Superfood Craze



The winter brings with it the threat of getting ill, outlast the elements with our Superfood Craze bundle that is bursting with herbal nutrients to support your wellbeing.

In this bundle you will find Super Greens Powder, our 23 ingredient superfood health blend for giving your immune system a kick. Spirulina Powder, which is both rich in minerals and up to 70% vegan protein for boosting muscle mass. You will also get the support of our max-strength Moringa Capsules, an Ayurvedic herbal supplement designed to keep you looking good on the outside and feeling good within.

  • Super Greens Powder - 23 ingredient superfood immunity booster
  • Spirulina Powder - Low carb, low fat source of natural vitamins and minerals as well as all 20 amino acids
  • Moringa Capsules - Vitality supporting Ayurvedic herb designed to support your hair, skin and also wellbeing
  • All of these products are vegan
Superfood Craze

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