance of a slimmer looking body shape and flattering curves.

  • Designed to help shape the waist and flatten the stomach
  • Helps sculpt and refine the body shape to hide problem areas
  • Comfortable and discreet to wear under clothing
  • Promotes thermogenesis that can aid long-term weight loss
  • Helps lift and support the breasts
  • Made of smart shaping material to contour to your body shape
  • 3 rows of hooks and a zipper for security and control

Have a special occasion coming up or just want to look fabulous day to day? Available in a range of sizes, the Slimming Vest for women is comfortable to wear and is so discreet it can be worn under clothing without anyone noticing. Wow your friends and feel great today with the help of the Slimming Vest!

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What is the slimming vest?

The Slimming Vest is a firming body shaper than can help you achieve the appearance of a slimmer and thinner stomach and waist. Wondering why not just use a waist trainer? This compression vest combines the effects of a traditional waist trainer corset but with extra support and coverage thanks to its shoulder straps and back support. This makes it ideal for those looking for a bit extra from a traditional waist trainer and who need extra support and security. The extra coverage also makes it great for those who would like to smooth out the appearance of their upper back and give the breast some support and oomph.

Slimming Vest Benefits

One of the best things about wearing the slimming vest is that they can help give you a more sculpted and slimmer appearance from the moment you put it on. When wearing this body shaper vest it helps to tighten and firm your abdominal area and improve the appearance of your whole upper body. This can include helping to flatten your stomach, tuck away any unwanted love handles, accentuate your waist and curves as well as generally smooth out your figure. This makes it the perfect secret accompaniment when you want to wear your favourite outfit for a special occasion and feel great. As it is also designed to be as comfortable and discreet as possible, it is also ideal for more everyday use for those that want to make every day a special occasion!

As the Slimming Vest has a waist trainer style base, another benefit is that it can help with posture which can be perfect for those inclined to slouch or spend a long time sitting down. An improvement over the traditional waist trainer though is that thanks to the extra support to the under-bust area, it can also help those who suffer from lower back issues due to not enough support in that area. It can also be useful for those on the other end of the spectrum as it can help lift and firm the breasts but without any permanent commitment or painful and costly surgeries.

How does the slimming vest help with long-term weight loss?

When worn on a regular basis the slimming vest may aid more long-term weight loss due to how it promotes the process of thermogenesis. This process may sound a bit complicated but is simply when the body’s core temperature is safely raised in order to help improve the metabolism. By improving the metabolism this can aid the speed in which the body converts the food, and subsequently fat, we eat into useful energy instead of storing it in the body as dormant fat. By boosting the metabolism it can help promote weight loss as well as help provide an energy boost, which can inspire you to be active and lose even more weight. It’s a win-win situation!

Size guide

Slimming Vest Size Guide

It is important to make sure you are wearing the correct sized Slimming Vest for you and your body. As this compression vest is designed to help firm and shape the waist and stomach, the sizing will be tighter than regular sizes. To find the correct slimming vest for you, simply measure the size of your waist and refer to the chart to see which size you fall under. If you find you fall between two sizes or are unsure then we recommend choosing the larger of the two. Each Slimming Vest comes with three rows of hooks so that it can be easily adjusted to fit you comfortably and can be changed if your weight or sizes slightly fluctuates.

How to wear

To put on your Slimming Vest undo the zip and hooks then place the waist section around your stomach and your arms through the straps. Position the vest so that it is comfortable and do up the hooks and then the zip. You can also adjust the straps so that it is comfortable. For long-term use, we recommend wearing your slimming vest for around 3-6 hours per day. When you first start wearing it though we suggest to start with 1-2 hours and build up each day so that your body can get to wearing it.

How to care for your slimming vest

The slimming vest is made from a polyester and spandex blend so to wash your it we suggest hand washing in warm water for best results. We recommend leaving your slimming vest to air dry as putting it in the dryer may alter its shaping. If you are planning to use your slimming vest with continual day-to-day use, we suggest buying at least two (or more) and alternating. This allows you more time to wash and dry the vest (ideal if you have a busy schedule) and is also more hygienic, especially if you are sweating a lot.


Group of Happy Women

Results of the slimming vest will vary from person to person due to different body shapes and types. For some it can help accentuate curves and smooth out the stomach whereas for others it can help shape the waist and refine the silhouette.

For long term results with the slimming vest this is also dependant on each person and how they use their body shaper vest. With continual and correct use accompanied by a healthy diet a regular exercise, the slimming vest may aid gradual weight loss.