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Super Moringa

200g Powder | Renewing Natural Powder
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Found in the foothills of the Himalayas, Moringa leaves are brought to you in Super Moringa Powder, a highly adaptable form that you can blend right into your diet. They possess potent levels of an amazingly broad range of vitamins and minerals that’s rare amongst superfoods - but that’s not all that makes this plant exceptional. Rich in compounds known for being protective and restorative, this powder aspires to help you return your body to its most vital, bringing back the appearance of radiant health.

  • Protecting and restoring from within
  • Rich in Vitamins B, C, & D
  • Adaptable to different recipes
  • High in Iron, Calcium and Phosphorus
  • Natural and completely organic
  • Suitable for vegans & vegetarians

Traditionally enjoyed in teas, these powerful leaves are gaining in scientific interest, particularly linked to dealing with your body’s production of free radicals. The spectacular benefits of these compounds are now available to you in Super Moringa Powder, ready to be mixed into yoghurts, smoothies, juices and other dishes. And with all its other fantastic nutrients, you can truly revitalise your system from within.

The Secret of Revitalisation

In an increasingly hectic world, where we all literally face air pollution, there’s an increased risk of exposure to toxic pollutants - dealing with these can cause our bodies to produce free radicals. A small number can be positive, but too many overwhelm our systems, hindering our body’s repair. Often, this means dull, ageing skin; flat, lackluster hair; and decreased energy levels. As a result various products, aspiring to boost a vital, healthy glow from within, bringing back radiance by restoring and protecting, have become popular across the globe.

‘Moringa, The ‘Miracle Tree’

For centuries, leaves have been picked from tall Moringa trees in the Himalayan Mountains’ foothills, and then amongst Ancient Egyptians, Indians, Greeks and Romans, who enjoyed their cosmetic and nutritional effects. Every part was used, from seeds to branches, causing it to become known as the ‘Miracle Tree’. Expert research has resulted in regular global conferences held for the benefit of experts, and it finding its way into various dietary supplements, in addition to popular hair and skin care products. This incredible plant is ready for you to discover!

Moringa Leaves & Your Body

Localised communities have made use of Moringa for ages, and now, the scientific community is taking an interest too. Research has honed in on them, particularly regarding how they behave with bodily oxidation and protecting different tissues - from liver and kidneys to heart and lungs. Links have been found with helping in processing damaging sugar and unhealthy fat levels, as a purifying, cleansing diuretic and also in revitalising and bringing back radiance to skin. Adding Moringa leaves to your daily intake can work from the inside out to bring back the feeling and look of glowing physical vitality.

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Polyphenols
  • Vitamin B6
  • Minerals
  • Free radicals
  • Liver protection
  • Brain protection
  • Sugar levels
  • Cholesterol

Moringa’s Vitamins & Minerals

Moringa truly has so much to offer you and your bodily health. If you look below, you can see just how well these incredible leaves ‘measure up’ against other health-loving, popular foodstuffs. What’s more, found within are eighteen of a possible twenty amino acids, including all nine essentials; Vitamins D and B3, β-carotene, Phosphorous, Magnesium, and Flavonoids. In harmony, these fantastic compounds boost your deep, inner health, helping you to enjoy a radiant, glowing vitality.

Super Moringa Powder

With this powder, you can blend Moringa leaves’ protective, revitalising capabilities into yoghurts, smoothies, juices, and a variety of dishes. With a flavour comparable to spinach, you might prefer to combine with ‘green’, savoury flavours. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys experimenting and likes to be versatile in the enjoyment of their healthy lifestyle. Super Moringa Powder contains only pure, organic Moringa. As a result it is completely suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and those with intolerances to lactose. Approximately one spoon is recommended per serving, with up to 15 grams a day.