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Super Chlorella

200g Powder | Natural Multivitamin Formula
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With Super Chlorella Powder, you can enjoy all of algae’s natural power, easily blended into green smoothies, juices and savoury recipes every day. The powder is ideal for anyone looking to gently remove toxins from, and energise, the body everyday. Additionally, this algae contains more chlorophyll than any other plant, making it a premium source. Additionally, the powder contains astounding amounts of minerals, Omega 3s and vitamins. One such vitamin is B12, otherwise impossible to find in vegan form, which drives away fatigue by energising and revitalising from the inside out.

  • Organic, pure Chlorella
  • Up to 60% intense protein source
  • Chlorophyll to clean and purify the body
  • Natural multivitamin powder
  • Powder flexible for various recipes
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Full body cleanses are a hot topic amongst wellness enthusiasts - in the modern world, we all face increasing exposure to undesirable toxins. Plenty of us wish we could, with gentle efficiency, clear our bodies of these compounds before they can accumulate. Super Chlorella powder is optimal to take advantage of the algae’s purifying effects continually.

Nature’s Ancient Secret

Chlorella has passed through millenia, and the unimaginable changes the Earth has gone through, almost entirely unchanged; having scarcely evolved, and being one of the world's oldest species, qualifies it as a ‘living fossil’. This means one thing - it was always perfectly designed! Native to Far Eastern Asia, it was discovered in 1890 by a Dutch microbiologist. After World War Two, the planet’s population faced devastating food shortages, and Chlorella was advocated as a potential hunger-solving, protein-rich new food source, that is highly sustainable as it grows four times over twenty-four hours. More recently, it’s gained renown for cleansing the body of toxins, particularly those found in polluted, congested locations. Nowhere is this more true than Japan - where an estimated 200,000 tonnes are consumed yearly!

The Need to Cleanse

Over time, we all face different toxins, absorbed through what we eat and breathe. Otherwise healthful fish, like swordfish, mackerel, and tuna, often contain mercury in large quantities. Many more commonly enjoyed foodstuffs, such as dairy products, non-organic meat, leafy greens, fruit and potatoes, are exposed to herbicides and pesticides, and are sometimes left with a residue. As careful as we all are, it’s almost impossible to grow and cook everything ourselves. This makes it inevitable that some of these undesirable compounds are bound to make their way into our bodies. Ideally, we’d all like a pure, natural, supplement, that could extract these toxins on a daily basis.

Extraordinary Algae

Incredibly high in chlorophyll, the natural pigment used by plants to collect the sun’s energy for sustenance by photosynthesis, Chlorella is considered to have more of this compound than any other plant. Chlorophyll has the ability to help bind with toxins, hindering its movement through the body. Chlorella is also highly regarded as being a unique bioavailable source of Vitamin B12 in vegan form, which is otherwise found in meat with beef liver being the next richest source. Consequently, vegans and vegetarians are often left unfortunately deficient, making Chlorella a very beneficial addition. Chlorella also contains large amounts of iron, which is known to support the immune system, as well as nourishing, revitalising and cleansing the system.

A wide range of benefits are also derived from Vitamins A, C and E, including contributing to maintaining normal eyes and skin, protecting cells from oxidative stress, and blood vessels’ formation. Protein is bound in abundance in Chlorella, twice as much per gram as spinach. This makes it particularly great for vegans, who are often lacking in these physical building-blocks. as well as all the essential amino acids. This means you don’t need to ‘pick and mix’ your supplements - you can have all the amino acids you need in one convenient place. Key minerals, including zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus, are also naturally contained within. Last but not least, it’s understood that you can find concentrated amounts of sustaining Omega 3 in microalgae. Fatty fish are frequently espoused as a key dietary component, but you can get one step ahead by enjoying those fish’s own dietary source.

  • Chlorophyll
  • Protein
  • Minerals
  • Fibre
  • Amino Acids
  • Phytonutrients
  • Vitamins A, B, C & E

Harvesting Algae’s Power

A tough cellulose fibre encases Chlorella, binding its boosting nutrients within. This exterior must be ‘broken’, so that when we consume Chlorella our bodies can digest it. A special process crushes and shatters the shell, pulverising it into a fine powder that releases all Chlorella’s brilliant capabilities into an adaptable, absorbable form. It’s highly versatile, perfect for those that love to flex and experiment and who really enjoy a health-driven lifestyle. From there, you can use the powder in all manner of dishes and drinks. Here are a few of our favourite Chlorella powder recipes!


Put Chlorella powder, basil, garlic and olive oil in a blender and puree. Lightly toast the pine nuts in olive oil. Add cheese, lemon juice and pine nuts to the puree. Stir into hot pasta.


Blend Chlorella powder, garlic, mayonnaise, 1 cube crushed chicken stock, honey, soya and tofu. Enjoy on toast, as a dip for crisps, or as a side to fajitas.


Take freshly squeezed lemon juice, and combine with maple syrup. Add Chlorella powder. Fill your chosen container with water and vigorously mix or shake. Drink with ice.

Enjoying Chlorella

This fine, soft powder will give you a regular, daily purifying boost. It will simply incorporate into your normal dietary intake of other healthy foodstuffs, augmenting your existing wellness regime. We recommend using about one teaspoon in every serving, with up to three a day. To make the most of any supplement, we suggest taking for a minimum of three months, in addition to investing in long-term use.